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The white-jaded sword flew in and plunged directly between Qing Feng and the sky-prides, followed by a rampant sword qi that swept the sky-prides away.

The sky-prides were either blasted away or torn to shreds upon impact.

As the warning echoed in the sky, the expressions on the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, Great Arbiter Divine Maiden, and the others faces changed for the worse.

Even the Nine Heavens Deity was shocked.

Qing Feng, on the other hand, was delighted.

“This sword… Its him!”

A figure in white flew in like a comet.

He dashed across the field in the blink of an eye and arrived in front of Qing Feng and beside the Dao Proclamation Descendant Self.

The man came in snowy-white robes that contrasted his silky dark hair.

His facial features were jaw-droppingly handsome, as though he was a charming deity from heaven.

It was none other than Chu Kuangren.

Horrified by his arrival, many of the sky-prides staggered backward.

Their expressions were filled with fear and deterrence as they looked at him.

“Chu Kuangren! Hes here!”

“Damn it! If hes here, how are we going to get the Opportunities of Fortune Were no match for him!”

Many of the sky-prides knew their strength.

After all, Chu Kuangrens ridiculous power was a well-known fact throughout the Interstellar Arena and Holy Violet Emperor Planet.

He was more of a monster than a human for those ridiculous things he did.

He was a Peerless Prodigy with no match!

They alone were not even close to being his equal.

“Qing Feng, its been a while since we last met.

You seem to have improved quite decently.”

Chu Kuangren glanced and realized Qing Feng was already a Fifth-grade True Immortal.

Her cultivation level was high enough for her to be called a Prodigy.

It seemed like she had acquired massive Opportunities of Fortune for herself.

“Brother Chu, its a great relief seeing you here,” Qing Feng said with a relieving smile.

For some reason, after seeing Chu Kuangren, she had a feeling that the problems would automatically solve themselves.

The mans presence alone could always provide others with a sense of safety.

“Hm Is Yu Zhi inside the palace” Chu Kuangren asked with a smile.

He sensed a familiar presence deeper inside.

Both Chu Kuangren and Yu Zhi cultivated the Jade Pool Immortal Scripture and possessed the four Fuxis guqins, so the two of them actually shared a weak but strange connection.


Its the Maiden Sage.”

“I didnt expect you to be with her.

The Azure Phoenix and West Matriarch Ruler duo, eh Both benefiting each other, not bad,” Chu Kuangren said.

Then, he turned around to the sky-prides.

The Dao Proclamation Descendant Self buzzed and released an unmatched sword aura that filled the land.

He pointed his sword hand sign forward, and the sword qi left a deep mark on the ground, dividing the field into two.

“Leave, and you shall live; cross this line, and you shall die,” Chu Kuangren said with his hands behind his back.

It was just one sword mark on the ground, but crossing it would mean death!

The sky-prides exchanged a helpless look with each other.

No one dared to act recklessly before Chu Kuangren.

The Nine Heavens Deity was astonished by the scene.

‘The sky-prides are all proud people, yet theyre scared like mice in front of this man.

Who is he the Nine Heavens Deity thought.

Not only the sky-prides, but even the top-notch Prodigies like the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and Great Arbiter Divine Maiden responded grimly to his arrival.

The whole battlefield plunged into a strange silence because of the arrival of one man.

“Chu Kuangren, the palace holds the treasure left behind by the West Matriarch Ruler.

Are you not intrigued” the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist asked.

He tried to tempt Chu Kuangren into fighting the Nine Heavens Deity so that they all could sit back and observe how things unfold instead of going up against the monster themselves.

That would be the most ideal outcome.

The others were also enlightened by his suggestion.

“Yeah, Chu Kuangren! The palace holds the most precious treasure from the West Matriarch Ruler! I believe you want it as well, right”

“Team up with us and defeat the Nine Heavens Deity.

Well let you get the bigger share! How about that”

They tried to persuade him into joining them against the Nine Heavens Deity.

However, they were too naive, for Chu Kuangren was unmoved.

