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It’s been 3 months since I worked in the Baron. 


And the life here is pretty good.


“I told you to leave!”




Michelle screamed and threw her stuff at me right away, but it wasn’t a pretty bad life.


My life was very strong.


“Lady, throw carefully so you don’t hurt your hand.

Especially watch your wrist.”


“Are you crazy”


“I’m just worried about you.”


I smiled everywhere and anywhere to the point that I couldn’t spit on a smiling face.


It was a face like, ‘Why does Michelle have that’


‘This is all Jjambap.’ (t/n: Jjambap can mean military meals or career (a word which is used to express how many years you have worked in a specific field or workplace.) 


It was better to be in the Baron with just a dirty Lady than in the Marquis, where accidents happened every day. 


Because Lady Michelle just has a bad temper.

Sometimes… No, she just throws things often.




When Michelle didn’t get what she wanted, she lost her temper and fell out, feeling tired.


But when she stands still, she looks like an angel.


With her light brown hair hanging down, Michelle looked like she had just stepped out of a fairy tale.


“Why are you smiling shamelessly”


“Smiling brings good fortune.”


“Good fortune” 


Michelle frowned as if she didn’t understand.


“Then how much do I have to smile to have the blessing of getting rid of that old snake”




I didn’t answer anything.


Michelle didn’t get tired every single day.


It wasn’t just because the Baron was better than the Marquis that I was quietly watching her.


‘Because I feel sorry for her.’


Most of the servants here were sick of Michelle’s bad behavior, but some felt sorry for her.


Michelle’s parents died at the end of last year.


The Baron runs a food store, and Michelle’s parents are said to have met some bandits while going over the mountain to make an important transaction. 


So Michelle lost her parents in vain.


When the family’s owner and the mercenary disappeared overnight, Michelle, who was the only bloodline, had to take over the position. 


No, she was meant to be.

If only her uncle hadn’t shown up. 


The man who showed up out of nowhere took control of the merchant and her family, saying that Michelle wasn’t old enough to make her own decisions. 


Michelle couldn’t even run away.

Instead, she had to watch as her family, and the merchant was eaten right before her eyes.


Her story aroused the feeling of pity.


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