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“Technology products” Dr.

Brief became guarded.


Lin Chen, with all due respect, you seem to be already very powerful, the weapons of Earth…”

“No, Dr.

Brief, you misunderstood.

Let me just say it straight.

There are only two technology products I need right now, one is Medical Machine and the other is Gravity Chamber.”


Brief was taken aback: “Medical Machine Gravity Chamber”

Lin Chen looked around and pointed to the garden outside: “Dr.

Brief, let’s go over there, I’ll show you something.”

After saying that, Lin Chen walked towards the garden.


Brief’s family is very rich, so the garden was the size of a park.

Lin Chen randomly found a level ground, and with a wave of his right hand, he took out a medical machine he brought from Planet Vegeta from the system space.

The medical machine that appeared out of thin air left Dr.

Brief stunned.

“This, this, Mr.

Lin, how did you do it Is it the Hoi-Poi Capsule”

“No, just treat it as one of my special abilities.” Lin Chen said lightly.

Patting the medical machine, Lin Chen said: “This is a medical machine we are using now, which can make people who are seriously injured fully recover in a short time.

Doctor, I hope you at least fully reproduce it, and make us 100 of them!”

“After the medical machines are completed, I need at least 10 Gravity Chambers that can adjust artificial gravity.

Our planet’s gravity is 10 times that of Earth, so the Gravity Chamber needs to be able to adjust to at least 20 times the gravity.”

“These things are very important to us Saiyans! Gravity Chamber can be postponed, but the 100 medical machines, I hope you can complete all of them within a month.”


Brief looked confused: “Mr.

Lin, I can promise you these things because you showed kindness by saving my family and Tights.”

“It’s just that whether it’s medical machines or Gravity Chambers, I’ve never touched them in the past and I don’t know if they can actually be built.”


Brief is indeed a genius who invented many amazing technologies, but geniuses also have their limits.

What Lin Chen needs, one involves biotechnology and the other involves gravity technology, these are all things that Dr.

Brief has never touched in the past, so his confidence was somewhat lacking.

But at this time, a voice suddenly sounded: “Dad, if it’s a medical machine, if there is already a prototype machine, it shouldn’t take long to copy one, and then let the robots mass produce them!”



Brief and Lin Chen turned around and saw Bulma running out from behind a tree.

The little girl excitedly looked at the medical machine that Lin Chen took out, and then smiled at her father as if she wanted to be praised.

“Really Bulma, are you sure” Dr.

Brief asked with a dull look.

“Yeah, by the way, brother Lin Chen, is there a ready-made prototype of the Gravity Chamber you mentioned If there is one, I should be able to copy it soon.

It just so happens that I have been researching anti-gravity systems recently…”

Brief said to Lin Chen with an embarrassed smile, “Sorry, Mr.

Lin Chen, this is my daughter Bulma.

Even though she is young, she is actually a genius even more impressive than me.”

“Really” Lin Chen was not surprised by Brief’s words.

After all, Bulma should be regarded as the character with the highest IQ in the entire dragon ball world.

“Thank you Bulma, you have helped me a lot.

If you have any wish, you can tell me.

I can fulfill it for you.” Lin Chen smiled and stroked Bulma’s head.

Feeling her head being stroked by Lin Chen, Bulma’s pretty face turned red.

“Then… Brother Lin Chen, I heard from my sister just now that you can fly Can you take me to fly once”

“That’s it”

“Mmmm!” Bulma nodded with certainty.


Brief, then I’ll take Miss Bulma to fly for a while” Lin Chen asked.

“Sure, sure, please.” Although Brief was a little worried, he didn’t dare to refuse.

Lin Chen immediately grabbed Bulma’s hand and took her flying into the sky.

“Oh my God! Hahaha, I’m really flying!”

Bulma is really Tights’ sister.

She is also not afraid of flying at all.

Instead, she began to urge him, “Brother Lin Chen, can you be faster”


Lin Chen pulled Bulma over, tightly wrapped his arms around her, and then started to speed up.

Because he was protecting her with his aura, although the speed of the two surpassed a fighter jet in just an instant, Bulma did not feel any discomfort.

However, her little face was red, and this flight clearly made her very impressed with Lin Chen.

“Bulma, should we go back”

“No, brother Lin Chen, can we fly a little longer”

“Fly a little longer” Lin Chen thought for a bit, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

“In that case, let me take you to see gods, okay”

“God Where, where Are there really gods on Earth” Bulma looked around.

There are also legends of gods in this world.

Although Bulma is a talented child, she is also a little curious about legends.

“Yeah, wait, I’ll take you over to see them!”

The place Lin Chen wants to take Bulma to is Korin Tower and Lookout.

These two places were originally already in Lin Chen’s planned itinerary.

Now that he has brought Bulma out for a stroll, Lin Chen simply shifted the itinerary ahead of time.

Korin Tower is located in a remote place, far from the human world, and it takes at least a few hours to fly there from West City.

But at Lin Chen’s speed, it didn’t take long before the two of them saw the Korin Tower which was piercing into the clouds.

Just as Lin Chen and Bulma approached, on the Korin Tower, Korin’s body began to tremble: “Su…such a frightening aura.

How did that alien learn about this place”

On Lookout, the green face of Kami also turned pale: “Did that alien notice me”


Bulma looked at the tower in the distance, her jaw almost dislocating.

After all, she is from Earth, but she had never known that there is such a place on


That tower is probably taller than the tallest building in the world, right Why has she never heard of it

“Brother Lin Chen, is that where the gods live”

“That is the Korin Tower, the residence of an immortal, and the residence of the god is even higher.”

“Do you want to go further up”

Bulma felt that today was really exciting.

Not only did she see aliens, but she would also be able to meet immortals and gods soon.

Her small face was flushed with excitement.

A moment later, Lin Chen brought Bulma over to the Korin Tower’s main hall.

“Brother Lin Chen, where is the immortal Where is the immortal”

As soon as they landed, Bulma looked around, directly ignoring the startled Korin.

“Ahem, ahem!” Korin coughed, “Excuse me, I’m the immortal.”

“Huh” Bulma was shocked: “Brother Lin Chen, the cat actually spoke!”

“He’s not a cat, he’s an immortal!”


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