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Old Master Xi had never ridden it before.

He was afraid that he would really fall, so he agreed to let his grandson help him.

At first, he was riding unsteadily.

It was quite beneficial to be able to learn profound martial arts as soon as he joined the group and even receive guidance from a group of experts from the Green Forest.

As bandits who had licked the blood of others through their blades, martial arts was a skill that could potentially save their lives.

Everyone wanted to improve their skills.

Zhou Jing waved his hand and continued,

“Currently, were using the Small Wind Lake as our base, but its just a temporary measure.

Our end goal is to occupy Yueshan Lake, but now is not the time to move towards it.

Brother Sheng Rong, you understand the nearby situation best, so we still need you to tell us the distribution of the 22 generals on the waterway under Fan Zongs banner.

Lets take down the nearby water bandits first and expand our territory.”


Sheng Rong was solemn.

At this moment, Fang Zhen thought for a moment and suddenly asked, “Second Brother, Fan Zong doesnt know that were here.

Why dont we let Brother Sheng Rong request to see Fan Zong Well pretend to be followers and capture him when we approach Fan Zong.

To capture the bandits, well capture the leader first.

Its just like in Tiger Head Mountain.

Wouldnt that be faster”

Zhou Jing touched his chin and pondered,

“Ive also thought of this plan, but the situation in Huyang is different from the Lu River.

The water bandits territories are too scattered.

Although its convenient to take down Fan Zong directly, we cant make a name for ourselves.

Even if we replace this person, most of the water bandits under him will not submit to us.

Instead, they will seek refuge with two other people among the remaining flood dragons in Huyang.

In this way, we will become an empty commander with no troops.

We can only subdue the troops of Fan Zongs headquarters and cant command the water bandits everywhere, with the danger that our territory will be surrounded by the other two flood dragons.

At that time, if we want to go out and subdue others, we will definitely attract the other two to attack us from both sides.

We will be restricted and it will not be easy for us to build.”

Duan Yunfengs eyes flashed as he replied,

“I see.

Brother Chen wants to subdue many water bandits first and pretend to occupy this place.

Then, you can lure Fan Zong to gather his troops to attack.

At that time, you can defeat the other party on the battlefield.

Not only can you capture Fan Zong, but you can also capture many water generals under him.

From there, you can defeat them in one go and subdue a large number of water bandits in one go.

You can also become famous in one battle”

“Something like that.”

Zhou Jing nodded.

Duan Yunfeng understood his intentions.


He finally knew where the bad feeling came from.

It seemed that the old master had brought so many people to pick him up just like that.

He wanted to cry.

Since he had already said that, what else could he do He could only give in.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, I specially prepared this one for you.

You must ride it well.”

Old Master Xi laughed loudly.

“Good grandson, I appreciate your kindness.”

Xi Rui uttered under his breath, there was no need.

Then, Old Master Xi said to Xi Xinheng, “I will ride the bicycle to the court tomorrow.

You can take the carriage yourself.

You dont have to wait for me.”

Just as he was about to ask Old Master Xi if he could have the bicycle for him to ride to court tomorrow, Xi Xinheng sighed.

Forget it.

His father wanted to show off on his own, but he had no chance.

He had a helpless look on his face.


His father was really becoming more and more mischievous.

Usually, he would say that he had a headache or a sore back, and he would find an excuse to ask for leave and not go to court.

Actually, he just felt that the court was held too early in the morning, so he didnt want to go.

If he wanted to show off now, he did not think that it was too early.


His head did not hurt anymore, and his back did not hurt anymore…

He was really convinced.

Then, the old master pushed the bicycle back to his own yard with his entourage.

The others who were still waiting to learn how to ride the bicycle were in a mess in the wind…

Xi Rui stared at his bicycle and really wanted to cry.

Just as he was about to go back to the yard to turn his grief and anger into the strength to eat, he heard his father say, “Get me one too.”

Xi Rui was speechless.

“My bicycle was stolen by my grandfather.

Ill help you after I finish building mine.”

Xi Xinheng raised his eyebrows.

“Are you my father, or am I your father”

Xi Rui remained silent.

“Of course you are.”

Xi Xinheng smiled.

“Your fathers father will be the first to take it, and of course your father will be the second.

“You can go and get your own after you deliver mine.”

Xi Rui wanted to cry and show off to his father.

Why were they so shameless It seemed that they were all crooked..

However, due to his fathers domineering attitude, he could only say helplessly, “I know, I know.”

If he had known earlier, he would not have come back.


He wanted to show off in front of his cousins.

But now, before he could show off, he had already been beaten.

Xi Xinheng patted his shoulder in satisfaction, looking like a loving father.

“Okay, you must be tired after playing all day.

Go back to the courtyard and eat.”

Xi Rui felt terrible about the sudden fatherly kindness.

He did not accompany his father to perform filial piety.

He felt the passionate gazes from his other uncles and cousins, so he left without hesitation.

If he stayed any longer, everyone in the family would probably want him to get a bicycle.

He did not so much leisure time to do so.

Seeing thar Xi Rui left so quickly, the others were speechless.

They had not even said what they wanted to say…

On the other hand, Liang Youxiao also encountered a similar situation.

Old Master Liang did not bring his family members to stop him, but he was called to the study by Old Master Liang as soon as he returned to the residence.

He taught Old Master Liang how to ride a bicycle, and then the bicycle was gone…

It was the same for Qi Yiyang.


Old Master Qi had had enough of Old Master Liang and Old Master Xi showing off all day long.

This time, his grandson also had a bicycle, so he wanted to show it off as well.

Thus, he got Qi Yiyang to teach him how to ride a bicycle before asking him to leave first.

In Fei Yuzhes family, Old Master Fei was more reserved.

He was also a civil official, so he would not show off like this.

He was old and did not have any martial arts skills.

He was afraid that he would fall if he wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle, so he gave up.

The other three dukes were all generals who had followed the late emperor to conquer the world.

He could not compare with them.

However, Fei Yuzhe did not escape the fate of losing his bicycle because his father was strong and healthy.

After he taught him how to ride a bicycle, he confiscated it.

Only Xi Rong escaped because there were no elders in the family and the emperor also had a bicycle in the palace.

The other few people in their own courtyard wanted to cry, so they ate a few bowls of rice.


They were planning to continue riding their bikes on the streets tomorrow, but their chance to show off was gone just like that…

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