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The person who appeared in front of Broly was Lin Chen.

However, when Broly saw that it was him, his face showed a trace of disdain.

“Where did this trash come from”

Lin Chen didn’t say anything, instead he replied by directly transforming into Super Saiyan.

When his surging aura emerged, Goku and the others, who were no longer able to fight, raised their heads.

“Lin, Lin Chen So he can also transform into Super Saiyan” Goku said in surprise.



Lin Chen…” Hope again ignited in Trunks’ heart.

“This… idiot, why didn’t you help just now” Piccolo looked angry.

As for Vegeta, he raised his head with difficulty and glanced over before closing his eyes helplessly.

“It’s useless, we’re all going to die…”

Broly didn’t panic when he saw Lin Chen’s transformation and just revealed a cruel smile and pointed his finger at him: “Even if you transform, trash is trash in the end.”

“Whether I’m trash or not, you’ll know soon!”

Lin Chen’s body disappeared, and the next moment, he instantly appeared beside Broly.

With a powerful sweep of his leg, Lin Chen shot his foot towards Broly’s chest.

The violent force caused a shock wave and the sound of air breaking, which was terrifying.

But facing the kick, Broly didn’t even put on a defensive posture and received Lin Chen’s attack on his chest.

“Is this your full-strength” Broly smiled crazily.

Lin Chen’s expression changed, he rotated 180° and kept punching Broly.

He used his full-strength with every punch.

If these punches struck a planet, it might even shatter the core under the planet’s mantle.

As his fists struck Broly, it made a loud sound of bang, and every time it made a sound, it caused a vibration in the air.

“Are you finished attacking”

Suddenly, Broly let out a disdainful sound.

Lin Chen’s expression changed drastically, he immediately stopped attacking and quickly retreated.

Almost at the same time, a green energy ball suddenly condensed on Broly’s palm.

“Eraser Cannon!”

With a wave of Broly’s palm, the green energy ball furiously shot towards Lin Chen.

The green energy ball also has tracing properties.

Even if Lin Chen wanted to jump into the sky and try to escape, it was too late, so he could only put his arms in front of him and block it.


An explosion sounded, and smoke enveloped the surroundings.

“Hmph, are you dead yet Huh”

Broly was stunned for a moment as he saw a green light shine in the smoke.

“Eraser Cannon!”

A green energy ball almost identical to the one Broly used just now flew out of the smoke and slammed into Broly.

But unlike Lin Chen, Broly just waved his hand and sent the energy ball flying which soon afterwards exploded above his head.

“Your technique is not difficult to learn.” Lin Chen appeared from the smoke and smiled at Broly.

“He he he, hahaha, what about this technique”

Broly suddenly burst into laughter, then light flickered in his hand and he suddenly tossed another green energy ball, the small energy ball arriving quickly.

Lin Chen knew that he couldn’t dodge this type of attack, so he raised his arms again and prepared to block it.

But at this moment, the system’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Ding! Activating Beginner martial arts talent, you have learned the technique Blaster Meteor!”

Blaster Meteor Oh no!

Lin Chen immediately released his defense and folded his hands together.

At the same time, the small energy ball in the distance suddenly became larger, its diameter expanding to an area of tens of meters.

If the energy from this attack landed on the ground, I am afraid it will directly destroy the planet.

Just before Lin Chen was about to be swallowed by the energy ball, his body suddenly flashed and when he reappeared, he was already behind Broly.


The azure blue light pierced through the air and terrifying energy surged out, directly engulfing Broly’s body.

“What He also knows Kamehameha”

“Isn’t that Goku’s Instant Transmission”

“That Saiyan, who is he”

Seeing the techniques used by Lin Chen, Goku and the others were all surprised.

They were already surprised at Lin Chen’s ability to transform into Super Saiyan, but they didn’t expect that he could also use Goku’s techniques.

“No wonder he wanted to fight by himself, Mr.

Lin Chen is so strong.” Trunks said a little excitedly.

But Vegeta gritted his teeth and said, “It’s… it’s no use.

He is still too weak.”

Vegeta’s words were not wrong.

After receiving Lin Chen’s Instant Kamehameha, Broly suddenly turned around amidst the energy wave and smiled evilly at Lin Chen: “What are you doing”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Broly rushed towards Lin Chen’s Kamehameha as if he was wading across a river.


Bang! Broly punched Lin Chen in the face.

The domineering punch turned into a transparent shock wave, which sent Lin Chen flying like a cannonball, who then crashed into a tall building with a bang.

Rumble, the tall building couldn’t withstand it and collapsed with a loud rumble.

Amidst the smoke and dust from the collapse, Lin Chen flew out while panting heavily, and with a grunt, swallowed the residue of Senzu Bean in his mouth.

The punch just now, if it wasn’t for the Senzu Bean, perhaps he would have become powerless just like Goku and the others.

“Hahaha, it seems that you are a little more durable than them.

Then, let’s have fun for a while!”

With a whoosh, Broly rushed towards Lin Chen and Lin Chen also roused his aura.

Two dazzling flashes streaked through the sky that gradually began to brighten, and then collided, causing a violent explosion.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

From time to time, a strong rumble erupted out in the sky.

It was naturally the fists of two people colliding with force.

Under the collision of these two astonishing powers, the new Planet Vegeta could not help shake violently.

The rioting energies caused earthquakes all over the planet, and mountains and rivers collapsed.

Not far away, Goku and others who had regrouped together watched Lin Chen, who was facing off against Broly alone and could only stare with wide eyes.

Their injuries had been too serious, they may have recovered some Ki with great difficulty, but they were still far from regaining their full strength.

“It isn’t good, although Lin Chen is very strong, he is not Broly’s match either.”

Although they were so far apart, the people present were no ordinary.

Even if they couldn’t see the fight in the distance, they  know the fight’s progress using Ki Sense.

In front of Broly, Lin Chen’s Ki was constantly weakening, but Broly’s Ki, let alone weakening, was instead still rising.

It is clear who will win this battle in the end.

“Piccolo, do you still have Senzu Beans We’ll also go and help!” Goku said.

Piccolo shook his head: “I had only those Senzu Beans just now, there are no more.”

At this time, Gohan discovered something unusual: “Dad, why is Mr.

Lin Chen’s aura flutuating It would get weaker before suddenly getting stronger.

It’s so strange.”


When the others heard this, they all looked into the distance and discovered that it was just as Gohan said.

Currently fighting with Broly, Lin Chen’s aura would suddenly drop to the bottom from time to time, but in the blink of an eye, his aura would suddenly rise again.


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