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There were many people at the scene, including those who did not get along with Xiao Yuanshi.

Therefore, the conversation among Old Lady Xiao and the others also spread to others.

The nobles in the capital were not fools.

They knew immediately that there was something fishy going on in the storeroom, and probably had something to do with the generals wife.

This woman was too unfilial.

How could she treat General Xiaos parents and family members like this

Those who knew more about the dark side of the domestic realms couldnt help but think like this.

If Ge Chunru was really the one who moved the things from the storeroom, then why was she doing this

Other than looking down on the old Xiao family and wanting to drive them away, was she planning to do something else

Thus, everyone waited to see the commotion in the generals residence.

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With some people spreading it intentionally to the public, even the commoners knew about it.

This was a good show about the noble class, and everyone was happy to watch.

On the other hand.

Ge Chunru really couldnt stop the people who came with the capital magistrate.

After they left, she didnt pretend anymore.

With a gloomy expression, she looked at the old lady and the others.

“Are you only pleased after causing harm to the general and the generals manor”

Now that there was nobody around, the old lady didnt need to act anymore.

“Ptui, you shameless little hoof, you purposely instigated my son to be unfilial and do immoral things.”

She snorted righteously.

“You better not be the one who stole the items in the storeroom.

Otherwise, if there is an in-house thief, I will definitely not forgive you.”

But in her heart, she was already certain these two bastards did that.

That vile son of hers must have been charmed by this vixen who instigated him to do it with her.

Ge Chunru was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

“You, you!”

For messing around, she believed that she was a well-educated woman, so she could not afford to scold her.

When the old lady saw that the little hoof was angered, she felt a lot better.

“Youre really rude to point and yell at your mother-in-law.”

She instructed Mdm Wu and Mdm Wang, “Go teach her the rules of how to be someones daughter-in-law.”

Mdm Wu and Mdm Wang had long wanted to slap this little hoof.

Now that Old Lady Xiao ordered them to do so, it was as if they had received an imperial edict.

Mdm Wu immediately went forward and grabbed Ge Chunru.

Mdm Wang swung her arms and slapped her left and right.

After Mdm Wang finished hitting her, she said, “Sister-in-law, how dare you talk back to your mother-in-law.

In our village, we all have to slap you, so dont blame us.”

Ge Chunru did not expect these people to not only be shameless, but also daring to hit her again.

Just as she was about to speak, Ge Chunrus younger brother suddenly rushed in.

“Dont go too far.”

Her younger brother even pushed Mdm Wang to the ground and kicked Mdm Wu.

He had learned martial arts from his brother-in-law, Xiao Yuanshi.

His martial arts skills were not something these two women could compare to.

“Sis, are you alright”

Ge Chunru comforted her protective younger brother.

“Im fine.

You dont have to worry about it.

Go back first.”

She had recently discovered that the people in the old residence were very hostile towards her younger siblings, so she had been telling them not to appear in front of them.

Mdm Wu was kicked down.

She was stunned at first, then she felt a pain in her back.

She immediately started crying.

“Oh my God, this ingrate who eats and drinks for free in the generals residence is actually bullying the Xiao family.”

“Mother, lets go.

This generals residence belongs to our second sister-in-law and her family.” Her heart was filled with hatred, so she started fanning the flames.

As expected, when the old lady heard this, she flew into a rage.

She called out to her son and grandson, “Go and teach this little bastard a lesson.”

The few of them had long wanted to beat up Ge Chunyi, who had conquered and enjoyed their resources and money, so they rushed forward together.

However, all of them together were unable to fight with him.

They were beaten down and were lying on the floor instead.

Mdm Wus eyes rolled again when she saw this.

She supported her waist and turned around.

Suddenly, she whispered something into the old ladys ear.

Ge Chunru had a bad premonition when she saw her like this.

As expected, after the old lady heard this, she suddenly shouted to her son and grandson who had been beaten to the ground, “Follow me out.”

Then, with vigorous steps, she pulled Old Master Xiao along and quickly walked towards the main door.

Mdm Wu and Mdm Wang also hurriedly followed.

The few people who were beaten on the ground were stunned at first, then they immediately got up and followed along.

They all thought of the same thing.

Shi Qingluo had taught them in her letter.

If they were bullied and wronged in the generals residence, they would immediately run to the door and cry, standing on the higher ground to criticise them.

Their faces were all injured, all because Ge Chunrus younger brother beat them.

This was the best evidence.

That little bastard had lived in the generals residence for nothing and was favoured in the generals residence.

He actually dared to make a move against his elders.

They could not stand it anymore.

They heard that this little bastards reputation in the capital was not bad.

He had been specially groomed by their bastard second brother, who brought him along wherever he went.

He was even prepared to clinch the 1st place in the scholar exams.

They had been unhappy for a long time and he still wanted to clinch the 1st place in the scholar exams.

How could this ungrateful bastard have the right to do so.

Ge Chunru hadnt gotten back to her senses.

What were these people trying to do

Then, she could not help but think about it.

She guessed it in an instant.

Her expression changed and she hurriedly got someone to stop them.

However, it was too late.

Furthermore, the troublemakers were cautious this time.

They forcefully pushed away the servants who were trying to stop them at the front.

The moment they rushed out, the old lady shouted at the top of her voice.

“Someones been beaten up! Someones been killed! Whos going to help!”

Mdm Wu and Mdm Wang also cried out loudly, “Someones been killed! Help!”

Shi Qingluo taught them this too.

If they were bullied, they would call for help when they were outside.

This ensured that everyone who heard it would respond to their shouting.

As expected, many people walked out of the house upon hearing their cries.

Many passers-by even crowded around.

The man living opposite the Xiao family was also a humble official.

However, he had fetched his parents and the others to the capital a long time ago.

That old lady was also a village woman, so recently, she was close to Old Lady Xiao .

Seeing this, she immediately walked over and asked with concern, “Old sister, what happened to you”

She was a few years older than Old Lady Xiao.

Old Lady Xiao looked as if she had seen a relative, and she used the ginger juice on her sleeve to smoke it.

Tears gushed out of her eyes.

“Old sister, I dont want to live anymore.

“Ive been the lady of the house recently.

Someone broke into my house, so I asked my son to report it to the police.

“But my daughter-in-law blamed me, saying that I wanted to harm them.

“I was doing this for their own good, so I couldnt help but say a few words about her.

“Who knew that her younger brother would rush out, point at me and scold me, saying that an elderly like me didnt have the right to comment on his sister.

“When my sons and grandsons saw that he disrespected an elder like me, they went up to reason with him.

“But his kung fu is amazing.

He beat up my sons and grandsons and even said that he was going to kill all of us.

“What kind of sin have I committed We sold our house and land to see my son in the capital, and still ended up with my entire family nearly getting killed.

“I might as well find a rope and hang myself first.”

That lass Shi Qingluo wrote in her letter that they would come out and cry and make up whatever they could.

In any case, they were always right, and the little hoofs and the others were at fault.

Reputation was very important if one wanted to be an official or have a future in the capital.

If they did not like anyone in the generals residence, they could just splash dirty water on them and tarnish their reputation.

The old lady also did not want the little hoofs younger brother to have a future and take over her grandsons resources and interests.

It just so happened that he had given her something to use against him.

If she did not use it, wouldnt it be a waste

Seeing the shocked and sympathetic faces of the onlookers, the old lady almost burst into laughter in her heart.

Not to mention, Xiao Hanzhengs wife was unlikable, but her idea was brilliant.

The little hoofs younger brother still wanted to clinch the 1st place in the scholar exams.

Ptui, how could that little bastard be worthy to have it!


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