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Chapter 136: The Fox and Taoist (8.4)


Translator: Mimi

Fei Chen bowed his head and caressed the beads that were still glowing slightly because he was using it.

Although he was forced to helpless, but his heart was completely unaware of the fox brought him trouble.

On the contrary, when he thought that he could say that this fox demon was staying at his side, there was a sense of satisfaction.

As if he found the treasure that had been lost for a long time.

He squatted down and picked up the jade pendant that had fallen in the snow, and then walked unhurriedly to the Zhao Mansion under the mountain.

Even if the surroundings were pitch-black as ink, his footsteps were involuntarily lighter.

Chu Ci sat in the beads holding his knees, shaking his body.

Although he was locked up, he mood was quite good.

Since being locked in the beads, it means that he would follow this person in the future, and this person couldn’t hurt him after all.

Chu Ci looked up at the arc-shaped bead wall and said to himself, “Look until when you can harden your mouth!”

Fei Chen who was on the way glanced at the beads.

He could hear the man spoke in the beads.

After being quiet for a long time in the beads, Chu Ci changed various sitting positions because of boredom, he finally directly spread out in the arc-shaped ground.

He could only disturb the system.

“System, what is he doing”

“On the way to Mr.

Zhao’s house.”


Chu Ci lay on the ground thinking about how to let Fei Chen release himself.

One was inside the beads and the other was outside.

The two of them couldn’t see each other, it was still a little difficult to chat about develop feelings.

The most important thing was that he couldn’t see what happened outside.

“Great Master! Can the item be found” Suddenly, the voice of the third person came  through outside and Chu Ci immediately knew that this was the voice of yesterday’s surnamed Zhao after heard it.

“I found it.” Fei Chen took out the jade pendant and handed it to Mr.

Zhao who as if he saw a life-saving straw, “This is what I took from the fox demon.”

“Yes, yes, it’s back at last!” Mr.

Zhao took the jade pendant and hurriedly hung it in his waist, and then looked around and asked, “That fox demon”

“The fox demon has been beaten back to the original form.” Fei Chen didn’t hesitate to tell the first lie in his life.

“That’s good, that’s good!” Mr.

Zhao nodded with satisfaction and his last cautious finally disappeared.

He stood upright and used an invitation gesture, “In order to thank you for your help, we already prepare the fine food for the hospitality the great master.”

“No thanks.” Fei Chen directly refused, “Since the task has been completed, I need to go back to report on completion of the task.

I can’t stay here more.”


Zhao saw what the person in front of him say so, he clasped his hands and said, “Since Great Master is busy, please take care!”

Fei Chen nodded slightly and turned to walk outside the town.

Chu Ci who stayed in the beads heard the conversation between the two people clearly, his nose snorted and he sneered at him.

“System, isn’t there a saying that: The taoist don’t say lies”

The system knew he was talking about the matter of the target lying, so he ridiculed, “Doesn’t that mean you have a lot of charm In just a few actions, you can hook the person up.”

Chu Ci put his hands as pillow and shook his legs, “After all, I’m a unique and unmatched radish.”

When the person in the beads doesn’t speak, Fei Chen couldn’t know what the person inside were doing.

But he was also pondering about Chu Ci.

Compared to his previous life, he could be sure that this person was the one who had been entangled with himself for several lifetimes.

He suddenly wondered what the purpose of this person had been entangled with him for such a long time, because in the seven worlds, this person considered to be a lucky star to him.

Fei Chen quickly walked outside the town and when he was about to lift his foot to the direction of the Xumi Temple, a familiar figure appeared in the distance.

“Senior Brother! Fortunately, you didn’t go back!”

The person was waving to him from the distance while rushing towards him, looking quite in a difficult situation.

He remembered that this person also set down to do the task yesterday, it seemed that he failed.

Fei Chen stood still, waiting for him to come over without surprise.

Chu Ci also heard this voice and immediately pricked up his ears and said, “Which little demon is this! Actually so affectionate with Fei Chen!”

The system said, “It’s the target’s junior brother.

You don’t have to be this suspicious because you don’t get hold of him, I can guarantee that you are the only one in his heart.”

“That’s not because I don’t get hold of him.” Chu Ci sighed, “As a matter of fact, I’m boring.

I’m speaking with you, it’s too easy to think too much if I’m too idle.”

Chu Ci eavesdropped on the conversation of the two people outside and confirmed that there was no ambiguous relationship between the two.

Wu Jing ran to the front of Fei Chen, panting while saying with bitter face, “Senior Brother! You must help me this time! If the task can’t be completed before the time limit, the master will punish me again! I don’t want to face the boring wall for another year, I will be crazy!”

Fei Chen frowned, “Where”


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