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Mo Chus due date was at the end of this month.

Counting on his fingers, there were only about ten days left…

Everyone held their breath and waited.

Everything was ready.

Elder Liu, Zhong Wen, and the related medical personnel had already begun intensive production training four months ago.

Elder Ning had even bought a house nearby with a large sum of money and built a birth room specifically for Mo Chu so that he would not have to go back and forth when Mo Chu gave birth.

The equipment in this room was even more appropriate, it was too much to take in.

Now that the software and hardware were complete, they were just waiting for Little Chu to make a move…

However, no one expected that after suffering for more than ten days, everyones eyes were wide open.

It was not easy for them to endure until the end of the month, but the child in Little Chus stomach stubbornly stayed inside and refused to come out.

This made everyone extremely anxious!

Tell me, its already time, but the child is still not born… What should we do

Especially the father-to-be, Ning Yiyuan, his heart was burning with anxiety!

His handsome face was filled with haggardness, and the heavy bruises under his eyes expressed his worry.

He could not sleep.

On one hand, he was worried that something was wrong with the child, and on the other hand, he was worried about Little Chus physical condition.

One had to know that the two unlucky children in Little Chus stomach were like naughty leeches, continuously absorbing energy from Mo Chus body.

Little Chu was a pregnant woman.

Other than her legs that were swollen, the other parts of her body did not gain any weight.

The extra weight on her body was taking a toll on her.

Ning Yiyuan felt his heart ache just thinking about it!

He had waited day and night.

It was not easy for him to reach the delivery date.

He had thought that once the child was born, he would be able to nourish Little Chu properly.

Who knew that these two little bastards would still stubbornly stay in there and not come out Ning Yiyuan was furious!

He could not help but feel annoyed.

When these two children were born, he would see how he would teach them a lesson.

How dare they torment their mother like this!

However, even if he wanted to teach these two unlucky children a lesson, he would have to wait until after they were born.

He would still have to wait bitterly for them to come out, right

When he thought of this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but worry.

When he was worried, the others could not help but suffer as well.

The first ones to bear the brunt were Zhong Wen and Elder Liu.

These two were practically on the verge of crying, okay

In fact, once the due date was over, they had already started to examine Mo Chu.

After all, they were also anxious!

However, after the examination results came out, the child and mother did not seem to be any different.

They also did not dare to make any big moves.

Mo Chu was pregnant with twins.

If they really had to carry out an operation, it would be very easy for the blood to collapse.

However, Little Chus constitution was very special.

If anything were to happen to her, it would be troublesome.

Therefore, other than waiting, they did not have any better methods.

However, Ning Yiyuan did not listen to them.

He pestered them all day long, causing them to be on the verge of breaking down!

This fellow was simply asking them questions non-stop.

However, they had no choice but to do so! If children did not come out, they could not drag them out of the mothers womb, right

If it was not for Ning Yiyuan accompanying Mo Chu, they would have really knelt before him!

Compared to them, Mo Chu was the calmest one.

According to her, since she was already pregnant for so long, it would not be a problem for her to stay pregnant for a few days and a week.

These few days, Mo Chu maintained a regular lifestyle.

Apart from eating and sleeping, she also had to maintain a 20-minute walk every day.

This was also to prepare for a smooth birth in the future.

This sounded like a simple exercise.

If it was an ordinary person, there would definitely be no problem.

However, with Mo Chus big belly, the difficulty had skyrocketed.

Every time she walked for less than five minutes, she would be so tired that she would be panting.

Normally, after walking for 20 minutes, her entire body would be drenched!

At this moment, Ning Yiyuan would definitely accompany her by the side.

He would either support her or pass her a cup of water and a towel in time.

He could not be more considerate!

After the exercise, Little Chus face was covered in sweat, but in Ning Yiyuans eyes, she was astonishingly beautiful!

Under the sunset, Mo Chus entire body seemed to glow.

She was unbelievably beautiful! Every time she saw Little Chu like this, Ning Yiyuans anxious heart would always be appeased and gradually calm down..

However, as the days passed, the child in Little Chus stomach still did not show any signs of being born…

Ning Yiyuan could not help but panic! He was anxious!

Being pregnant was a matter of life and death to begin with.

Moreover, this was Little Chus first child in 100 years.

No one could predict what would happen.

Once there was an accident, he might not be able to recover from it…

The more he thought about it, the more Ning Yiyuan felt his heart tremble!

Just as Ning Yiyuan was about to collapse, Mo Chu finally made his move..

The first person to realize that something was wrong was still Ning Yiyuan.

During these nights, his eyes were almost always open, and he could not fall asleep.

Little Chu quietly lay in a position within his reach.

Only then could he feel at ease.

“Oh–” In her sleep, Little Chu unconsciously moaned and frowned.

Ning Yiyuan skillfully stretched out his hand, ready to massage her cramping muscles.

However, just as he reached down, his hand could not help but be stained with some moist liquid.

That feeling made Ning Yiyuan startled!

His face instantly turned pale!

The first thought that came to his mind subconsciously was that Little Chu was bleeding!

In an instant, Ning Yiyuan felt as if someone had pinched his heart hard.

When he reached out his hand and looked under the light, Ning Yiyuan let out a soft breath — the liquid on it was not red.

The huge stone in his heart dropped.

Fortunately, fortunately, it was not blood!

Since it was not blood… Then Little Chu… peed

Ning Yiyuan quickly sat up straight and did not dislike it at all.

His movements were gentle as she helped little Chu take off her pants.

He was prepared to help her deal with it so that she could sleep more comfortably.

However, just as he lifted up the thin blanket, Ning Yiyuan saw that the blanket under Little Chus body had a large area of it opened up..


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