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Ge Chunying accidentally found out about this while she was looking for something to use against the other side concubine of the second prince.

Thus, she came up with this idea to kill two birds with one stone.

In the future, if Xiao Baili successfully married into that side concubines family and this matter was exposed, Xiao Hanzheng definitely wouldnt ignore it and would definitely take revenge.

This way, she could borrow Xiao Hanzhengs hands to deal with that side concubines family.

That side concubine relied on her good family background to constantly suppress Ge Chunying.

If she lost her family background, Ge Chunying believed that she was no match for her.

As the people that Xiao Hanzheng arranged knew the weakness of the trusted servant girl by Ge Chunyings side, they bribed her.

Therefore, the conversation between the two sisters was transmitted back to Shi Qingluo.

After learning about this news, Shi Qingluo was angry again.

The Ge sisters were poisonous.

Therefore, when she saw the fifth prince today, Shi Qingluo suddenly felt that she had to help Ge Chunying.

She wanted to make her more favored and become more “like a fish in water” in the second princes backyard.

If the second prince not only went to Ge Chunyings backyard to eat every day, but also brought her out to meet his younger brother or friends, the group of women in the backyard would probably go crazy with envy and jealousy.

Liang Hengyu, who had been issued with the good guy card thought to himself, I really have to thank you.

Obviously, Shi Qingluo did not let the good fifth prince off.

“Ill treat the second prince to a meal some other day.

Remember to ask him to bring the celestial immortal out for me to take a look.”

Xi Rong also grinned and said, “What kind of celestial beauty Get my second cousin to bring her out for us to have a look.

Dont hide it.”

Xi Rui joined in the fun.

“Thats right.

Ive never seen someone so pretty before.”

This time, even Qi Yiyang, who was drunk, raised his head and said, “Is she really that beautiful I want to see her too.”

Liang Hengyu felt a headache coming on.

“Ill ask my second cousin first.”

He also felt that he had not looked at the almanac when he went out today.

Moreover, why was his cousin joining in the fun Didnt he say that they would not get along with Xi Rui and the others

After drinking for a while, Liang Hengyu dragged the drunk Qi Yiyang away.

Shi Qingluo and her husband drank with Xi Rui and the others for a while before leaving.

That night, the second prince had something to do and called the fifth prince to his residence.

He asked the fifth prince to fight for the job in Jiangnan if he had the chance.

The fifth prince wasnt very willing, but for the sake of his brothers great cause, he still agreed.

Of course, he was not confident that he would be able to win her over in the end.

After they finished discussing their matters, Liang Hengyu told him about what had happened in the restaurant.

“Second brother, Shi Qingluo said that she wants to treat you to a meal and asked you to bring Concubine Ge with you.”

Liang Hengshao was stunned.

“Shes so interested in my concubine”

Liang Hengyu shrugged.

“I dont know about that.

Do you really want to compare who is more like a celestial immortal between her and Concubine Ge”

He always felt that Shi Qingluo had bad intentions, but he couldnt see through her intentions.

Liang Hengshao rubbed his chin and smiled.

“Could it be that Shi Qingluo also has some feelings for me When she heard that I doted on Ge Chunying, she got jealous”

Liang Hengyu sighed, forget it.

“I think she wants to mess with Ge Chunying.

Its unlikely that shes jealous.”

Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng were on good terms.

Even he could tell that his second brother was overthinking things.

The second prince smiled.

“Alright, then well do as she wishes.

“Make an appointment with her.

Ill bring Ge Chunying to the banquet.”

To him, Shi Qingluo was rather special.

Moreover, he also wanted to see what she wanted to do.

Liang Hengyu did not admit it.

He wanted to watch a good show too.

“Alright, Ill go ask her tomorrow.”

That night, he did not return to his own home and stayed at the second princes residence.

The next day, he had someone go to the Xiaos residence to inquire.

Shi Qingluo did not immediately set a time.

Instead, she went to ask Xiao Hanzheng.

The two of them agreed to meet at the same restaurant three days later.

Liang Hengyu went to tell Liang Hengshao.

Liang Hengshao originally had something to do, but he had specially canceled it in order to keep the appointment.

Three days later, Shi Qingluos family went out.

Xiao Hanzheng heard that the best jewelry shop in the capital was selling new jewelry today, so he called his little wife, mother, and younger brother and sister to go shopping together.

He was prepared to give them some jewelry.

The restaurant and the jewelry shop were on the same street.

It was still early.

After choosing the jewelry, they could go to the restaurant they had pre-booked.

Just as they reached the entrance of the restaurant, they coincidentally met Xiao Yuanshi and Ge Chunru walking over from not far away.

This time, it really wasnt a trick, but a pure coincidence.

Seeing Xiao Hanzheng and the others, Xiao Yuanshi and his wife were also stunned.

They were clearly very surprised.

Today was Ge Chunrus birthday, and she just happened to hear that thejewelry shop would have new jewelry today.

In order to show that she was different from Tao Liu in front of Xiao Yuanshi, she asked Xiao Yuanshi to accompany her to choose the jewelry.

This was something that Xiao Yuanshi used to do, and she felt that it was natural.

Although Xiao Yuanshi had been quite cold to Ge Chunru recently, he still had Ge Chunru in his heart.

In addition, he had deprived her of the housekeepers authority, so he wanted to compensate her a little, so he agreed.

Therefore, he went straight to the jewelry shop to choose some jewelry.

After that, he went to a nearby restaurant for lunch.

Xiao Yuanshi did not expect to meet his ex-wife and three children here.

He saw Mdm Kong, who looked much younger and had a completely different temperament.

His daughter and youngest son also looked very different from a year ago.

He felt a little complicated.

When Shi Qingluo saw the two scumbags, she cursed silently in her heart.

She did not know if her mother-in-law was prepared to meet these scumbags.

She turned around and saw that her mother-in-laws eyes were glazed over as expected.

Her entire body tensed up.

However, since they had met, she naturally could not pretend that she did not see them.

Shi Qingluo took the initiative to reveal a smile and raised her hand to greet him.

“Its been a long time, ex-grandfather-in-law!”


Xiao Yuanshi remained silent.

He hated hearing the word “ex-father-in-law” the most.

It was not good for him to be humiliated on the street.

He said coldly, “Its been a long time!”

Shi Qingluos gaze fell on Ge Chunru and asked curiously, “Ex-father-in-law, is this your petite wife who rose up from a concubine to your wife, or is it your confidante outside”

Xiao Yuanshi was speechless.

His bad daughter-in-law was holding her tricks up her sleeves.

This was also the first time Ge Chunru had seen Shi Qingluo.

She was originally displeased when she saw Mdm Kong who had become young and beautiful.

When she suddenly heard Shi Qingluos words, her face flushed red.

It wasnt embarrassment, it was anger.

“You are Zhengers newly wed wife”

She couldnt help but want to uphold her status as her elder.

“Is this how you speak when you see your husbands father Where are your manners”

She had learned from Old Lady Xiao to talk about her status first.

If Shi Qingluo disobeyed them, she would be seen as disrespectful to her elders.

This would affect her reputation.

It might even affect Xiao Hanzhengs performance in the hui exam.

So now, she was actually looking forward to Shi Qingluo contradicting them.

She would accuse Shi Qingluo of being unfilial in public again.

How could Shi Qingluo not see Ge Chunrus intention.

But since she had come to her door, if she was not satisfied, wouldnt she be letting this woman down too much.


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