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Lolis was finally able to go through that door that he did not want to cross and he was thinking, while watching television without paying much attention, he activated his cell phone which he had completely forgotten and just finishing his startup protocol, he began the blipers that indicated all the notifications of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and emails that slowed him down a few minutes when starting and while he decided to take a bath, preparing for everything except to go out, since he felt completely satisfied all his needs and although he had the idea of going to the nearby park simply to see life go by as writers usually do, he remembered that he had promised Lolis not to do it, and to kill time while he caught sleep he opened his Facebook, But he only managed to see the time that indicated 23:30 hours but still, he did not sleep much because just a couple of hours later he heard someone knocked on his door insistently.

-Who? He asked without opening it.

-Good morning! He heard a womans voice. "Im friends with Lolis and she asked me to please ask for your phone number and name.

Upon hearing the name of the girl from the park confident, he opened the door and looked at a very beautiful woman dressed in a denim set, which showed a very well defined flat stomach, which also defined her well-formed, thighs and breasts that if at any time they managed to escape from the dark blue blouse that imprisoned them, they would run to hide in the ends of the long curly and reddish hair, immovable guardian of the dark face that looked at him, surprising him with his beauty that also seemed strange, because with slippers he almost reached his height, which was more than 6 feets.

"So the little blonde didn even know my name. – he says smiling to the strange, but beautiful woman.

-Oh cute daddy, but if with a man as cool as you anyone would forget the name and even the surname, and also asked me to stay with you to spend the night to make sure that nothing happened to you, and you slept warm.

The strange girl tells him by putting a hand on her chest, intending to caress her well-sculpted pectoral.

-My mobile number is 782-126-92-16 and my name is Martín.

He tells her smiling amusedly while gently removing the hand, to close the door and the girl wrote down her number on her cell phone.

- Do you really not want me to stay to take care of you, even if its a little cute daddy? Look, this city is very dangerous.

-I thank you, but no, I take care of myself.

- Martín what?

He is asked by the strange girl already resigned to not being his guardian before he closed the door.

-Martín Jáuregui.

And he lay back down trying to catch up on sleep, as he still felt tired and closed his eyes alone not to know how long he had slept or even if he had done it when the soft tune of that classic in English, killing me softly with his song by Fugges, gently woke him up since he had it as a ringtone for unknown contacts.


- Are you yummy daddy?

-Yes of course little blondie.

He answers her because he immediately recognized her voice in that accent coastal.

"Excuse me for leaving you alone, love, but I had to leave and not even the phone I asked you, then I explain why things have to be this way.

-Do not worry sweetheart, I already told you that the more you know about me, and I know about you, the sooner we will know when we will have to say goodbye, better leave it like that and that everything remains as a longed-for surprise, like when I met you because, believe it or not, you are the girl I always expected to meet in a park at dawn.

-You have that nice words you say cute daddy, but I like your voice that makes you hear even delicious on the phone, But better keep resting than after a while I pass to see you, now I have to hang up, I love you.

The girl says speaking quieter and quieter as if afraid that someone would hear her and cut off the call.

Then Martín looked at the time on his cell phone and marked 5:35 am on a Wednesday of which he no longer knew the date because his tired eyesight won him, and pretending to close his eyes for a moment, he fell asleep again until once again the soft tune of his cell phone, that indicated that he had a call from an unknown number woke him up, but it was only a promoter of a telephone company, which ended without saying goodbye, and looked in the options for the number to put it in blocked mode, and also to assign a known tone to Lolis number, which did not take long to decide, since he linked the tune of Lady in red, and when checking the time, he indicated that it was past 3 in the after noon, and in his situation as an old man, who had embarked on the adventure in search of a new life, it was not a good idea to spend sleeping all day, on that strange but not unknown Island, and left the room going to check the hotel bill to pay one more day, Since what the girl in red had left him was more than enough, and heading to the park he crossed it long to go to the area of the boardwalk, where a huge statue of more than 10 meters high predominated In the middle of the coastal landscape of that modern coastal promenade that 20 years before did not exist.

It was the statue of a woman carrying a child in her arms as if it were a monument to the mother, but no, it actually represented the image of the patron virgin of that island, the Virgin of Carmen, who on a plaque at its base, had written the name of: Stella Maris, which is nothing more than one of the names that in ancient times they gave to the Virgin María.

And sitting on the edge of the boardwalk while avoiding the direct Sun in his eyes that was already approaching the west, he began to check the notifications on his cell phone and after checking and writing down the possible job applications, until one caught his attention because it fit his work profile, the Latin American Hydrocarbons Company, and right there he manipulated his cell phone to locate it with the gps, He also wrote down the email and phone in the notes application, and forgetting about the subject, he began to walk around that place until He found a couple of young men throwing a fishing net, trying to catch something but without success, because the net fell tangled in the water without being able to open until he told them.

- You lack the waist break!

And the young people happily talking to him with their local costal accent asked him to teach them how to throw it and he, already out of practice, told them about a stage of his life in which he had to throw the net in the dams of the north of the country, and after several attempts he remembered and applied the technique that the young people saw very well, and also practiced managing to get a regular amount of fish that they happily transported in a plastic box, where they brought the fishing net, and getting on a motorcycle they said goodbye.

Night had already fallen and distant clouds of thunderstorm were approaching quickly and with the last thing he had left of battery to his cell phone he took a 30-second video where his face came out with his hair somewhat disheveled with the electrical storm of background and uploaded it to his Facebook.

A beautiful woman approached him smiling and very familiar, greeting him as if she had known him for a long time.

- Why didn you tell me you were here? Ive sent you WhatsApp messages and you didn even open them.

-It will be because at no time could you have sent them to me because I don think you have my number.

He answers by taking the time to admire the lady who wore a beige dress of soft, and thick fabrics with long stirs, That undulated by the force of the wind, caused by the force of the approaching storm, let him admire the white and well-groomed skin of a woman, already in the 40s with a well-formed figure forged in gyms, enhanced by the height of her black mid-heeled shoes.

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