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Dragon Ball World, in an unknown universe, Planet Vegeta.

One day, in the Saiyan Palace at the central region of the planet, King Vegeta had summoned all the mid-class warriors on Planet Vegeta.

Their objective, however, was to discuss how to deal with a baby.

A Saiyan knelt before the throne and asked humbly: “Your Majesty, please forgive my recklessness, I heard you are going to send my son Broly to a border planet”

“That’s right,” said King Vegeta on the platform.

“But, but your Majesty, I heard that the place where you are going to send my son is a deserted planet called Vampa with nothing at all!”

“Your son’s potential is very high.

I am afraid that he will threaten the safety of us Saiyans in the future, so I am just sending him away instead of killing him.

You should thank me, Paragus!”


The Saiyan named Paragus stood up with his fists clenched tightly, his fury burning uncontrollably.

“Damn it King Vegeta! You are just jealous of my son’s potential and afraid that he will threaten your son’s position! You bastard…”

King Vegeta sneered, “So what Your son is about to be sent away as we speak!”

“What” Paragus rushed to a window in panic and looked out.

It’s just that on the launch pad outside the window, there was no sign of a spacecraft taking off.

At this moment, a figure suddenly pushed open the door and broke in: “Paragus, don’t worry, Broly’s spacecraft has been stopped by me.”

“You, you are…”

Paragus and the others in the palace looked at the person who had arrived in surprise, while King Vegeta sitting on the throne stood up and said angrily: “Links! How dare you come back!”

The person who had arrived was Lin Chen, of course, this was his name from his previous life.

In this life, his name is Links, and he is a wanted young Saiyan warrior.

The reason for being wanted is because Links abandoned the mission given to him by King Vegeta after he reincarnated in this world and disappeared for four straight years!

“Links! You disobeyed my orders and ran away four years ago! You dare to come back now! Did you come looking for death”

Lin Chen gritted his teeth and said, “I’m here to inform you about something! Soon, Frieza will come to annihilate us Saiyans.

If we don’t prepare early, the entire Planet Vegeta will perish!”

Hearing this, the place suddenly became quiet, and the mouths of the mid-class warriors present opened wide and even Paragus had a shocked look on his face.

The next moment, laughter burst out in the palace.

Everyone took Lin Chen’s words as a joke.

Who is he kidding Saiyans are the right-hand man of Lord Frieza, why would Lord Frieza annihilate Saiyans

Lin Chen snorted coldly.

The situation was exactly as he thought.

I am afraid that unless Bardock is here, no one will believe my words.

But it’s been four years since he came to the dragon ball world.

He has been living by concealing his name in the outside world all this while and has finally returned to Planet Vegeta, not to get ridiculed here.

“Shut up all of you!” Lin Chen shouted loudly, then pointed at King Vegeta on the throne and said, “Saiyans must obey the king’s orders! King Vegeta, even if I can’t convince them, it’s fine as long as I convince you alone!”

“According to Saiyan tradition, I will challenge you for the throne!”

“What” King Vegeta’s eyes widened, thinking he had heard it wrong.

Lin Chen said: “As we all know, the reason why you can sit firmly on the throne is because your grandfather brought the Saiyans to conquer the Tuffles and occupied the planet.”

“But according to our Saiyan tradition, the king’s position should belong to the strongest!”

“So, I’m going to challenge you now, and as long as I win, I’ll be the new Saiyan King!”

As soon as Lin Chen finished speaking, a mid-class warrior jumped out: “How dare you! Links, you dare to disrespect King Vegeta! You have to beat me first!”

“Go away! My only target is him!” Lin Chen pointed at King Vegeta and said, “Could it be that you dare not accept the challenge”


Blue veins protrude out on King Vegeta’s forehead: “Links, you are just an insignificant low-class warrior, you dare to challenge me Good, very good! I accept your challenge! I want everyone to understand what will happen if you anger me!”


King Vegeta let out a loud shout, and his aura erupted out in full force.

He flew up from the throne and shot out towards Lin Chen like a sharp arrow.



King Vegeta’s fist was surprisingly blocked by Lin Chen with just one finger.

“Damn, damn it, how is this possible”

Vegeta’s expression changed drastically.

He had used his full strength for this punch, but it was blocked by Lin Chen with just one finger

“I-I’m King Vegeta! King of Saiyans!”

King Vegeta quickly took a step back, condensed energy with both hands, and formed a Energy Bomb with all his energy, then he smashed it towards Links.

However, the Energy Bomb was deflected by Links with a flick of his finger which smashed straight through the imperial palace, and flew into the sky.


The violent explosion attracted the attention of Saiyan’s around the palace.

“Why, why” King Vegeta looked at Lin Chen in disbelief.

But Lin Chen didn’t show any changes in his expression.

“I have been fighting for my life for the past four years just for today, so how can you, who has been living comfortably on the throne, compare with me”

“But, but your Power Level…”

King Vegeta has been using the Scouter all along, and the scouter on his left eye has been showing that the Power Level of Lin Chen in front of him is only 2,000.

“That kind of toy can’t detect the instant Power Level.

Now I can control my aura.

My real Power Level is ten times yours!”

“10, 10 times”

Not only King Vegeta, but everyone else present on the scene inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

If that’s true, it’s pretty shocking!

100,000 Power Level

This is definitely the number one Power Level amongst the Saiyans!

Lin Chen is obviously just a low-class warrior, why does he have such strength

“No, impossible! How could you have 100,000 Power Level! I don’t believe it, I absolutely don’t believe it…”

Just when King Vegeta was yelling, Lin Chen suddenly disappeared from his position, and the next moment, he appeared behind King Vegeta.

With just one punch, he knocked out King Vegeta.

While King Vegeta fell to the ground, Lin Chen stretched out his hand and took off the ring necklace that symbolizes the kingship.

Lin Chen raised the necklace high and walked towards the throne that previously belonged to King Vegeta.

“Starting today, I am the new King of Saiyans!”

It has been four full years since he arrived in the dragon ball world! Finally, he has been waiting for this moment.

Lin Chen knew that from this point on, he could finally begin the final step of his plan; killing Frieza and preventing the destruction of Planet Vegeta!

He did all this only because when he first arrived in this world, he was bound to the Strongest Selection System!

And the first choices that the system gave to him are as follows:

“Choice one: Defeat Frieza and prevent the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Reward: Legendary Saiyan bloodline.”

“Choice two: Defeat Supreme Kai.

Reward: Supreme Kai’s powers.”

“Choice three: Defeat God of Destruction and stop the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Reward: God of Destruction’s power.”

[Author’s digression]: This is the first time I am writing dragon ball fan fiction.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

The protagonist’s Saiyan name Links is a transliteration of the English name leek.


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