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Chapter 27.2 – This Fragrance Is Endless (2)

Qi Yang opened the small box, and inside was a row of neatly arranged incense.

She had someone bring in the incense burner, then took a small piece of incense and placed it inside.

Together with blue smoke, faint fragrance soon filled the air.

The aroma was light and not very strong, with a hint of sweetness – it was like the best moments in your youth, and made one feel happy and nostalgic.

The incenses Her Royal Highness The Princess usually used were precious, and most of them were gifted by the Emperor.

But the one in this box was the one that suit her heart the most.

Qi Yang’s long fingers rubbed the delicate box for a moment, and when she opened the lid, she unexpectedly found a small line of characters engraved in the box.

She stared at it, and a smile suddenly appeared in her eyes.

She turned to Zhi Ting and said, “Change all the incense in my palace, I’ll be using this one in the future.” After a pause, she said, “Find me another box.”

Zhi Ting didn’t ask any questions and immediately ordered someone to get a wooden box with suitable size.

After she received the box, she didn’t use her hands but a pair of tweezers and moved the incense piece by piece from the small box to the new one.

They were neatly arranged like the original, with no missing piece other than the one currently burning in the incense burner.

Zhi Ting watched from the side, remembering the smile of that shy and gentle youth, and inexplicably smiled along.

After she finished moving the incense, Qi Yang turned back and saw her senior maid’s face full of smiles.

She looked at her suspiciously and said, “Zhi Ting, what are you smiling for” After saying that, she narrowed her eyes slightly and said, “You’re not laughing at me, are you”

Zhi Ting was only two years older than Qi Yang, and was also at the prime of her life.

Hearing Qi Yang’s words, she didn’t hide and said, “I was reminded of Young Master Lu.

Such a handsome youth, if Your Highness like him, you should hurry up.”

Qi Yang glanced at her but didn’t want to continue the topic.

When did she not want to marry But her Royal Father hadn’t summoned Lu Qipei to the palace yet! No matter what, the Prince Consort she fancied had to pass the Emperor’s evaluation before they could get married.

Although with Lu Qipei’s appearance and talent, Qi Yang wasn’t worried that the Emperor would look down on her, it was very annoying that he wouldn’t even see her at all in the first place!

Her good mood half-ruined, Qi Yang gave Zhi Ting the incense that had been moved into the new box and said, “From now on, the palace will use this kind of incense.

I’ll order more later.”

Zhi Ting took the box and acknowledged, and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the small words on the original box: If Your Highness Fancies, This Fragrance1 Is Endless.

Those eight simple words had a clear meaning – if Her Royal Highness The Princess liked them, the fragrance would never end.

In other words, as long as Qi Yang liked it, Lu Qipei will mix all the incense she would use in the future!

Tsk tsk tsk, Her Highness wanted to recruit her as her Prince Consort.

Didn’t it mean that she would have someone to prepare all the incense she would use for the rest of her life

Even then, Her Highness was still so stingy that she was reluctant to burn some of the incense.

Zhi Ting murmured a few words, but in the end she still held back her laughter and withdrew.

Then she handed the incense to the maid in charge of the palace’s incense and pass on Her Highness’s instructions word by word.

She also passed on a few instructions along the way.

It made the maid think that the incense passed down by Her Highness herself was very precious and valuable – although it was indeed very valuable in Qi Yang’s heart – so she became especially careful when handling it.

Finally, after leaving out the amount for today’s use, she got a special cabinet to hide the box of incense and locked it up.

On the other side, Qi Yang didn’t know that Zhi Ting had seen the small characters written on the box.

When there was no one else in the hall, she held the wooden box and raised her eyebrows.

In her opinion, the promise Lu Qipei made was practically the same as a promise to spend the rest of their lives together!

This was the first time she got a response back.

Even though she knew that with Lu Qipei’s temperament, she couldn’t have had such a meaning, Qi Yang was still happy.

After all, compared to how she rushed headlong previously, the interaction they had now where she could get back a response was obviously much more pleasant and hopeful.

You see, today she sent her the incense she mixed personally.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow she could send her own person instead

Qi Yang, who had lived for several years in her previous life, already had a calm and mature heart.

But right now, it was a rare moment where her heart became like a young girl’s, and some unrealistic fantasies appeared in her mind.

She became more and more excited about their trip tomorrow.

The peach blossom forest by Qingshui river; it was where they met for the first time.

It was a pity that she had been busy lately, and now the time was half a month past when they met in their previous life.

Now, she was going to visit that place again, would the peach blossoms still be in full bloom

But really, it didn’t matter if the flowers were in full bloom.

As long as she was there, everything was enough.

Translator notes:

The word used here can mean fragrance or incense, so it could also directly mean ‘the incense will be endless’, but with the poetic way Lu Qipei wrote I think fragrance would fit better here.-

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