“If I wanted the treasure, I would have gotten it myself.

Why would I share it with you people”

He alone could clear whatever obstacles in the palace, so why team up to lessen the spoils

Regardless of his thoughts on the treasure, the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and the others had nothing to do with it.

“Luo Yifeng!”

A female voices blaring scream, followed by a lightning-fast sword ray shot at Luo Yifeng, appeared out of nowhere.

It was Luo Yan.

At that, Luo Yifengs expression changed before he was caught in a fierce fight with Luo Yan.

“Hmph! How dare someone from the Luo clan interrupt us” the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist grunted.

Just when he was about to attack Luo Yan, a powerful aura locked onto him and forced him to stop.

He quickly turned to Chu Kuangren.

“Did I allow you to attack”

Chu Kuangren looked at the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist calmly.

He did not move a muscle, but his aura had locked onto not only the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist but also the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden and the folks from the Violet Eye clan.

To think a man with a sword could intimidate a bunch of Prodigies to that extent!


The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist shouted and hurled a palm strike at Chu Kuangren.

The scorching Grand Solar energy manifested into a giant sun that crashed forward at its target.

“Grand Solar Force, Miniscule Trick!”

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward with a nine-leaf swordgrass appearing behind him.

As the leaves danced along with the energy movement, it released a boundless sword qi, powerful enough to slash stars in half.


The Grand Solar Force was split in half upon collision.

Then, the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist was blasted several hundred meters away with blood spurting from his mouth.

“Green Leaf Sword Vision!”

The Nine Heavens Deity was surprised by the usage of Green Leaf Sword Vision.

“An Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique No wonder the others are afraid of him.”

“Arbitrary Art, Life Sentence!”

The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden channeled her mystical life-death energy in between her hands, and when the Immortal Sparks reached its brightest, a ray of divine light shot out.

“Oh Life-death energy Interesting.”

With a raise of his hand, Chu Kuangrens Chaos Celestial Demon Physique was activated.

The intertwining life-death energy then formed the Yin Yang Life and Death Symbol, crushing out at the incoming attack.

It was a battle of life-death energy versus life-death energy.

The clash of the two same energies painted the realm in black and white Immortal Sparks.

“A top-notch Chaos Celestial Demon Physique!”

The Nine Heavens Deity was in awe.

“Does he have that physique too!”

However, the surprises revolving around Chu Kuangren were far from over.

After Chu Kuangren blocked the Great Arbiter Divine Maidens divine light, he raised his hand again and channeled the Yin Yang energy.

This time, a different kind of black and white energy intertwined in the void, followed by the activation of Duality Rites Immortal Physique.

Black and white intertwining light short forward, tearing the void apart.

It was the divine ability of Duality Rites Immortal Physique, Divine Yinyang Rejuvenation Light!

Terrified by the counterattack, the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden channeled her Immortals Core to the limit to form a black and white shield.

However, when the Rejuvenation Light hit the shield, she was still blasted away with blood spurting out from her mouth.

“The man doesnt really hold back against a lady.”

The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden licked the blood off the edge of her mouth as she tried to recover her composure.

Had she not acted swiftly enough, she would either be dead or, at least, cripled.

“Duality Rites Immortal Physique!”

The Nine Heavens Deity was stunned when Chu Kuangren revealed another Supreme Immortal Physique.

“Grand Solar Art, Seven Suns Divine Flame!”

The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist shouted, releasing seven pillars of divine lights into the sky that transformed into seven suns! The blazing suns scorched the realm as soon as they appeared.

Then, the violent and ferocious flame waves from the Grand Solar Art crashed toward Chu Kuangren endlessly.

“Divine Samsara Overworld!”

Chu Kuangren remained still as he released the power of samsara that conjured a world of reincarnation.

All the flame waves entered the conjured world and were extinguished one wave after another.

“The Heavenly Samsara Physique too!”

The Nine Heavens Deity failed to comprehend the depth of Chu Kuangrens strength.

‘Where did this monster come from!

That was the only thought left in her mind.

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