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After the wedding, Lin Chen and Tights started their honeymoon trip.

As the wife of the King of Saiyans, Lin Chen’s honeymoon trip for Tights was naturally not simple.

The two of them traveled to almost every planet under Saiyan’s control.

During this period, Lin Chen also had a rare moment of relaxation and rest.

After his rebirth, for the first time, he did not spend his time on training, instead he spent it on properly enjoying life.

But happy times are always short.

As the King of Saiyans, Lin Chen doesn’t have much time to relax.

After the honeymoon, Lin Chen was ready to start training again.

It is worth mentioning that Tights did not return to Earth after their honeymoon, but went to Planet Yardrat.

After knowing that Lin Chen’s Instant Transmission could be learned from Yardartian, Tights decided to go to Planet Yardrat to learn Instant Transmission.

After all, Lin Chen spends most of his time on Planet Vegeta.

Tights didn’t want to always wait passively for Lin Chen to come back to Earth, so she came up with the idea of ​​going to Planet Yardrat.

Moreover, don’t forget, Tights’ job is that of a novelist.

What ability is more useful for a novelist than Instant Transmission where she can go wherever she wants

Speaking of Power Level, after Lin Chen used Unlock Potential, Tights’ Power Level also surpassed 10,000, so Lin Chen didn’t worry about her safety and sent Tights directly.

Yardratians are a peace-loving race.

They were hospitable, hated fighting, and readily accepted Tights’ request.

After confirming that Tights had begun training, Lin Chen left Planet Yardrat and was ready to set about with his own matters.

For the current Lin Chen, the most important thing is naturally the reward obtained after traveling to another world.

The experience card of Legendary Super Saiyan 2.

Host: Lin Chen

Power Level: 6.68 million

Bloodline: Legendary Super Saiyan Bloodline

Skills: Instant Transmission, Beginner martial arts talent, Beginner Unlock Potential, perfect Ki Control.

Techniques: Planet Destroying Ball, Death Beam, Killer Ball, Kamehameha, Afterimage Fist, Instant Kamehameha.

Since traveling to another world, Lin Chen’s Power Level has improved by leaps and bounds.

Originally, after his Power Level surpassed 1 million, his training had greatly reduced, but relying on the rewards from the system, Lin Chen’s normal state Power Level increased by almost five times.

Coupled with the 50-times increase in Power Level due to Legendary Super Saiyan form, Lin Chen’s Power Level has increased by more than 5 times compared to before

300 million Power Level.

After transforming into Legendary Super Saiyan, Lin Chen’s Power Level not only broke through 100 million, but also exceeded 300 million.

This number, from what Lin Chen could guess from another world’s Goku and others Power Level, may even be more formidable than Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 form.

But there is no end, there are still many powerful enemies, so Lin Chen can’t stop progressing.

In addition to continuing to temper himself and improve his strength, what Lin Chen has to do next is attempt to learn further transformations.

Ordinary Super Saiyan, in addition to the first form, there is Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 form.

Although Lin Chen’s Legendary Super Saiyan is different from ordinary Super Saiyan, it should also have corresponding further transformations.

However, this kind of transformation, even in the original work, has never been described, so Lin Chen had also been at a loss.

Therefore, Legendary Super Saiyan 2 experience card he got through the mission this time is very precious to him.

Although it can only be experienced for an hour, it is enough to show Lin Chen a way to become stronger.

On this day, Lin Chen teleported to a unfamiliar and desolate ice planet.

Don’t look at it as if there is nothing here.

When Lin Chen arrived, under the ice field, there was a secret base for space pirates.

Lin Chen learned about this place after he went to the headquarters of Galactic Patrol and received a mission to exterminate space pirates.

He accepted this mission so as to experience the power of Legendary Super Saiyan.

Otherwise, how can he fully experience the power of Legendary Super Saiyan 2 just by transforming without fighting

“System, use the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 experience card!”

After making preparations, Lin Chen used the experience card in the system space.

When his voice fell, Lin Chen’s aura suddenly began to soar uncontrollably.

It was as if a switch was pressed inside his body, causing him to unconsciously transform into Legendary Super Saiyan form.

10 million!

50 million!

100 million!

200 million!

300 million!

It didn’t take long before Lin Chen’s Power Level surpassed 300 million, and it still continued to rise!

As Lin Chen’s aura erupted out, the ice planet under his feet also began to shake violently, the terrifying aura causing an ear-piercing alarm to sound inside the pirate base in the depths of the planet.

“What’s happening”

“Are the enemy attacking us”

“Monitoring room! What the hell is going on”

In the base, the leader of the space pirates who looked like a shark shouted loudly.

But he soon heard shocked exclamations from the monitoring room: “Boss, scouter exploded! An energy source has appeared outside which has exceeded the upper limit of the scouter!”

“What Someone, quickly go out and see who is trying to make trouble in our place!”

Immediately, space pirates with Power Level ranging from several thousands to tens of thousands flew out from the secret entrance of the base.

At this moment, Lin Chen outside was extremely surprised.

After transforming into Legendary Super Saiyan, he could sense that his strength was further increasing.

350 million!

400 million!

500 million!

600 million!

Through his system, Lin Chen saw his Power Level finally stop at 660 million.

The sudden power increase had finally stopped.

The yellow-green aura surrounding Lin Chen’s body was like boiling grease, surging violently.

The yellow-green hair that was standing erect also became longer than before.

The most exaggerated change was the sparkling yellow-green electric arcs around Lin Chen, circling the aura around his body.


Host: Lin Chen.

Power Level: 668 million!

This is the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form

Lin Chen could clearly feel that his strength was overflowing.

He couldn’t wait to release his continuously emerging power.

Just at this moment, a torrential storm-like energy wave flew towards Lin Chen from below.

It was the space pirates who had flown out of the secret base and were attacking Lin Chen.

At this moment, Lin Chen’s strength disparity had completely exceeded the understanding of these cosmic pirates.

It’s like how ants don’t know how powerful people are.

Although the pirates could sense the astonishing aura emanating from Lin Chen, they couldn’t tell the disparity between them and Lin Chen based on the aura.

Those who don’t know are fearless.

So, the space pirates launched attacks without any hesitation.



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