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10 million!

20 million!

50 million!

80 million!

100 million!

130 million!

When Lin Chen’s aura finally stopped erupting out, his appearance had already changed drastically.

Slug looked at the person in front of him in disbelief: “You, you are…”

“I heard that you are a Super Namekian Then, I’m sorry to say, but I am also a Super Saiyan!” Lin Chen replied indifferently.

“Super….Super Saiyan”

Slug’s face stiffened as he looked at the spiky golden-haired Lin Chen, whose entire body was emitting a golden aura.

As someone who has lived for hundreds of years, Slug has naturally heard the legends of Super Saiyan.

“I see! No wonder you Saiyans could kill Frieza, it’s really amazing! But, facing me, you are all still going to die!”


Energy suddenly erupted out in all directions with Slug as the center.

The rubble around Lin Chen began to float in the sky because of his power, and even the rumbling sound of thunder scattered under this energy.

Meanwhile, Slug moved and started the fight by being the first one to attack with a punch.

Bang! The punch containing Slug’s anger struck Lin Chen hard in the face.

Immediately afterwards, Slug retracted his fists, shifted his positions and kept attacking Lin Chen from different angles.

Bang, bang, bang!

His fists struck Lin Chen again and again, producing muffled sounds, and at the same time, Slug’s punching speed was getting faster and faster, making crackling sounds like firecrackers in the sky.

Seeing Slug completely overwhelming his opponent, his subordinates shouted in joy.

“Long live! King Slug is invincible!”

“Come on, Your Majesty, kill these Saiyans!”

On Saiyan’s side, everyone’s faces were stiff.

But suddenly, these people heard Bardock cry out: “Don’t be discouraged! His Majesty Links’ Ki has not weakened at all!”


Everyone was dazed.

Just then, Lin Chen, who was taking the blows all this time without moving, finally threw his first punch in the fight.


His punch connected with Slug’s face who was about to attack and smashed him to the ground, creating a bottomless hole.


All the demon warriors gasped.

“Slug, this is how you punch.” Lin Chen said indifferently.


Under the big hole, Slug’s limbs had been broken and crushed, but the regeneration that he wished for to Porunga caused his body to quickly return to its original state.

However, although he has amazing regeneration powers, he was not immune to pain.

Slug’s face revealed a distorted expression because of the pain.

“Super Saiyan! Amazing! If it was before I regained my youth, you would have been the number one expert in the universe! But unfortunately, I have already made a wish to dragon balls to restore my youth! Now I am already invincible in the world!”

“Prepare to feel the fear! Watch the true strength of a Super Namekian!”


The ground suddenly began to shake violently as a terrifying aura again erupted out with a bang.

Anyone who can sense aura will find that Slug’s aura has started to rise again.

“How is this possible How could that Namekian have such power”

“30 million…40 million…100 million…150…200 million Lord Bardock, Slug’s Power Level has exceeded 200 million!”


Just when everyone was stunned, a tall, sinister-looking Namekian stood up from the big hole.

Who is this giant Namekian if not Slug

“Is this the Giant transformation of Namekians” Lin Chen pondered as he looked at Giant Slug from below, who was like a titan.

Namekian’s transformation is different from ordinary races of the universe transformation, it is a body transformation.

In addition to his body becoming enormous, his Power Level has also increased by tenfold.

Before Slug’s Power Level was 20 million, a tenfold increase, that is, more than 200 million Power Level!

It is 70 million higher than Lin Chen’s current Power Level of 130 million!

The terrifying and vast aura couldn’t help but cause even Hanasia, a Super Saiyan, to tremble.

“How is it, Saiyan Can you sense my boundless power Now, prepare to die!”

Slug roared before his body suddenly jumped into the sky.

Although his body has become huge, his speed has not decreased, and he is even more agile than before!

Bang, bang, bang!

Slug and Lin Chen exchanged punches as their bodies turned into afterimages, appearing everywhere in the sky and on the ground, and then quickly disappearing.

The golden aura and Slug’s energy continued to expand, and it looked as if doomsday had arrived on the entire Planet Laola as various kinds of natural disasters repeatedly appeared everywhere.

From time to time, Slug’s demon warriors got caught up in the fight between the two, directly blowing to pieces.

Seeing this, the rest of the people fled to the ground to avoid being implicated.

“Heavens, so Namekians can also be so strong He is actually equally matched against His Majesty Links.”

“What equally matched.

His aura has already surpassed His Majesty Links!”

The Saiyans who had followed Lin Chen had never seen such a powerful enemy.

Ever since Lin Chen became Super Saiyan, they have believed that His Majesty Links is the number one powerhouse in the universe.

But unexpectedly, today, someone has surpassed Links in Power Level!

“No! I have to help His Majesty!”

Seeing that Lin Chen seemed to be at a   disadvantage, Hanasia immediately transformed into Super Saiyan and wanted to go forward to help him.

“Wait a moment!”

Bardock pulled her back: “Queen! Even you can’t intervene at that level of fight!”

“Then what should I do Do you want me to just watch as Links get defeated”

“Don’t worry! Your Highness, can’t you see it Although His Majesty Links is not as powerful as that Namekian, he is at least able to fight on par with him!”

“Huh Yeah What’s going on” Only now Hanasia realized.

There is clearly a disparity between his and the Namekian’s Power Level, but how has Lin Chen still not lost

Slug also wanted to know the answer to this question.

“You nimble monkey!”

Slug was feeling extremely aggrieved because of the way the fight was going on.

He is clearly far more powerful than his opponent, but unfortunately the situation on the battlefield was still equally matched.

“Do you not understand You are really stupid.

You may have power, but you can’t even use it properly! You are such a disappointment.”

Effortlessly dodging Slug’s attacks, Lin Chen’s voice was somewhat regretful.

He thought that the Giant Slug would allow him to use his full strength, but it’s a pity.

Maybe it’s because he was sent to Planet Slug when he was very young.

On that planet, Slug has been basically invincible ever since he reached adulthood, and rarely has any worthy opponents.

So although Slug is a Super Namekian, his way of wielding his powers is much worse.


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