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“Si… sir please spare my life!”

Slug fell to the ground and immediately begged for mercy.

“Don’t move around recklessly, or I’ll kill you!”

Lin Chen snorted coldly and looked up at the Great Elder: “Great Elder, Slug’s strength isn’t something that your Planet Namek can handle.

Without me, he could kill you all by himself, so you have to think about it carefully.”

When Lin Chen spoke, Great Elder and others were shocked by his terrifying Legendary Super Saiyan aura.

Because of such terrifying strength, the entire planet seems to be shaking.

No wonder Slug, the Super Namekian, is no match for him.

I really didn’t make a mistake at that time.

This young man is indeed the savior of their Planet Namek…

After coming back to his senses, the Great Elder said, “Mr.

Lin Chen, please retract your aura first, otherwise, soon Planet Namek won’t be able to take it anymore.”

“All right.”

Lin Chen retracted his aura and kicked Slug: “Then what are you going to do with him”

“I am a busy person, so I can’t stay here all the time.”

Great Elder nodded, then opened his eyes which had been closed all this time and looked at Slug: “Mr.

Lin Chen, when I made the request to you, I thought you would directly kill Slug, but I didn’t expect you to capture him alive…”

“Thank you.

In fact, it was better to bring him back to Planet Namek than to kill him outright.”

Great Elder sighed and said, “Mr.

Lin Chen, I’ll trouble you to stay for a while and watch Slug for me.

I need to gather the dragon balls of Planet Namek.”

“Dragon balls Do you want to use Porunga” Lin Chen raised his eyebrows, not understanding Great Elder’s intentions.

“Yes, I’ll leave Slug to you.”

“All right.”

Lin Chen folded his arms, ready to see what the Great Elder was going to do with Slug.

Judging from his behavior, it doesn’t seem like he wants to kill Slug, but what is the reason for gathering the dragon balls

Lin Chen was puzzled even after thinking about it very hard.

While Slug, on the other hand, knelt down on the ground with a look of despair.

Just when everyone was occupied with their varying thoughts, Elders from various villages kept coming with dragon balls.

When they saw Slug, they were all surprised, thinking that he had come back for dragon balls again.

However, when they saw Lin Chen, they realized that this was not the case.

Putting down the dragon balls, the elders gathered together and stealthily called Nail over to ask about the situation.

“Nail, what’s going on”

“Yeah, why is Slug here again And Lin Chen too”

“I don’t know either, this is the arrangement of the Great Elder.”

Finally, when the seven dragon balls were gathered, the Great Elder actually stood up from his chair and personally summoned Porunga.

Following the summons of the Great Elder, Planet Namek’s sky darkened instantly.

“Whoever has gathered the seven dragon balls, please state thy wish!” Porunga said.

Great Elder took a deep breath and shouted with all his strength.

Because the Great Elder had made a wish in Planet Namek’s language, Lin Chen didn’t know what he was saying.

However he discovered that after the Great Elder’s voice fell, the expressions of Nail and the others changed greatly, and even Slug by his side fiercely trembled.

“Why Why are you doing this”

Lin Chen glanced at them and shouted towards Nail, “Nail, what wish did the Great Elder make”


Lin Chen, Great Elder wants Porunga to dispel the evil thoughts within Slug’s body!”

Dispel evil thoughts

Wait, isn’t Slug a pure evil Namekian How can his evil thoughts be dispelled

Sure enough, Porunga lowered his head, his two snail-like antennas fluttering in the air: “Sorry, this wish cannot be fulfilled.

Slug has no good thoughts in his body, he is purely evil.

Dispelling evil thoughts is equivalent to killing him!”

Hearing this, Great Elder seemed to have already known that it would be the answer, but he still found it regretful: “I understand, it really is… Then Porunga, can you purify Slug’s evil thoughts”

“Slug’s strength has surpassed mine, so I can’t do that,” Porunga said.

“You may not be able to do it alone, but if someone cooperates with you, can you do it” asked the Great Elder again.

“I can try.

But it would need all my strength and consume three wishes!”

Great Elder smiled and then said to the others: “Everyone, listen carefully, from now on, Slug is the new Great Elder.

The magical powers of dragon balls will continue on.”

“Great Elder”


The eyes of all the elders widened and even Slug found it hard to believe.

What does Great Elder mean Does he want to hand over the Elder’s position to Slug

Lin Chen was equally at a loss.

What’s this situation

He brought Slug from so far away and he is going to become Planet Namek’s Great Elder

But how could such an unforgivable evildoer become the Great Elder of Namekians

Has the Great Elder gone crazy

At this time, Nail seemed to have realized Great Elder’s intentions and shouted loudly: “No, Great Elder! Is it worth it for a guy who is stained with the blood of people”

“It’s all my fault that Slug became what he is now.

If it wasn’t for me, he would have been a good child.”

“My mistake, I have to make up for it myself.”

While speaking, the Great Elder walked up to Slug while leaning on a crutch and put a hand on his chest.

“Hey! Old man, what are you doing” Slug said in a panic, but he didn’t dare to act rashly because of Lin Chen.

“Don’t worry, it will not have any effect on your consciousness.

You will still be you.” Great Elder laughed.

Seeing what Great Elder was doing, Lin Chen finally understood that Great Elder was going to merge with Slug He is going to use his own good thoughts and with the help of Porunga to purify the evil in Slug’s heart

“Great Elder, you…” Lin Chen couldn’t help but say.


Lin Chen, thank you, thanks to you, I have a chance to make amends for my mistake.

Goodbye, may Namekians be in peace forever!”


Following the disappearance of the Great Elder, Porunga’s eyes emitted a red light and a thunderbolt fell from the sky directly on Slug’s body.


Slug screamed as if in great pain.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen saw that a cloud of black Ki had come out of his mouth.

At this time, the third elder Moori shouted: “Mr.

Lin Chen! That is Slug’s evil thoughts, please work together with Porunga to purify it!”

“Purify How do I purify it”

“Use your Ki!”

Hearing this, Lin Chen instantly transformed into Legendary Super Saiyan, and then brought his palms together.


The golden energy wave rushed towards the black Ki!

The mass of black Ki was instantly destroyed and blown away until it disappeared.


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