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Hearing that Tights also wanted to train, Lin Chen was stunned for a moment, then he raised his hand, pulled Tights to his side and kissed her

“Silly girl, what martial arts do you want to practice”

During more than a year of training on Earth, the relationship between Lin Chen and Tights grew by leaps and bounds, and the two have already established a relationship.

It’s just that the two of them haven’t married, and Tights also did not ask for it.

“It’s not impossible for you to train, but if you really want to train, why didn’t you look for me first” Lin Chen asked.

Tights smiled and said, “You are not from Earth, what can you teach me Master Roshi is renowned all over the world, so it is much better to look for him.”

Lin Chen thought for a while, then nodded, “Yeah.”

They had just reached a decision, when surprisingly Bulma suddenly said, “Brother Lin Chen, I also want to learn martial arts!”

“Bulma” Both of them exclaimed.

Tights put hands on her hips: “Bulma, why are you causing trouble”

“Where did I cause trouble Sister, I just want to practice martial arts, that’s all!” Bulma explained.

However, in fact, she just wanted to stay with Lin Chen for a few more days.

Although still little, Bulma was already showing signs of first awakening of love.

In the original work, Bulma was a little mynx from the beginning.

Although she is younger than when she first appeared in the original work, Bulma has long been attracted to Lin Chen.

It’s just that her sister Tights got together with Lin Chen first, making the little girl suppress her emotions all this time.

Lin Chen didn’t think about this, he just thought that it wouldn’t be bad for Bulma to also train.

Although, it was never revealed in original work whether Bulma has any talent for martial arts or not.

But if Bulma can train a little, she will be able to protect herself somewhat when she and little Goku adventure together in the future.

Moreover, with his strength, he definitely won’t stay at Turtle Hermit’s place for too long.

Even if Tights gives up early on and if she still wants to persist with it, with Bulma around, the two sisters would not be bored.

So Lin Chen persuaded Tights to agree to take along Bulma.

After saying goodbye to the Brief couple, Lin Chen took the two sisters and flew towards Turtle Hermit’s island.

Because he didn’t know the location of Turtle Hermit’s house, Lin Chen couldn’t use Instant Transmission to go there directly.

Fortunately, he remembered that Turtle Hermit’s house should be on sea, so he flew directly over with the sisters.

Moreover, Lin Chen was also wearing a new Scouter made by Bulma.

It was re-modified by Bulma based on Saiyan’s portable scouter’s design idea.

Although its size was a little larger than the original, it has no detection limit.

In other words, this scouter will not explode because the Power Level of the target is higher than the upper limit.

In order to fine-tune the accuracy of this scouter, Lin Chen especially gave Bulma a few days to make a test product.

Turtle Hermit knows about Ki Sense.

In a non-combat state, he is just an ordinary old man.

If Lin Chen wants to rely on Ki to find Turtle Hermit, it will be very difficult.

But with Bulma’s new scouter, Lin Chen quickly found Turtle Hermit’s place.

“Bulma, your scouter is so useful!”

“Really” Bulma blushed slightly after being praised by Lin Chen, “Brother Lin Chen, there are still 100 of them in the capsules I gave you, you can use them first.

My dad has the blueprints, if you need more in the future, you can ask my dad to make it for you.”

At this time, on a small island in the vast sea, Turtle Hermit was sitting in front of the TV with a roll of paper, watching a sexy yoga trainer teaching a class.

He was using the roll of paper to stop his nosebleed.

On the side, a turtle lay under the window, basking in the sun leisurely.

At this moment, Turtle Hermit quivered, and abruptly stood up and hurried out of the room.

“Master Roshi, what’s wrong” The turtle chased after him in surprise.

“There is a powerful and frightening Ki approaching our place!”

Cold sweat broke out on Master Roshi’s face.

The aura he felt was hundreds of thousands of times bigger than the nightmare-like Great Demon King Piccolo he had seen before!

Who is it

There is actually someone who has such terrifying strength

“It’s here!”

As Turtle Hermit said that, his muscles bulged out.

The approaching unknown and powerful presence made him instinctively react like an animal who has sensed danger.

At this moment, three figures descended from the sky and stepped on the beach.

“Wow! This is where Master Roshi lives”

“What a remote island! It’s no wonder no one knows where Master Roshi lives.”

Turtle Hermit, whose muscles were bulging out, immediately deflated like leaking air and his originally solemn face was also replaced by a lascivious face.

“Hello beautiful ladies! What brings you here”

Turtle Hermit’s eyes fell on Tights and Bulma, and then he focused on Tights, who was dressed in a revealing dress and had a curvaceous figure.

But the next moment, Turtle Hermit noticed Lin Chen who was walking behind Tights and Bulma.

His face immediately broke out in sweat.

It turned out that the terrifying aura he felt just now came from this man.

Lin Chen looked at the scouter, and it showed Turtle Hermit’s Power Level to be only 20.

As expected, Turtle Hermit normally always conceals his aura.

If it wasn’t for Bulma’s scouter, it would have been really difficult for him to notice Turtle Hermit’s aura of 20 Power Level in this vast sea.

“Hello, Master Roshi.” Lin Chen smiled gently.

“What can I do for you” Turtle Hermit asked nervously.

Lin Chen said: “Master Roshi, my name is Lin Chen and this is my girlfriend Tights, and this is her sister Bulma.

We are from West City and want to become your apprentice and learn from you!”

“Become my apprentice” Turtle Hermit looked stunned.

“Young man, you are so much stronger than me, do you still need to become my apprentice”

Lin Chen replied: “Of course! Master Roshi is known as the God of Martial Arts and knows many kinds of martial arts.

In contrast, I only know brute force and can’t compare with teacher at all.

Besides, it’s not just me who wants to become your apprentice, Tights and Bulma also want to learn from Master Roshi.”

“Cough, cough…”

Turtle Hermit coughed and felt a little smug.

He didn’t expect that he would be so famous that even a guy with such terrifying strength would want to be his apprentice

If I see Crane Hermit in the future, I will be able to brag about it.

“Apprenticeship, it’s not impossible, it’s just that I, Master Roshi, have conditions to accept an apprentice, you…”

Turtle Hermit was about to propose the conditions for apprenticeship when suddenly a white light flashed in front of him.

He saw Lin Chen raise his hand and release an energy wave towards the sea in the distance.


An astonishing mushroom cloud suddenly rose from the sea.

Lin Chen turned around and innocently said to Turtle Hermit: “Master Roshi, what did you just say Huh Teacher, why are you kneeling on the ground”

“I…” Turtle Hermit took a deep breath: “Welcome to Turtle School!”


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