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As soon as Old Lady Xiao said this, with Eldest Son Xiao and the others expressing their displeasure, the crowd started to gossip about it.

“This is too outrageous.

Not only did that daughter-in-law talk back to her mother-in-law, but her younger brother also beat up her brothers-in-law.”

“In the past, Ge Chunyi looked like a man in a suit.

I didnt expect him to have this kind of character.”

“Thats right.

Ever since they stayed in the generals residence, the generals wifes lived together with them.

On the contrary, General Xiaos parents and brothers continued to stay in the village.”

“General Xiao even took special care of this brother-in-law for so long.

He raised him in vain.

In return, he bullied his parents and beat up his brothers”

“What an ingrate!”

“Ive only heard of those who raised their own younger siblings.

Ive rarely heard of those who raised their wives younger siblings.

General Xiao is also a maverick.

His wifes family didnt realise it.”

Others living nearby knew a little about their situation in the generals manor.

Previously, Ge Chunyi was good looking and motivated to learn.

General Xiao arranged for him to study at the Capital Academy.

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His mounted archery skills were particularly outstanding.

Speculations suggested that he would be taking the scholar exam next year.

If he took the exam and clinched the 1st place, he would go to the military to gain some experience.

After using General Xiaos connections, he would be transferred back to the capital and guaranteed employment opportunities in the Ministry of War or Ministry of Justice.

His future was limitless.

Because of this, some families had taken a liking to Ge Chunyi and wanted him to be their son-in-law.

But now that this matter had come out, they felt that there was something wrong with his character.

He was too impulsive, disrespectful to his elders and even dared to hit them.

He was too violent.

What if he were to hit his wife in the future

There were a few people who whispered about these things.

Although Old Lady Xiao was in her fifties, she was very energetic and had good ears.

Naturally, she heard it.

She was furious.

Her bastard second son was simply too indecent.

He actually protected the vixens younger brother so much.

He didnt even want to help his biological brothers and nephews.

Ge Chunyi still wanted to clinch the 1st place in the scholar exam and so as to go for military training and become an official in the capital.

This kind of good thing should be happening to her grandsons, but that little bastard had already taken it for himself.

Old Lady Xiao was filled with grief and indignation.

This time, she was really sad and cried miserably.

“Oh my God, why is my life so miserable

“I dont want to live anymore.

Even my younger generation wants to bully me.”

“My eldest daughter-in-law, go and find me a rope.

Ill hang myself here today.”

Ge Chunru had just walked out with her younger brother when she heard the old ladys words.

In addition to the looks of disdain from the people around her, she also said something harsh, especially on her younger brothers impulsiveness, ingrate, and that he was disrespectful to his elders and so on.

She was so angry that she almost fainted.

This damn old woman was totally spouting nonsense and distorting truths.

She was clearly the one who hit her, and then her younger brother came to help.

But she was her mother-in-law.

This gave her the moral high ground.

Gu Chunru didnt care about her red and swollen face and walked out crying.

“Mom, my younger brother saw that my sister-in-law slapped me and thought I was being bullied, so he went up to help.

He didnt do it on purpose.”

She highlighted the fact that she was slapped by her sister-in-law.

Mdm Wang was very strong, and her face was still swollen.

This was evidence.

Sure enough, the onlookers were all stunned when they saw the situation.

Could there be a hidden story

When Old Lady Xiao heard her words, she knew that this vixen was going to do something evil.

If they were in the generals residence, she would definitely be unable to resist slapping him.

However, when she thought of Shi Qingluos important advice, she held it in.

Shi Qingluo said that to deal with a phoney like Ge Chunru, she had to bemore phoney than her.

Otherwise, she would definitely reverse the situation.

Old Lady Xiao raised her head and saw the anger and hatred in Ge Chunyis eyes.

This ignited the anger in her heart.

They hadnt even expressed their displeasure to him, but that little bastard had already started to hate them.

Lets see how shell deal with him.

Her face was full of tears as she said in a desolate and forlorn manner, “Previously, you pointed at me, your mother-in-law, and scolded me for harming the generals residence.”

“So I let your sister-in-law teach you how to behave as someones daughter-in-law.

I didnt expect her to be angered and actually hit you.”

Suddenly, she raised her hand and slapped herself.

“Im sorry.

Let an old woman like me apologise to you, the wife of the general.”

This wasnt a light slap, and everyone present heard it.

Shi Qingluo had said that these two beasts were especially ruthless so they had to be even more ruthless.

In order to highlight this fox as unfilial and to justify that that little bastard was in the wrong, she could only be ruthless to herself first.

After saying that, she raised her hand and was about to slap herself on the other side of the face.

This scene not only stunned everyone at the scene, but also Ge Chunru who suddenly didnt know what to do.

There was only one thought in her mind – game over!

The damned old woman slapping herself not only resolved what she had said earlier, but also threw all the blame onto her.

There were so many people here.

If words were to spread, wouldnt it suggest that she forced her village mother-in-law to slap herself and apologise.

This damn old woman was trying to ruin her and her younger brothers reputation.

She was too vicious.

Mdm Wu was smart too.

Seeing that Old Lady Xiao was still pretending to slap herself, she immediately went up and hugged her hand.

“Mother, stop hitting.

Our hearts are aching.”

She was also very vicious and in turn slapped herself.

“Ill do it on behalf of you.

Ill slap myself and apologise to the generals wife.”

Mdm Wang was a no brainer, but she knew how to follow suit.

Her husband had been beaten up by that little bastard many times just now, and this made her heart ache.

If slapping herself allowed her to deal with the two little hoofs, she could also do it .

Thus, she hugged the old ladys other hand.

She cried and said, “Mother, its all my fault.

“Let me talk to the generals wife properly.

The daughters-in-laws in the village wont scold or talk back to their mother-in-law.

I was so angry that I couldnt help but slap her.

“Ill apologise to the generals wife.” She slapped herself as well.

Mdm Wus eyes flashed.

When she pretended to help the old lady, she leaned over and whispered to Mdm Wang, “Go kneel down to her.”

Mdm Wang and Mdm Wu often had conflicts in the old residence, but they also have chemistry.

Now was the time for them to face the outside world together.

She was a shameless person to begin with.

As long as there were any benefits and advantages, kneeling down to a little hoof wasnt too much for her to bear.

Lets see if the little hoofs life would be shortened when her sister-in-law kneeled before her.

Thus, she let go of the old lady and suddenly rushed in front of Ge Chunru and kneeled in front of her.

She even raised her hand and slapped herself twice.

“Generals wife, its all my fault.

Dont blame my mother.

“If you want to fight or kill, then come at me.

Dont hit my husband too.”

Ge Chunru didnt expect the three village women in the old residence, who she had thought to be extremely stupid, would counter-attack like this.

Her face became pale and she was on the verge of collapsing.

These people wanted to completely destroy her reputation.

Her mother-in-law cried and apologised.

Her sister-in-law also slapped herself and even knelt down to her.

If this were to spread, how would she be able to make a living here!

Ge Chunyi saw that these people were distorting the truth.

Not only did they bully his sister, but they also knelt down.

He couldnt help but say with a sullen face, “Dont go too far!”

Ge Chunru immediately grabbed his arm.

“Ah Yi, you are in the wrong.

Apologise to mom and your elder brothers.”

Her brother was really impulsive.

If this continued, not only would her reputation be ruined, but so would his.

After that, she had to teach her brother a good lesson.


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