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Gero’s research institute was not on Planet Vegeta, but on an asteroid in the galaxy where Planet Vegeta is located.

Because Planet Vegeta’s gravity is ten times that of Earth, even if Dr.

Gero’s Power Level has been increased, it is a burden for Dr.

Gero who is not familiar with this gravity.

Considering that the aliens who came to be Dr.

Gero’s assistants might not be strong, in the end, Paragus set up the research institute on another planet after comprehensive consideration.

Because they are in the same galaxy, it is convenient to go back and forth.

It is only a ten-minute journey from Planet Vegeta in a spaceship.

When Lin Chen teleported to the research institute, Dr.

Gero was having a heated argument with several alien scientists.

“No! This design has to be done this way!”

“But this is so unreasonable!”

“As long as it conforms to science, it is reasonable!”

Lin Chen coughed and said, “Dr.



Hearing his name, Dr.

Gero, who was arguing, was stunned.

When he turned around and saw Lin Chen, he immediately dismissed everyone, hurried over with a respectful look on his face.

“Your Majesty Lin Chen! Why are you here”

“I heard from Paragus that your recent research is a little problematic So, I came over to take a look.”

Lin Chen put his hands behind his back, looked around and said, “This is my first time here.

Would you mind showing me around”

“Of course not.”


Gero immediately led Lin Chen and began to show him around the research institute.

From research labs, laboratories, production workshops to living areas, the small research institute had everything that one needs in it.

Lin Chen asked while looking around: “Dr.

Gero, Paragus said you want to get Saiyan’s corpses for research”

“Yes, Your Majesty, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to disrespect Saiyans, rather I hope to improve my Android technology through research!”


Gero explained: “Actually, you may already know that my Android technology is essentially a human-transforming technology.

The Androids I made in the past for the Red Ribbon Army and the Android 11 that was destroyed by you, they were all made by me using human bodies.”

“But now that we are far away from Earth, I want to study Saiyans’ bodies.

I think that with Saiyans’ being stronger than humans, if I transform them with their bodies as foundation, we can definitely obtain more powerful Androids!”

“I’m sorry Dr.

Gero, but I can’t agree to your request.”

Lin Chen shook his head and said, “Saiyans regard their bodies as special, so it’s impossible for you to recklessly conduct research on them.”

“But Your Majesty…”

Lin Chen shook his head and said, “Dr.

Gero, I know you should be able to make Android out of nothing, right”

“Out of nothing” Dr.

Gero was stunned.

“Theoretically, yes, I made one for the Red Ribbon Army in the past…”

“Then continue to research in this direction.”

Lin Chen touched his chin and said, “Dr.

Gero, I can now give you two options, one is to make Android out of nothing, and the other is that we can provide you with the corpses of some criminals, so that you can carry out research on human transformation.”

“But I personally prefer the former one.”

“Making Android out of nothing”

“That’s right.


Gero, I know that your purpose for making Androids was to create super warriors who can defeat the enemies of the Red Ribbon Army, but now that you’re working for us Saiyans, the purpose of making Androids should change.”

Lin Chen said: “Saiyan don’t need super Android warriors yet, but warriors who can assist Saiyans in battle, and Androids that can train with Saiyans.

In other words, we need mass-produced Android warriors and not just a few elites.

Your future research should develop in this direction first.”

“After accumulating skills, you may conduct research on super warriors.”

“I-I understand…” Dr.

Gero lowered his head, not knowing whether he heard it or not.

At this moment, Lin Chen suddenly threw a fruit to Dr.


“Your Majesty, is this Tree of Might’s fruit” Dr.

Gero frowned as he looked at the slightly ugly fruit in his hand.

“This is indeed Tree of Might’s fruit, which can activate the vitality of cells…Dr.

Gero, you must be quite old, right This can increase your lifespan and improve your Power Level.” Lin Chen explained.

“What! There is such a thing in the universe” Dr.

Gero said with joy.

For a man of his age, there is nothing more joyous than extending his lifespan.

Taking the fruit carefully, Dr.

Gero’s expression changed.

The hesitation, regret and reluctance on his face turned into respect for Lin Chen again.

“Thank you for the reward, Your Majesty.

I will readjust the research direction, but Your Majesty… If possible, it is best to give me aliens bodies.

Lord Paragus has found a lot of assistants for me.

I think I can carry out two routes of research at the same time.”


I’ll let Paragus arrange it.”

After saying that, Lin Chen was about to leave.

But at this time, he suddenly thought of something and turned around: “By the way, Dr.

Gero, are you conducting research on gene technology”

“Gene technology Your Majesty, what are you talking about” Dr.

Gero said in surprise.

Lin Chen stared at Dr.

Gero, and after a few seconds, he smiled: “It’s fine, then goodbye.”

After saying that, Lin Chen used Instant Transmission and left the research institute.

Returning to Planet Vegeta, Lin Chen appeared directly in front of Paragus.

“Your Majesty You are back.”



Gero, I have already made arrangements.

Paragus, if there are aliens killed by us during any mission in the future, remember to have their corpses brought back to Dr.

Gero for research.” Lin Chen said.

“Your Majesty, do you approve of his experiment of transforming people” Paragus said.

Lin Chen nodded: “As long as he doesn’t use Saiyan’s bodies, let him do it.”

“But Your Majesty…” Paragus suddenly hesitated.

“What’s wrong”

“Your Majesty, I heard that Dr.

Gero had previously created an Android with a Power Level of over 100,000… He could create such warriors just with the powers of a human, I have never heard of such skills.

So I am worried that, if one day, Dr.

Gero makes an Android whose strength surpasses us Saiyans, what should we do”

“Do you think he can do it” Lin Chen asked.

“This… I just think it’s possible…”

Paragus wasn’t too confident.

But Lin Chen knew that his worries were not unfounded.

In the original history, Dr.

Gero had indeed achieved such a feat.

Using science and technology, he transformed ordinary people with a Power Level of less than 5 into Android warriors with more strength than the emperor of the universe, Frieza!


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