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Chapter 2 – She Was Free to Roam the Vast World1

Warm sunlight shone down in the afternoon, passing through the open window and falling on the bookcase in front of it.

The study was quiet, and a youth was lying on the desk, her beautiful cheeks pressing on a book filled with writings, sleeping soundly.

 The sun shone lazily on her face, not only making her skin look like jade, but also creating an illusion of serene times.

Unfortunately, illusions were just illusions, and although the youth was sleeping soundly, her beautiful eyebrows were slightly raised.

 Sweat gradually dripped from her forehead, and her eyes twitched rapidly beneath her closed eyelids, as if showing that right now she was being disturbed by her dreams.

Finally, a cry accompanied by a loud bang broke the beautiful silence.

Lu Qipei sat dumbfounded on the ground, her face looking confused, as if she couldn’t come back to her senses.

Behind her was her chair, flipped over.

The noise in the study alarmed the people outside, and a young maid quickly pushed the door open and ran in.

She was also shocked when she saw Lu Qipei slumped on the ground in a daze.

She hurriedly helped her up, asking anxiously, “Young Master, Young Master, are you alright”

The cries finally brought Lu Qipei back to her senses, and her empty black eyes gradually grew brighter.

She turned her head and looked at the maid who was supporting her.

The expression in her eyes was complicated and incomprehensible.

Ah Yu blinked and confusedly asked, “What’s wrong, Young Master”

Lu Qipei frowned.

She seemed to hesitate for a moment, then suddenly reached out and touched Ah Yu’s arm.

Then she withdrew her hand under the other party’s increasingly confused gaze, and said loudly, “It’s nothing, I was just in a daze after falling asleep.” After a short pause, she asked again, “What time is it now”

Seeing that Lu Qipei seemed to have returned to normal, Ah Yu leaned over to tidy up her clothes and replied, “It’s not yet time.

 Young Master only took a short nap, don’t worry about it.”

What time did Lu Qipei wanted to ask Looking at the sun outside, she also knew it was the afternoon.

What she wanted to know was something else.

So her eyes swept across the bookcase she had messed up, and she asked again, “By the way, what day is today I’ve lost track of time with all the studying lately.”

Ah Yu didn’t suspect anything, so she replied, “Don’t worry, Young Master.

Today’s only the first day of February, there’s still several days before the Spring Exam.

Master also said that your essays are already very well done.

You shouldn’t force yourself and compromise your health, or you’ll lose more than you gain.”

Lu Qipei nodded absent-mindedly.

Her heart was still unsteady, but she pretended to be calm on the surface.

The chair that was toppled over had already been lifted up by Ah Yu, so she waved her hand and said, “I see, you can leave first.”

Ah Yu left a word of care, then left obediently.

There was only Lu Qipei left in the study room.

She stood quietly for a long time, then suddenly laughed silently.

She smiled and raised her hand to cover her eyes, and fell into tears.

She returned, she returned! After dying at the hands of her dear brother, she actually returned to the past!

Lu Qipei felt that her life was really a joke.

She lost her parents at birth, and her     Lu Qipei felt that his life was really a joke.

She lost her parents at birth, and her only relative was her brother, who was her closest family.

They were born together, grew up together, studied together, learned the arts together… Her younger brother was basically the most important person in her life.

She treated him as her closest family, but he used her like a tool!

Fame, fortune, power and wealth, together with all the unspeakable things behind them… it was too disgusting to think about now.

In the first hour after her rebirth, Lu Qipei cried bitterly, mourning the family that was gone, and also her past innocence.

But when the tears dried out, everything she had cared about and was hurt by had been completely thrown away.

She wiped away the tears on her face.

Even though her eyes were still red, the youth’s eyes gradually became firm.

Lu Qipei had never been a fool.

That she could get first in the Imperial Examination and win the Emperor’s favor during the Qionglin banquet was enough to prove her excellence.

But in the end, she would die because she was too blind, and never thought of being careful against her close relatives.

But now that these have been thrown away, the invisible shackles binding her was broken.

She did not seek revenge, but she wouldn’t stay here anymore.

She would no longer study hard for the examinations only to win a name for her incompetent brother, and she would not drag another woman down for him!

Two to three days past, and Lu Qipei was jolted awake by nightmares every night.

Ah Yu was so anxious that she invited a doctor to see her, but he only said that Lu Qipei had too much in her mind, but the soothing soup he prescribed didn’t help.

