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Speaking of which, Lin Chen’s original purpose for summoning Shenron was to resurrect Hanasia and the others.

And because Porunga couldn’t revive multiple people at once, he had to summon Shenron too.

But apart from the resurrection wish, Lin Chen really hadn’t thought about it.

What should I wish for

Because he hadn’t prepared beforehand, Lin Chen had to think about it now.

Got it!

“Porunga, my second wish, please strengthen Planet Vegeta so that it will not be easily destroyed by external forces!”

Lin Chen had learned from Hanasia’s experience.

Even for a Super Saiyan, sometimes it can be too late to save the planet.

Although Frieza is dead now, there are countless unknown and powerful enemies in the universe.

It is very likely for planets to explode in the dragon ball world.

Even someone with only tens of thousands of Power Level has the ability to destroy a planet.

Lin Chen is not afraid of encountering a strong enemy, but he is afraid that someone, in a berserk state, will attack Planet Vegeta in the future while he is not present, directly blowing up the entire planet, which will be disastrous.

“This is easy!”

Porunga said in a deafening voice, and his eyes lit up.

After a while, Porunga said: “The second wish has been granted! The third, and last wish, please state it!”

“Lin Chen, please state your third wish.” Nail also said.

“My third wish is to get Great Elder’s Unlock Potential technique!” Lin Chen said out his wish in a loud voice.

Lin Chen has coveted this ability for a long time.

Although Great Elder’s Unlock Potential ability is not as good as Old Kai’s Unlock Technique which will appear in the future, but it is still very useful in the early stages.

With this ability, Lin Chen can improve Saiyan’s overall strength.

This can also be regarded as compensation for not choosing a task to enhance his Forces before.

“This wish is easy!”

As Porunga’s eyes glowed with red light again, Lin Chen suddenly felt that something had fused into his brain, and then he saw a change in his personal attribute panel.

Host: Lin Chen

Power Level: 1.36 million

Bloodline: Legendary Super Saiyan Bloodline

Skills: Instant Transmission, Ki Control, Beginner martial arts talent, Beginner Unlock Potential technique.

Tricks: Planet Destroying Ball, Death Beam, Killer Ball, Kamehameha, Afterimage Fist.

“Saiyan, all your wishes have been granted, then goodbye!” Saying that, Porunga rose into the sky, re-transformed into seven dragon balls, and scattered all over Planet Namek.

The whole sky became bright again, and the brilliant sunlight shone down on the ground, reflecting a warm and peaceful aura.

Seeing his wishes being granted, Lin Chen smiled contentedly as he took out a Tree of Might’s fruit from the system space and handed it to Nail.

“This is……”

“This is a fruit of Tree of Might which can improve Power Level, but it’s more important function is to strengthen the recovery of vitality and mental strength.

You can bring it to the Great Elder as it can increase his lifespan.” Lin Chen said.

“Really Thanks then.” Nail said gratefully.

Lin Chen had a hunch in his heart that he might need to use Planet Namek’s dragon balls again soon, so he gave the Great Elder a Tree of Might fruit to win over everyone.

When Lin Chen was summoning the eternal dragons and fulfilling his wishes, in a corner of the universe, a round spacecraft landed on a planet.

The name of this planet is Cold 001.

As the name suggests, this place is the headquarters of King Cold, Frieza’s father.

When the spacecraft landed, a group of aliens immediately surrounded it.

“People inside the spacecraft, immediately come out for inspection!”

Although this spacecraft had the identification signal of the Frieza Force, because its arrival was completely unannounced, the soldiers of the Cold Force were all on guard.

Compared to Frieza Force, Cold Force’s people were much better-trained.

Soon, the hatch of the spaceship opened, and a purple figure came out.

“Don’t attack! I’m Ginyu from the Frieza Force, the captain of the Ginyu Special Squadron!”

“Captain Ginyu”

The aliens were stunned for a moment, but they soon recognized the famous Captain Ginyu.

“Captain Ginyu, this is King Cold’s place, why is someone from the Frieza Force here”

“I have urgent news to report to King Cold! King Frieza was killed by someone!” Ginyu said with a cold look on his face.

Soon after, in King Cold’s palace, King Cold, whose appearance was similar to Frieza’s second form, heard the bad news of his son’s death.

Furious, King Cold could hardly control his aura.

“What My son Frieza is dead”

Sensing that the surrounding air was shaking, Ginyu knelt down on one knee in fear: “I’m sorry, King Cold, His Majesty Frieza was killed by Saiyans.

The other party seems to be the Super Saiyan from legends!”

Cold gave a strong wave of his hand: “Super Saiyan Ridiculous! That’s just a legend!”

“That’s not a legend! My lord, we met two Super Saiyans this time, and one of them could even survive in the vacuum environment and King Frieza was killed by that Saiyan!”

“What about you Frieza was killed, then what are you doing” King Cold glared at Ginyu.

“My lord… I’m sorry, I was on King Frieza’s spaceship at the time, and their fight was no longer something we could help with… But my lord, I have a piece of news…”

Ginyu was going to tell King Cold what he accidentally overheard about dragon balls.

As long as they find the seven dragon balls, they will be able to resurrect Frieza.

However, Ginyu’s words were not finished yet…


And a Death Beam penetrated through Ginyu’s body.

Cold said with a gloomy look on his face: “Since you couldn’t help my son, why are you still alive”

“Pfff! Co, Cold…” Ginyu fell down on the ground, unable to believe that he was going to die just like this

He was clearly here to bring the news that Frieza can be resurrected to King Cold… He is clearly loyal and devoted to the Frost Demon race…



King Cold left the place without looking back while throwing an order to his subordinates: “Burn that guy’s body! I feel disgusted looking at him!”


An alien who looked like a lizard saluted, then it lifted Ginyu’s corpse and walked towards a place in the palace which is used to burn corpses.

But when the alien walked into the incineration chamber with Captain Ginyu’s corpse.

A voice suddenly sounded inside the room.


A purple light suddenly lit up in the room, but immediately, everything returned to calm.

After a while, the lizard alien came out, but it was wearing the signature smile of Captain Ginyu on its face.

“Hehehe…I won’t just die just like that!”

[Author’s digression]: This plot is inspired by the comic Dragon Ball Multiverse.


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