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Xiao Yuanshi was also a little angry at this moment, and he didnt know how to explain it.

He couldnt share it in front of everyone that Chunru couldnt give birth, hence couldnt help him to sprout branches and leaves.

This brat was probably referring to the seven-reasons to stir up the matter.

Thus, he could only change the topic.

“Theres no need to call her little lady.

Call her Aunt Ge.”

Calling herlittle lady sounded like calling her a prostitute…

Xiao Erlang said aggrievedly, “No, she wronged my mother back then.

I dont want to call her Aunt Ge.”

He was still a child and could be willful.

Xiao Bailis thoughts changed.

“Why dont we call her Sister Ge

“She was General Xiaos niece to begin with anyway.

Calling her like this doesnt count as messing with seniority.”

Ge Chunru was speechless.

She was about to break down.

Were these two devils

Feeling the gaze of the servant girls and servant boys, her face turned pale.

It wasnt easy that no one to bring up the matter of their uncle and niece relationship, but these two b * stards deliberately brought it up in front of everyone.

What Sister Ge They were obviously mocking her.

Xiao Yuanshi was also angered.

His daughter wasnt easy to deal with.

She was simply bringing up the pot that was boiling.

He was not bringing his children back.

Instead, he had invited two little ancestors back.

He suddenly felt a little regretful to send someone to fetch Xiao Erlang before returning to the capital today.

His expression darkened.

“Nonsense, dont address others without thinking.”

Xiao Baili also revealed an innocent look.

“I didnt address her without thinking.

You dare to say that shes not your eldest niece”

Xiao Yuanshis face turned green.

“Xiao Baili, is this the way you treat your elders”

Xiao Baili shrugged.

“But weve already broken off our kinship!”

So what kind of elders are you

“You!” Xiao Yuanshi was so angry that he fell to the ground.

Bastard, this wretched girl is really getting more and more unbearable after spending time with Shi Qingluo.

Where did his once obedient and meek daughter go

Ge Chunru couldnt help but ask, “Then why did you guys come to our house today”

Since they had already broken off their kinship, why would they come here

Xiao Baili looked very helpless.

“We didnt want to come either.

General Xiao insisted that he wanted to make it up to us and insisted on inviting us to the generals residence as guests.

“We could only reluctantly come.

After all, he still has to build a road for my mother.”

When the matter of building a road was brought up, Ge Chunru could not help but feel angry.

This wretched girl was as shameless as her slu * t mother.

She looked at Xiao Yuanshi with a wronged and questioning look.

“General, are you really going to build a road for what you owe to Mdm Kong”

Xiao Yuanshi was extremely frustrated.

“Yes, I have already agreed.”

Ge Chunru could not help but burst into tears.

“You… are you still attached to her”

She could accept the addition of a concubine like Tao Liu in the family, as well as the few concubines that the old lady in the backyard had brought back, but she really could not accept Mdm Kong.

Back then, she was on the podium

She would not allow Mdm Kong, who did not accept being the loser, to return, or to make Xiao Yuanshi pay attention to them.

Xiao Yuanshi still had not replied.

Xiao Baili laughed coldly.

“Little Lady Ge, Please watch your words.

“My mother and General Xiao have divorced a long time ago.

How could they be together”

“My mother isnt like you would like to steal other peoples husbands and pick up broken shoes that other people dont want to wear.

“My mother doesnt care about General Xiao for a long time.

Even if you give her money on top of it now, she wont accept him.

“What you treat as a treasure, my mother will only think its more despicable than the grass.”


Xiao Yuanshi was speechless.

What did she mean bya broken shoe that others dont wear What did she mean byeven more despicable than grass Was this how she described his own father

With a dark expression, he said, “Xiao Baili, how can you say that”

Xiao Baili continued to look at him innocently.

“I didnt say that youre a broken shoe and that youre even more despicable than grass.

I said that my mother wouldnt take a fancy to something that Little Lady Ge regards as a treasure.”

Then, she shrugged.

“If you really want to bring yourself into it, then I have no choice.”


Xiao Yuanshi choked.

“You, youre simply outrageous.”

He really shouldnt have brought her back.

Now, he deeply regretted it once again.

His ass that they were guests.

These two evil creatures had deliberately come to find trouble and annoy them.

Xiao Baili smiled and said, “Is that so How am I outrageous

“It was Little Lady Ge who was imagining things.

I was just correcting her mistake.

“General Xiao, are you going to welcome us as guests or not

“If youre not, well leave right now.

“Then well go to the street and ask everyone.

Is there anyone who treats their guests like this

Xiao Yuanshi thought to himself, his daughter was also here to restrain him.

He really wanted to say that he did not welcome now.

However, he could not.

He could only grit his teeth and say, “Of course I welcome you.”

Xiao Baili chuckled and said, “So we are invited.

Alright then, well stay for two days reluctantly.”

She realized that it was really great to criticize her father and that concubine.

As expected, what her sister-in-law taught was king.

Ge Chunru and Xiao Yuanshi uttered under their breath, actually, you guys did not have to be so reluctant.

Tao Liu and the servant girls who were standing at the side had been stifling their laughter.

They hadnt expected these two young lady and young master to be so fierce when they returned.

The general and madam were so angry that they couldnt even speak.

It was so choking.

Xiao Yuanshi wished that he could quickly throw them away and leave them to fend for themselves.

“Then Ill bring you guys to your quarters first.”

Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang didnt make things difficult this time.

They even nodded very politely.

“Alright, Ill have to trouble General Xiao.”

They had just arrived at the generals residence, so there was no point in messing around.

Seeing that the two of them were no longer arguing, Xiao Yuanshi could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

He did not care about his little wife, who was crying with tears in her eyes.

He only hoped to get rid of the two little ancestors as soon as possible.

Thus, he brought the two of them to a courtyard.

Although Ge Chunru was extremely angry, she was afraid that the two of them would turn into demons or ask for benefits from Xiao Yuanshi, so she could only follow them unwillingly.

Tao Liu was happy to see the two of them being humiliated and ashamed, so she followed behind them without hesitation.

As they walked, Xiao Baili asked, “General Xiao, what courtyard are you going to arrange for us to stay in”

Xiao Yuanshi replied, “Arrange for you to stay in the guest house.”

Xiao Baili asked again, “Is the guest house worse than the courtyard of Little Lady Ges younger brother and sister”

Ge Chunru, who was walking behind them, could not help but ask, “Can you stop addressing me as a little lady This is not polite.”

Xiao Baili did not refute her.

Instead, she smiled and nodded.

“Is that so We really didnt know that it was impolite.

“After all, we are country bumpkins from the countryside and dont have much experience.”

She smiled and said meekly, “Sister Ge, dont be angry.

In that case, we wont call you little lady anymore.”

Ge Chunru sighed, addressing her like this was even more disgusting.

Could she strangle this wretched girl to death now She was simply too vicious.

Xiao Yuanshi was also going crazy.

She didnt call her madam, didnt call her Aunt Ge, but insisted on calling her little lady and sister.

These two evil creatures were definitely doing it on purpose.

If others heard the two of them calling her “Sister Ge,” what would others say about the generals residence


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