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When Old Lady Xiao was about to reach the generals residence, she told her sons and grandsons to go back first.

Her two daughters-in-law supported her as she trudged slowly with reddened eyes.

Mdm Wang was still holding the medicine in her hand.

There was always a show to watch at the generals residence, so when those living nearby saw the old ladys red eyes and weak appearance as if she was going to die, they approached her with a concerned face.

The old lady who was on good terms with Old Lady Xiao asked, “Whats wrong with you”

Old Lady Xiao looked like she wanted to say something but hesitated.

“I..I went to get the medicine.”

The old lady was stunned.

“Youre sick”

Old Lady Xiao Sighed.

“No, Im getting medicine for my daughter-in-law.”

Mdm Wang was a little stunned.

Wasnt this medicine for her son

The old lady had a bad impression of Ge Chunru.

“Whats wrong with your daughter-in-law”


Old Lady Xiao went over and said to her, “I will only tell you.

I wont tell anyone else.”

She knew that this old lady couldnt keep her mouth shut.

Once she knew it, everyone in this vicinity would know.

The old lady immediately perked up.

“Alright, I wont tell anyone.”

She would just tell a few of her close friends.

Old Lady Xiao said, “When my daughter-in-law went to the village to pay respects to the Xiao familys ancestors, she deliberately caused a scene and suffered a miscarriage.

“Not long ago, her younger brother was expelled from the academy due to his poor conduct.

My son initially assigned a job for him.

But he looked down on the merchants along his journey there.

There was some conflict that left his leg chopped off.

“My daughter-in-law was anxious, and she suffered a miscarriage again.”

She would never say that Ge Chunrus miscarriage had something to do with them.

“My son invited the imperial physician to take a look at her.

He said that my daughter-in-law was in poor health due to successive miscarriages.

“Im afraid that she wont be able to give birth anymore.”

The old lady opposite him was extremely surprised.

“Ah, why wont she be able to give birth

“She is the only woman in your sons life, right”

Old Lady Xiao scowled.

“Thats right.

She cant give birth to a child, and she wont allow my son to touch other women.

“I can only find a doctor and prescribe some nourishing medicine for her to eat.

“Its just that the chances arent high.

“But she might not eat it.

Previously, she blamed me for being an eyesore as her mother-in-law, so Ill be leaving the capital in the next two weeks.”

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This old lady began to sympathise with Old Lady Xiao.

“She is an unfilial daughter-in-law.

“She cant give birth herself, and she doesnt allow your son to touch other women.

“Isnt she trying to end your sons lineage”

Old Lady Xiaos eyes were red as she said, “Thats right.

Im just worried about what my son will do after I leave the capital!”

“Get him concubines.

As his mother, its only right and proper for you to take in concubines for your son.”

She continued, “Go and find two pure girls who can give birth for your son.

This concerns your family lineage.

You cant just let your daughter-in-law do as she pleases.”

She felt relieved that although her daughter-in-law came from a village, she was virtuous and healthy for child bearing.

She was much better than that little vixen from the generals residence.

Old Lady Xiao said hesitantly, “Then will she blame me again”

The old lady across from her said angrily, “You are her mother-in-law.

If she wants to blame you, ask your son to divorce her.

“One without a son would have committed seven sins.”

“If she dares to cause trouble, you can come to us.

Everyone will help you to speak up.”

Whats the point of keeping such an unfilial and unvirtuous daughter-in-law.

Only then did Old Lady Xiao seem to have made up her mind.

“Alright, for the sake of my sons future, Ill get him a few concubines.

“If my daughter-in-law wants to complain, she can blame me.”

Soon, Old Lady Xiaos daughters-in-law assisted her back to the generals residence.

The old lady living across their manor shared it with her close friends.

Not long after, the news of General Xiaos wife not being able to give birth and not allowing General Xiao to take in concubines spread.

The ladies all despised Ge Chunru.

It was too much to disapprove a man from having concubines especially when she could not bear any children.

The men felt that Xiao Yuanshi was too arrogant and indulgent with his little wife.

He actually did not dare to have concubines because his wife did not allow it.

He was too afraid of his wife.

Then, these men also shared this matter with their acquaintances.

Within a few days time, everyone in the imperial court knew about this.

When Old Lady Xiao returned home, she did not immediately go to Ge Chunrus courtyard.

Instead, she waited for Xiao Yuanshi to return from the yamen to accompany Ge Chunru for dinner.

Only then did she dragged Eldest Grandson Xiaos concubine with a bruised and swollen face out.

As Old Lady Xiao and the others entered with gloomy expressions, Xiao Yuanshi put down his chopsticks.

He had a bad premonition.

He already knew that the old Xiao family had gone to look for his son this morning.

From the looks of it now, things did not seem right.

“Father, mother, why are you here”

Old Lady Xiao looked at him.

“Why cant we come”

Xiao Yuanshi immediately got his servant girls to get chairs for Old Lady Xiao and Old Master Xiao.

“Of course you can.”

Old Lady Xiao did not beat around the bush.

She said with a sullen face, “Im here today to settle the score with your wife.”

Xiao Yuanshi felt a headache coming on.

“Whats the matter”

Ever since the old Xiao family had arrived, he had been annoyed that he and his wife had conflicts every now and then.

Old Lady Xiao snorted coldly.

“Bring that little slut in.”

After she finished speaking, Eldest Grandson Xiao grabbed his concubines hair and dragged her in before kicking her to the ground.

He looked at Ge Chunru with hatred in his eyes.

“Second aunt, Ill return your people to you.”

Ge Chunrus originally calm expression changed slightly when she saw her on the ground.

“What do you mean Isnt this your concubine What does it have to do with me”

Eldest Grandson Xiao sneered.

“You arranged for her to exchange her body in order for someone to bury her father.

You let this woman seduce me and spread her illness to me.

I know everything.

“Did I dig up your familys ancestral grave or kill your entire family Why did you harm me like this”

He really wanted to go up and give this stinky woman a few slaps, but because his second uncle was around, he couldnt do it.

Ge Chunru was shocked.

She didnt expect Eldest Grandson Xiao and the others to know this.

She looked at the woman on the ground.

With one hand covering her swollen face, she shook her head slightly to indicate that she didnt say it.

Ge Chunru finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Shes not one of my people.

Dont accuse me wrongly.”

“You shameless vixen.

Dont think that just because you dont admit it, we cant do anything to you.”

When the old lady saw Ge Chunrus expression, she was angered.

She could not help but pounce on her and grab her hair and slap her twice.

“Little b * tch, you harm my eldest grandson.

“You vicious vixen.

No wonder you keep having miscarriages.

“In the future, you wont be able to give birth to any children.

This is complete retribution.

“A hen that cant give birth to an egg, and still doesnt allow my son to take a concubine.

“Who do you think you are”

Following that, a few more slaps landed on Ge Chunru, causing her hair to fall out and her face to swell up.

Mdm Wang could not help but rush forward as well.

She punched Ge Chunrus stomach a few times.

“You b * tch, youve harmed my son.

Ill fight it out with you.”

Since she could not give birth, then so be it.

The two of them acted too fast, and Xiao Yuanshi was unable to react in time.

By the time he hurriedly pulled the old lady and Mdm Wang away, his beloved wife had already been beaten badly.


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