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“Thy wish has been fulfilled.

Farewell, Great Elder!”

When Lin Chen was using his Ki to blow away the black Ki, Porunga said as his blood-red dragon’s eyes widened and then he disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

When the sky again turned bright, Slug stood up from the ground.

Lin Chen sized up the Namekian who used to be called Slug.

Although his appearance was still the same, his aura was really completely different from before.

Not only was there no evil Ki in his aura anymore, but it was also as gentle and calm as Great Elder’s aura.

It’s just that most of his strength was gone maybe due to his evil powers.

The current Slug’s Power Level was much weaker than before, only around 5 million.

“Slug…what has happened to you”

“I am neither Slug nor the Great Elder now, but a Namekian who has forgotten his own name…” Slug replied while looking at his body.

Hearing this, Lin Chen turned around and asked Nail, “Nail, what happened just now How did Slug become like this”

Nail sighed: “In order for Porunga to dispel the evil thoughts in Slug, Great Elder has merged with Slug.

What you eliminated just now are the evil thoughts that have accumulated in Slug’s body in the past.”

“Originally, evil thoughts will create a new clone.

If the clone is killed, the main body will also die, but because of the vitality provided by Great Elder’s merging, Slug’s main body did not die with the clone.”

I really didn’t expect that the Great Elder would do this for Slug.

Hearing this, Lin Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

At this time, the second elder of Planet Namek stepped forward and said, “Slug, although I cannot understand what​​ the Great Elder had in mind, but according to the Great Elder’s last wish, you are now the new Great Elder of our Planet Namek.”

Slug turned around.

The evil look that he always had on his face was nowhere to be seen.

“I know.

After merging with the Great Elder, I have understood the truth of the matter, and I no longer hold a grudge against him.

From now on, I will inherit his will and work hard for the peace of Planet Namek…”

After saying that, Slug again turned to look at Lin Chen and bowed towards him: “Thank you, Mr.

Lin Chen.

If you had killed me on Planet Laola, I wouldn’t have the chance to obtain an opportunity for a new life.”

Lin Chen never imagined that at the end, this matter would end with such an outcome.

Great Elder, who was supposed to die in a few years, died ahead of time by merging with Slug.

In that case, the storyline of this world may become a mess in the future.

But then Lin Chen thought, even Frieza is dead and there will be no battle for Planet Namek’s dragon balls in the future.

So, what storyline does he have to think about

After saying goodbye to Namekians, Lin Chen returned to Planet Laola.

At this time, all the Tree of Might’s fruits on the planet had been picked, and even a Tree of Might’s seed was found.

After going through all this, Lin Chen and the others have gained quite a lot.

Because of the abundant vitality on Planet Laola, Tree of Might bore at least a thousand fruits.

Lin Chen first took out a dozen of them and distributed them to the Saiyan warriors who participated in this mission.

Everyone got a few, which is regarded as a reward for them.

Since he had eaten several Tree of Might’s fruits, he knows that its effect on increasing Power Level is actually limited.

Its greatest effect is on improving mental power and nourishing vitality.

So a few per person is enough for them to consume.

As for the remaining Tree of Might’s fruits, Lin Chen plans to keep half of them for himself to train his mental power, and the rest will be used as a reward on Planet Vegeta for those Saiyans who have made great contributions.

In the future, Lin Chen also plans to plant Tree of Might again after finding a suitable planet.

With the help of the power of eternal dragons, Planet Vegeta may be able to obtain more Tree of Might’s fruits in the future.

When that time comes, let alone as a reward, there would be more than enough to provide each Saiyan with one.

At that time, Saiyan’s overall strength may also take a new leap.

After making proper arrangements for everything, Lin Chen together with everyone destroyed the Tree of Might on Planet Laola, and then used Instant Transmission and disappeared from the planet.

In the blink of an eye, another two months passed.

Ever since they brought back a lot of Tree of Might’s fruits, many people, including King Vegeta, started a new wave of training.

On one hand, it is because of Tree of Might’s fruit, a precious item that is extremely helpful for training.

On the other hand, Lin Chen’s Legendary Super Saiyan form during his fight with Slug also gave them a lot of stimulation.

Saiyans refuse to admit defeat.

Although they knew it was impossible for them to catch up with Lin Chen, King Vegeta and the others did not want to be too far from Lin Chen.

Especially Hanasia, this time’s experience made her deeply feel her powerlessness.

After returning, she often looked for Lin Chen to train together.

One day, after a merciless training with Hanasia, Lin Chen walked out of the Gravity Chamber and saw Paragus.

“Paragus, didn’t you go to train”

“My talent is mediocre.

It cannot be compared to you, Your Majesty, and it is also far inferior to Bardock and others, so I have decided to focus my energy on Planet Vegeta and your great cause.” Paragus said with his head lowered.

Lin Chen smiled, knowing that he wasn’t flattering him on purpose.

Indeed, among Lin Chen’s right-hand man, Paragus’ talent is the most mediocre.

Although he gave birth to a genius like Broly, Paragus’s own talent can only be regarded as mediocre.

Without relying on Lin Chen’s unlock potential and Tree of Might’s fruit, he wouldn’t have even been able to reach 500,000 Power Level.

“Tell me, what’s the matter this time”

“Your Majesty, it’s Dr.


He made a request, but it’s hard for me to make a decision on it,” Paragus said.

Saiyan has no scientists, but there are quite a few on other planets.

Since Dr.

Gero arrived, Lin Chen had put Paragus in charge of Dr.


If Dr.

Gero needs anything, he can directly look for Paragus.

During this time, Paragus had people build a new research institute for Gero, while recruiting experts in biology and robots from other planets to cooperate with Dr.

Gero’s research.

Now hearing that there was something that Paragus couldn’t make a decision on, Lin Chen couldn’t help but feel curious: “Oh What is it that you cannot decide”

Paragus came over and whispered a few words in Lin Chen’s ear.

Hearing this, Lin Chen’s eyes froze: “I see, I’ll go over and take a look first, let’s make a decision then.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”


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