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For several kilometers around Slug, a huge handprint appeared.

And under the handprint, Slug was buried deep in the ground with the bones all over his body seemingly broken.

Although his body was recovering rapidly, the severe pain still made him feel like dying.

Lin Chen descended, grabbed Slug with one hand and surprisingly, he  pulled Slug’s gigantic body out from the ground even though his size wasn’t even 1/10th of Slug.

“Damn bastard!”

Slug suddenly reached out and grabbed Lin Chen tightly.

“Hahaha! Now you can’t escape! I’m going to crush you to death!”

Slug suddenly exerted force, but found that his hands couldn’t move at all.

No matter how hard Slug tried, he couldn’t crush Lin Chen to death as he imagined.

“How is that possible Why is this happening”

“Slug, you think you are the strongest No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better.”

Lin Chen said coldly.

He easily pried away Slug’s hands, and then under Slug’s distorted expression, he threw Slug into the sky and fired two green energy balls with both hands.

“Blaster Meteor!”

The two energy balls chased after Slug, and suddenly grew bigger in mid-air, resembling two green suns.

As soon as the two energy balls full of surging energy touched Slug’s body, it started to get destroyed and erode.

Every cell in his body was decomposed under this energy, and then turned into nothingness.

“Please… please, don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

At this moment, Slug could finally feel the threat of death.

He finally understood that what Lin Chen said before was not a joke.

He really has the ability to instantly kill Slug!

Even Slug’s enhanced recovery ability could not heal his body if every inch of his body began to evaporate at the same moment.

Knowing that he was about to be swallowed by death, Slug cried out sadly with a contorted look on his face.

Lin Chen watched all this silently, but at this time, the system’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Ding! Reminding the host that you still have a task to complete!”

“Find Slug without using any outside forces and bring him back to Planet Namek alive!”

Ahhhh! I almost forgot!

Startled, Lin Chen waved both of his hands and the two energy balls immediately dispersed, leaving behind only a small part of Slug’s head and neck.

Lin Chen flew over to Slug’s head, grabbed it and asked in a cold voice, “Slug, do you want to die or are you going to surrender”

“I surrender! I surrender!”

With a slight flick, Lin Chen threw away Slug’s head to the ground.

“Hannah, Bardock! Go deal with Slug’s subordinates without leaving anyone behind.

I want to control this planet immediately.

All the Tree of Might’s fruits here are ours!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

After receiving Lin Chen’s order, Bardock and Hanasia came back to their senses and began to attack Slug’s subordinates.

One after another shock waves broke through the sky.

With Bardock and other’s average Power Level of several hundred thousand, plus the Super Saiyan Hanasia, dealing with these cannon fodder soldiers whose Power Level was only in tens of thousands of range was just like a tiger entering a flock of sheep.

The warriors of the Demon Race and Planet Slug were not their match at all as their screams continue to resound.

“Ah! Lord Slug! Save me!”

“Help, lord!”

Soon, their screams were swallowed up by the scorching energy.

By this time, Slug’s body had already recovered, but the mental trauma was not so easy to recover.

Although Lin Chen had now returned to the normal state and was no longer emitting a dangerous aura, but as Slug remembered the fear of being so close to death, he lost his will to fight.

He canceled the Giant Form, and then knelt down beside Lin Chen on one knee while trembling, completely ignoring his subordinates’ cries for help.

Finally, the screams subsided completely, and there was no one from Slug’s people left alive on the entire planet.

With the help of their scouters, no one could escape the Saiyan’s pursuit.

“Your Majesty! The planet has been cleaned up.”

After a while, Bardock and the group arrived beside Lin Chen and knelt down on one knee.

“Bardock, don’t notify Galactic Patrol that we have completed the mission for the time being.

Stay here and wait for all the Tree of Might’s fruits to ripen before picking them!”


After giving the order, Lin Chen turned to look at Slug again and asked, “Slug, what do the seeds of the Tree of Might’s fruit look like”

“Sir, I know about that.

Each Tree of Might will bear one or two golden fruits.

This fruit is the seed.”

Slug didn’t dare to hide it and obediently coughed it up.

“You all heard that Remember to preserve the seeds! I have something else to do.

I will bring this guy and leave for a while.

Meanwhile, you collect all the fruits you can!”

“Understood, Your Majesty.”

After giving them the instructions, Lin Chen put his hand on Slug’s shoulder, and the next moment, he teleported to Planet Namek.

When he saw the familiar scene around him, Slug was taken aback: “Sir, this is…”

Lin Chen didn’t answer him immediately as he was listening to the system prompts ringing in his mind.

“Ding! Congratulation host for completing the task of finding Slug without using any outside force and bringing him back to Planet Namek alive! Your reward has been given!”

Then, a piece of knowledge related to mental power suddenly appeared in Lin Chen’s mind.

Host: Lin Chen

Power Level: 6.68 million

Bloodline: Legendary Super Saiyan Bloodline

Skills: Instant Transmission, Beginner martial arts talent, Beginner unlock potential, perfect Ki Control and Beginner Telekinesis.


With a faint smile, Lin Chen said, “This is Planet Namek, there is someone here who wants to meet you.”

“Meet me”

Lin Chen put his hand on Slug’s shoulder again, and this time, he teleported directly to the Great Elder’s house.

When he appeared in front of the Great Elder, Slug was startled: “It’s you”


Seeing Slug suddenly appear, Nail was taken aback and immediately took a defensive posture.

But he soon saw that Lin Chen was also beside Slug.


Lin Chen”

Lin Chen nodded and said to the Great Elder, “Great Elder, I have fulfilled the promise.

I have brought Slug.

Whether he lives or dies, it is all up to you to decide.”

“What” Slug was shocked.

He originally thought that he had escaped the disaster, but he did not expect that it was only delayed for a while.

Slug wanted to run away, but Lin Chen, who had been prepared, immediately transformed into Legendary Super Saiyan and slapped Slug on the ground with one palm.


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