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“Ah!” Wu Jing stunned for a moment, and then immediately understood what the senior brother meant and said, “In the Sanlin County.

The demon hidden there is so powerful, I have no way to subdue him.” The senior brother generally rarely refused people, maybe he was too lazy to refuse, so as long as he asked the destination, he must have promised to help.

This was his fifth time to find Fei Chen.

Although Fei Chen was cold, but very easy to talk every time.

Sure enough, Fei Chen turned to that direction immediately after hearing the place name.

Wu Jing waved his hand in the direction of Fei Chen, “Thank you, Senior Brother.

Since Senior Brother is set out, then I won’t go to cause trouble for you.” He looked at the small town behind him and smiled.

He had to wait for the senior brother to wipe out that demon before returning to the temple.

During this time, just have a good fun!

Chu Ci heard that Wu Jing’s voice was farther and farther, and knew that Fei Chen was separated from him, and he felt comfortable a lot.

But his heart was still restless.

The previous Fei Chen doesn’t agree with anyone’s request.

The two of them must have something fishy!

Chu Ci stood up and patted the bead wall and shouted, “Fei Chen, I want to go out!”

However, this thing was not the ordinary little beads, how could a little demon like him break this wall with his shallow skills.

He angrily said to the system, “Since I can hear the outside, Fei Chen can hear me, right”

“Yes.” This beads was Fei Chen’s magic tool and was in harmony with his mind.

“That’s good.” Since Fei Chen could hear his voice, he said absolutely unrestrained, “Fei Chen, I know you can hear me, you let me out!”

Fei Chen was unmoved and still hurried on.

“Quan Gan, Fu Zhi, Yu Yuan, Lian Cen, Moqi Sui, Lu Jiang, Xuan Lin! Quickly let me out!” Chu Ci shouted the name of this man in each world and said, “Otherwise, let’s wait for we to become reconciled, you don’t think to top me, I’m very vengeful!”

However, the beads still didn’t have movement.

Chu Ci paused and asked the system, “System, what is Fei Chen doing”

System: “Hurrying on.”

Chu Ci saw that this shouting was useless, he turned his eyes and decided to come soft.

He kindly persuaded, “You want to lock me, isn’t just not to let me go out to do evil You know, I like you very much.

So you don’t have to lock me, you just let me out and I will definitely follow you and not leave.

It’s so boring inside, do you want to suffocate me here and hang out with others”

Fei Chen pursed his lips, wondering where this man came with strange thoughts.

Who can he hang out with

Chu Ci sat on the ground and stared above waiting anxiously, hoping he could be released.

However, he completely underestimated the target’s resistance.

“Hehe! You don’t let me come out!” Chu Ci looked around and used the previous world’s acting skills.

“It’s uncomfortable, is it going to be dawn”

Although Fei Chen ignored the fox in the beads, he was always concerned about his condition.

He heard the strangeness in the beads and couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

Chu Ci pretended to fall to the ground and covered his chest, and then issued a painful moan from his mouth, and he stopped talking.

Fei Chen couldn’t see the situation in the beads and couldn’t help but followed the weakening moaning nervously.

Seeing that the person in the beads stopped talking, he didn’t even want to wait for a minute before let him out.

Chu Ci felt that in front of him had turned from bright to dark and knew that he had come out, but he still pretended to be lying on the ground weakly, trying to see how Fei Chen would react.

Fei Chen saw that the person who was still okay when go in, actually lying on the ground motionless now, he couldn’t help but grabbed him.

He wasn’t even thinking about the reason.

He strode to his side and half kneeling to put a hand ready to check Chu Ci’s situation.

Chu Ci knew Fei Chen’s expression from the system and proudly bent the corner of his mouth.

Before Fei Chen grabbed his hand, he quickly grabbed the other party’s wrist, and then immediately sat up from the ground with a smile.

He turned his head to look at Fei Chen and teased, “Since Great Master Fei Chen so concerned about me, why not follow me”

Fei Chen saw that the person in front of him was actually pretending, he wanted to be angry but couldn’t angry out, and finally he breathed a sigh of relief unconsciously.

He let his hand be caught by Chu Ci and put his palms together and said irrelevantly, “Since you want to come out to walk around, just come out to walk around.”

Chu Ci saw that the person before him regained his usual appearance.

He uninterestingly let his hand go and stood up.

Seeing that his hand restored freedom, Fei Chen turned and continued to hurry on.

Chu Ci didn’t forget the reason he wanted to come out and followed him regardless of the way and said, “What is your relationship with your junior brother”

“Fellow disciples.”

“Apart from fellow disciples”

“Haven’t relationship.”

“Then, what did you just do so nice with him”

“I remember you in the dream were not so noisy.” When Fei Chen said this, his footsteps didn’t stop the least bit, as if he said it subconsciously.

Chu Ci froze and opened his mouth to scold.

This man actually said he was noisy!

However, after opening his mouth, he made a voice that doesn’t belong to people.

At this time, his eyes narrowed with a flash of light.

The sun came out and he changed back into a fox.

But he didn’t forget that Fei Chen just said that he was noisy, he yelled and threw himself at him.

Fei Chen saw that something pounced on him and unconsciously stretched out his hands, holding the fox’s two forelegs.

Chu Ci struggled for a few times and completely hadn’t the strength to escape from Fei Chen’s hold.

He could only exhale his nose and looked up at the sky, using action to express his anger.

Fei Chen saw that Chu Ci suddenly turned into a white fox, he froze for a moment and quickly returned to calm.

He knew that the other party was angry.

He hugged him into his arms and smoothed his fur, saying, “You are not noise, you are just lively.”

Fei Chen didn’t deliberately want to say these words, but always couldn’t help saying it.


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