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“Disappoint you Ridiculous! What are you even Talking so much nonsense in front of me.

Slug’s loud voice caused the air to whirl around.


With a ferocious look on his face, he waved his gigantic fists.

The giant fists were like a meteorite, domineering and shocking, but before they could hit Lin Chen, he dodged them as if he could see the future.

“On Planet Namek, there is a special technique called Ki Sense.

Like you, a Namekian, who had also wandered to other planets during the Planet Namek catastrophe, has improved this technique and developed a special martial art which can predict and judge the enemy’s movements just by sensing the flow of Ki without using eyes.”

“Compared to that Namekian, although you are much more powerful, you can’t use it at all.”

Hearing Lin Chen’s indifferent words, Slug’s forehead bulged with blue veins.

“Shut up!”

The fist hanging in the air suddenly swept towards Lin Chen, but was easily dodged by him again.

Then, Lin Chen landed on Slug’s fist and began to sprint along his arm.


Lin Chen’s fist slammed into Slug’s face, making his eyes see stars.

After the ruthless punch, it was followed by rapid attacks.

Lin Chen’s punches hit Slug countless times in the blink of an eye before he put his palms together and a golden radiance suddenly erupted out.


An energy wave emitting a golden light aggressively shot straight towards Slug like a roaring dragon and slammed into his head with an unstoppable force.

When the radiance dissipated, Slug’s head had disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes!


“King Slug!”

The demon warriors cried out in grief.

While Saiyans cheered loudly.


“Long live! Long live King Links!”

While cheering, these Saiyans who can be regarded as the best warriors on Planet Vegeta, also thought about what Lin Chen just said.

Bardock, in particular, got a deep understanding of this.

It turns out that the disparity in strength does not always determine the outcome of the fight.

Lin Chen’s words seem to be filled with wisdom, making them understand it deeply.

However, when everyone thought that the result was already decided, Lin Chen did not cancel his fighting state, instead he stared at the headless Slug’s corpse.

Suddenly, Slug’s head grew out of his body.

This scene terrified everyone.

Even the demon warriors didn’t think that Slug would resurrect even though he had lost his head.

Slug gasped heavily and looked at Lin Chen with red eyes: “Damn it! My powers are clearly stronger than yours! Why is this happening!”

“How can I lose!”

Slug suddenly opened his mouth wide and Energy Beam shot out from his mouth.

This Energy Beam is even more powerful than Lin Chen’s Kamehameha.

If it hits the ground, it may directly penetrate through the planet’s mantle.

But even if it is an amazingly powerful technique, what’s the use if it can’t hit

Before the Energy Beam could hit Lin Chen, he disappeared and appeared at Slug’s feet, and then charged up quickly, accumulating violent power in his fists.

“Why are you so fast”

When Slug reacted, he only had time to stretch out his arms and try to block the attack.


Feeling a piercing pain from his chest, Slug   looked down and realized that a big hole had appeared in his chest at an unknown time.

“Ahhh!” Slug roared out angrily, his face contorting.

But then, he suddenly turned around and looked at Lin Chen who had flown into the sky with a sneer.

Using his energy, the big hole in his stomach was quickly filled, and he quickly recovered as before.

“Saiyan! You are indeed strong, but I have   already made a wish to Porunga to have an immortal body.

No matter how many times you kill me, I will not die!”

After getting strengthened by Planet Namek’s eternal dragon, Slug’s recovery ability is already comparable to Android Cell from the future.

Looking at Slug’s aura, it doesn’t seem like he is a normal Namekian who consumes a lot of stamina once a severed limb is regenerated.

Unless he encounters someone with absolute strength disparity, it’s almost impossible for Slug to lose.

Unfortunately, the one he has encountered this time is Lin Chen.

“Immortal body In front of me, something like that doesn’t exist.

It’s just your recovery ability that is stronger.

As long as I destroy your entire body, how would you regenerate” Lin Chen sneered.

Slug was stunned for a moment before laughing wildly: “Ridiculous! How are you going to destroy me completely with your meager strength Let me see what you can do.

“Then open your eyes wide and watch!”

After he finished speaking, Lin Chen suddenly roared wildly and his body instantly became bigger and his already terrifying aura rose even more.

His body quickly grew and surpassed two meters and his body was completely surrounded by a raging yellow-green aura.

Legendary Super Saiyan form! Ever since Lin Chen has returned to his own world, this is the first time he is showing this legendary form in front of everyone.

“You, how can you transform again”

Seeing Lin Chen’s terrifying form, Slug   swallowed and felt a trace of fear.

And it was not only him.

Even the people on the entire planet, including Bardock and Hanasia, were being suppressed by Lin Chen’s aura and gradually became unable to move.

“So….so scary! Isn’t His Majesty a Super Saiyan Are there other transformations beyond Super Saiyan” As a Super Saiyan herself, Hanasia can feel the disparity between herself and Lin Chen the most.

As for the other Saiyans, because of the   suppressing effect of Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline on Saiyans, they were unable to speak.

“Hahaha, don’t try to pretend! Do you think you can kill me if you change your appearance”

Slug laughed unwillingly and suddenly heard Lin Chen say, “Of course.”

Then, Lin Chen immediately disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was already next to Slug’s head as he punched Slug’s forehead hard.

This time, Slug’s head exploded like a balloon and he collapsed with a loud bang.

With a thud, Slug’s body hit the ground, but by the time he got up, Slug’s head had regenerated.

“What…what’s going on Your strength…”

Feeling dizzy, Slug got up while staggering as his heart was full of confusion.

He didn’t understand why that Saiyan, whose body has just expanded, seems to be like a different person

Could it be that Lin Chen’s transformation, just like his, doubles the Power Level

“You don’t need to get up, lie down and wait to die!”

In mid-air, Lin Chen shouted loudly as he turned over his palms and pressed down.

The space seems to solidify as under the push of his palm, Slug immediately lay down on the ground again.



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