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Shi Ning: “Like is like, but I’m not sure that my like is his kind of like.

I just know that he is a very important person to me.”

What a piece of wood! No wonder the handsome boy has to wait so many years.

Yan Fei was so anxious for them.

“Let me ask you, would you be upset if he got close to another girl, or if another girl confessed to him”

Shi Ning: “He doesn’t seem to have any girls close to him except me.

As for the confession, I’ve seen this too many times and I don’t feel unhappiness ah!”

He would have refused anyway.

“And what if he was with someone else Like tonight, for example, when you walked out alone leaving us both in the cinema, was there that inexplicable annoyance ”

Shi Ning recalled for a moment.


Yan Fei clapped her hands.

“Okay, then please imagine again, if, at this time he has a girlfriend and the tenderness and affection she had for you will be given to another girl.

And that girl can step on his designer sneakers and kiss him, unscrupulously rubbing his stunningly and peerless face with impunity, and still ……”

“Don’t say it.”

Before Yan Fei finished, Shi Ning frowned and interrupted her.

“You can’t continue listening If you can’t listen, it means you like him.

And this kind of love is not family or friends, but love.

Only love can have such a strong possessive desire.” Yan Fei concluded.

Shi Ning was silent for a moment, accepting the idea that she might have long been in love with Lin Suno even without her own knowledge.

“Fei Fei you are amazing!”

Yan Fei’s words suddenly enlightened her.

“That’s because I’m the little love teacher.”

“But didn’t you tell me a few hours ago that you like Lin Suno to death and that your life would be gloomy if you didn’t chase him”

How come it seems that you are totally open-minded now, and even help him turn in the opposite direction

“It was just a whim, it came quickly and went quickly.”

Yan Fei curled her lips and frowned, making a bitter melon look.

“Besides, I’m really very sad now, but I can’t watch my roommate miss such a good boy.

If he can catch up at that time, he must have loved you badly.”

“It’s very kind of you.

You’ll find a good boy to live with in the future.” Shi Ning said.

“I didn’t want to go so far in my life.

I just want to live the moment and find a boy who can make me happy and fall in love.” Yan Fei smiled.

Shi Ning: “I have one last question.”

“Ask, Madam Yan will answer everything for you today.”

She fluttered her eyelashes and asked softly, “if two people are together, how can we get along so that we can always be together”

It was said that friendship has a longer shelf life than love.

She knows how to make friends for life but was afraid of not being a couple for life.

When she asked this question, Yan Fei said nothing.

Shi Ning waited for about a minute.

She started laughing.

Yes, that’s right, it’s hilarious.

She started laughing so hard that she swayed back and forth, not minding her prim and proper image.

“Hahahahahaha, Shi Ning, you said that you were afraid that you didn’t like him enough but you are already planning how to live your life with him before you even started to get together.

I think you are the one who has fallen deeply in love but doesn’t know.”

This night, Shi Ning succeeded in having insomnia.

She doesn’t easily suffer from insomnia and could even sleep soundly on the night of the college entrance examination.

It’s true that feelings were the most torturous thing.

She got up and looked at her mobile phone.

Sure enough, she saw the message sent to her by Suno.


A very simple message.

Shi Ning also replied with an emoticon who rose early and added a smiling face at the end.

[what are you doing]

[Just got up.]

[Did you sleep well last night]

How could she sleep well She probably fell asleep at about three, four, or five o’clock.

But it’s not worth mentioning.

Shi Ning replied: [En.]

After she sent this message, she sent another one over.

[What about you]

She saw the message he sent over and her face flushed.

He sent over: [I am also okay, counted 10,000 Shi Ning before finally falling asleep.]

Who said Suno is just cold and doesn’t know how to flirt, he obviously knew how and he’s very good at it.

With a good way to start the day she was in a good mood, whether she was eating or going to class.

Lin Suno probably gave her time to think about it and didn’t rush to ask her out to meet.

During the evening, Shi Ning received a phone call.

It was from Nan Xiao.

Shi Ning answered the call.

“Why did you remember to call me now, didn’t you say your school collects your phones every day”

Nan Xiao went to the University of national defense science and technology after graduation.

Since then, everything has become confidential, and doesn’t have his phone with him every day.

Sometimes he couldn’t be contacted for ten days and a half months.

“I came to Beijing.”

In his usual style, he cut to the chase and directly said.

He said he would come at once, but he didn’t inform her in advance, which surprised Shi Ning.

“Ah When did you come Where are you now Why didn’t you tell me you were coming”

“What I’m not welcome” He seemed to be in a good mood on the phone, and his tone was all flirtatious.

“No, how dare I not welcome our future officer.

Have you arrived yet I’ll pick you up.”

Nan Xiao: “It’s not safe for a girl to come here at night.

I’ll go to your school directly.

Just wait for me at the school gate.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you at the front gate of the school.”


“Should we call Suno to join us, we all haven’t seen each other for quite a while, right” Shi Ning said.

Nan Xiao: “no, I came here specially to see you.

Who wants to see that brat”

“I also don’t like it when you mention him.

You two can see each other every day, so I don’t know…”

I don’t know whether the boy takes advantage of Shi Ning first when we are away.

Lin Suno was now the number one dangerous target.

“Don’t know what” Shi Ning asked.

“Nothing.” Nan Xiao said.

“Anyway, I don’t want to see him.”


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