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New Planet Vegeta, located in the South Area.

Paragus’ spaceship, using an unknown alien technology, only took one day to arrive at this place from Earth.

On the spaceship, Paragus was acting like a bootlicker and flattering Vegeta.

Turtle Hermit on the side couldn’t help but say to Trunks: “Trunks, this Paragus doesn’t seem like a good person, you have to be careful.”

“Hmm.” Trunks nodded.

Meanwhile, Lin Chen was sitting in the corner as he extracted all kinds of information from the innocent and frank Gohan.

“Gohan, among Vegeta and your father Goku, who is stronger”

“Um… After Cell was eliminated, Uncle Vegeta always wanted to compete with Dad, but Dad wasn’t free, so I don’t know.” Gohan frowned and thought while tilting his head before saying.

“Maybe….my dad is slightly stronger Although Uncle Vegeta defeated Cell.”

So…..Goku’s Power Level should be higher than Vegeta

Lin Chen was starting to get worried.

For now, Vegeta can at least transform into Super Saiyan Second Grade.

Judging from his current normal state’s Power Level of 1.5 million, Vegeta’s peak strength is probably stronger than Lin Chen’s.

And Goku may have reached Full Power Super Saiyan, in other words, his strength is even better than Vegeta.

But even so, in the original storyline, they were still powerless in front of Broly.

Can he deal with such a powerful enemy

Just as Lin Chen was feeling uncertain, the system’s voice sounded again in his mind.

“Ding! Detecting the host’s doubts, triggering the strongest choices.”

“Choice one: Use a ploy and without causing any bloodshed, defeat Broly and Paragus without letting Broly transform into Legendary Super Saiyan.

Reward: Power Level 1 million!”

“Choice two: Work with Goku and others to defeat Broly.

Reward: Power Level 3 million!”

“Choice three: Beat Broly alone.

Reward Power Level 5 million!”

Tasks with just Power Level rewards

Needless to say, Lin Chen naturally chose the highest reward.

“System, I choose three!”

Speaking of which, Choice one is actually the easiest.

Lin Chen actually knows the so-called solution without bloodshed.

That was to control Paragus right away, grab the controller from him and finally make sure Goku doesn’t meet Broly.

As long as these three things are done, in a few days, a comet will hit the New Planet Vegeta.

Broly will not die, but he will be seriously injured, and the Paragus and his group will fall into hell together with the comet.

Then, the mission would be easy to complete.

As for choice two, it is similar to the original work’s plot.

At that time, Goku, the other four Super Saiyans and Piccolo were able to smoothly defeat Broly after a fierce battle.

Now together with Lin Chen, the chance of winning should be a bit higher.

However, whether it is choice one or choice two, for Lin Chen, it is a cowardly choice.

Lin Chen, as the King of Saiyans, who will challenge even gods in the future, if he backs down here, how will he have the courage to challenge gods in the future

Moreover, although he isn’t Broly’s match right now, Lin Chen has an ultimate card in his hand.

“Ding! The host has completed the selection, please complete the mission as soon as possible!”

“Wait, system, I want to confirm.

Defeating Broly by myself, does the tactic of several people fighting him by taking turns to tire him out counts Or do I have to fight Broly by myself the whole time”

Lin Chen has to confirm this clearly, otherwise when he is fighting and Goku suddenly intervenes and punches a few times, it wouldn’t be good if he fails to complete the mission.

“Replying to the host, Broly has inexhaustible strength.

As long as the host makes sure that no one helps when he starts fighting him and defeats him by himself.

How many people Broly fought before will not affect the completion of the mission.”

Hearing this, Lin Chen felt relieved.

Afterwards, the spaceship landed on New Planet Vegeta.

Looking around, he could see that there were still many things to be done on the planet, with high-rise buildings rising from the ruins.

Many small green aliens were moving stones and building new high-rise buildings.

But Lin Chen knew that it was actually a facade created by Paragus in order to deceive Vegeta.

After getting off the spaceship, Paragus and the group arrived at a palace far away.

There, a motley group of villains from all over the galaxy while shouting Vegeta’s name, welcomed him.

Lin Chen, who was in the crowd, saw this time’s target, Broly of this world!

Compared with Broly in his world, Broly in this world looks even weaker, with a fragile look and a listless expression on his face.

But Lin Chen knew that it was all a disguise.

Beneath Broly’s calm exterior hides a tyrannical heart.

Compared with the Broly in his world, the Broly in this world is purely evil without any kindness.

“Your Majesty Vegeta, he is my son Broly, I hope you can guide him as much as possible in the future.” Paragus said with an ingratiating smile.

Vegeta glanced at Broly, not paying much attention.

Indeed, from Vegeta’s point of view, Broly is not even as strong as Gohan.

But Lin Chen with his system can see that Broly’s normal state Power Level has actually reached 1.6 million, which is even higher than Lin Chen and Vegeta’s!

It’s just that Broly was currently being suppressed by an energy suppression device in the shape of the headband on his head, so Vegeta didn’t notice it and thinks Broly is just a weakling.

“Hello, I’m Broly.” Broly greeted politely.

Vegeta nodded in response and then continued to enter the palace.

At this moment, a soldier suddenly reported: “Reporting! Legendary Super Saiyan has appeared on Planet Todokama!”

“What” Vegeta stopped and said immediately, “Let’s go right away, I want to meet that Legendary Super Saiyan! Broly, follow me!”

The two of them immediately walked out of the palace.

Seeing this, Trunks wanted to persuade him, but was criticized by Vegeta “don’t come if you’re afraid”.

Bringing along Broly, Vegeta walked out of the palace and just as they were about to head towards the spaceship, Broly, who passed by Lin Chen, suddenly stopped.

“Broly” Seeing his son not following Vegeta, Paragus asked, but saw Broly staring at Lin Chen, his expression gradually changing.


Lin Chen noticed the reason for it.

Broly seems to have sensed the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline in his body.

Two people with the same bloodline could feel the existence of the same power in each other’s body.

Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, as a special bloodline that only appears in thousand years, is actually the real royal bloodline of Saiyans.

And there has only been one king ever.

Broly, who has the bloodline of a king, was instinctively hostile to Lin Chen.

But Lin Chen was not to be outdone, staring at him expressionlessly.

The scene fell into silence for a while, and an indistinct aura kept colliding with each other.


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