Lu Qipei looked haggard, but comforted Ah Yu, “It’s fine.

Maybe I’m just too nervous about the upcoming exam.

I’ll be fine after I get used to it.”

Ah Yu looked worriedly at her pale and haggard face.

How could this do The Spring Exam was approaching, if Lu Qipei fell ill right now, wouldn’t all her previous efforts be in vain Would all the plans have to be delayed for another three years!

Ah Yu couldn’t decide such a big thing on her own, so she stamped her feet and said to Lu Qipei, “Young Master, you can keep going like this.

Let me ask the Young Lord for advice.”

However, Lu Qipei quickly stopped her and said, “Ah Cheng still have important things to do, don’t bother him with these little things.” After seeing Ah Yu’s disapproving face, she continued, ”Well, there’s still a few days before the imperial exam.

I heard that the Huguo temple outside the city is very miraculous.

Since it happens that I’m also a bit uneasy about the Spring Exam, it would be good to visit Buddha for a peace of mind.”

After listening and thinking about it, Ah Yu thought that this was a good idea.

After all, there were some problems that even doctors couldn’t cure.

What would asking the Young Lord even do It might not be as useful as praying to Buddha and the gods.

At least praying could really calm someone’s mind!

After persuading Ah Yu, Lu Qipei’s travel plan became a lot smoother.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to leave immediately after her rebirth, but she truly realized her situation after being reborn once.

She was a chess piece in someone else’s palm, and right now was the time for her to be useful.

How would the chess player allow her to leave the game at will

Even though she hadn’t stepped out of the door in the past few days, she knew that the entire mansion had their eyes on her.

And Ah Yu, who grew up with her since childhood and who she once trusted so much, was not on her side either.

She still remembered that in her previous life, Ah Yu was the one to give her that last bowl of poisonous soup herself…

Now that she had returned, she already knew how things would turn out.

She’s seen through so many things and become more cautious.

She would rather go through the trouble of planning things out just to find a chance to go outside, rather than revealing her intentions too early and being taken advantage of.

Fortunately, Ah Yu didn’t suspect anything, and she was even more eager preparing to go out than Lu Qipei.

She couldn’t wait the whole night, wanting to send Lu Qipei to Huguo temple as soon as possible, hoping that she would be able to sleep peacefully at night under the Buddha’s light.

Of course, Lu Qipei would not let down her kindness.

She finally stepped out from the study and into the warmth of the spring sun that she hadn’t experienced for a long time.

Before leaving, she glanced back at the bookshelves full of books, and the corner of her mouth lifted into a sneer that no one had ever seen before – this time, without her taking the exam, she really wanted to see if her dear brother could still come out on top.

Or would he not even pass

Thinking of this, her mood that had been depressed for a few days instantly became better, and even Ah Yu beside her noticed it.

Seeing that Lu Qipei was in a good mood, Ah Yu was quite happy and couldn’t help smiling.

“It seems that Young Master has really been depressed these days.

Now that you can go out on a walk, your mood’s become much better even before you reach Huguo temple.

It looks like there won’t be any nightmares tonight.”

Lu Qipei didn’t deny it.

She even raised her arms and stretched her waist without caring about her image, and then said, “Yes, the weather’s really good this spring.

Really, what’s the point of having an exam in this weather It’s better to go outside and enjoy the scenery.”

Ah Yu didn’t take Lu Qipei’s words to heart, and joked and laughed with her instead.

When it was time to leave, Lu Qipei suddenly turned around and said to Ah Yu, “By the way, Ah Yu, you need to offer more    When it was time to go out, Lu Qipei suddenly turned around and said to Ah Yu: “Oh right, Ah Yu, it’s better to add more incense oil to show our sincerity when worshipping Buddha.

Go and fetch my private savings, I’m going to take them to Huguo temple.”

Ah Yu was stunned when she heard this, but she didn’t think that it was a big deal.

She quickly agreed and went back to the room to get a bag of silver.

Lu Qipei held to it herself, she patted the money bag and felt much more at ease.


She had her chance to go outside, and she had the money for travel expenses.

As long as she could escape their surveillance, from now on, she was free to roam the vast world!

The warm spring sun reflected on the youth’s jade-like face, beautiful like a dream.

Translator notes:

The idiom used here is ‘the sky is vast, the oceans are deep’, describing a free journey in the vast world


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