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“Your Majesty, there are probably thousands of Tree of Might’s fruits here, right” Hanasia couldn’t help saying.

“It may be because this planet is twice the size of Planet Vegeta,” Bardock said.

Lin Chen clenched his fists and said to them, “These Tree of Might’s fruits belong to us Saiyans! Hanasia, Bardock, you take people to take care of Slug’s subordinates, I’ll go find Slug!”

“Yes, Lord Lin Chen!” Bardock nodded immediately.

But Hanasia suddenly said, “Your Majesty Links, leave Slug to me!”

“You Hannah, have you turned on the scouter Slug already has 20 million Power Level!”

“What” When Hanasia heard his words, she quickly turned on the scouter.

Bardock and the others’ expressions suddenly changed and they turned on the scouter to check.

As a result, after a while, sounds of gsps could be heard.

“How can a Namekian have such a high Power Level” Hanasia wondered.

It’s not as if she doesn’t know about Planet Namek.

Namekian’s Power Level is only around a few thousand, and some have even lower.

Just like the Namekians on Earth, their Power Level is not even in thousand.

Now a Namekian with a Power Level higher than Frost Demons has suddenly appeared, so everyone’s first reaction was that their scouter was broken.

But Saiyans, who have come to Planet Laola, have already learned Ki Sense.

When they turned off the scouter and perceived Slug’s aura, they immediately sensed a terrifying aura that was far stronger than Frieza or even Cooler who they encountered on Planet Ifrit last time.

“Slug is a Super Namekian and just like a Super Saiyan, he is the most powerful being among the Namekians.

Hannah, the current you isn’t his match.” Lin Chen said.

“Your Majesty Links, what about you” Hanasia’s face turned pale.

For the first time since she was able to transform into a Super Saiyan, she could feel a sense of powerlessness.

“Don’t worry, if it was another Super Namekian, I might not be able to deal with it, but Slug is still far inferior.” Lin Chen smiled heartily, revealing his white teeth.

In fact, if the one who appeared in front of Lin Chen now is Piccolo from the original work, who had merged with Kami during the Androids battle, even Lin Chen, who has a Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, may find it difficult to deal with him.

Because Piccolo at that time was at least 5 times stronger than Frieza.

Using the Power Level analysis in the original work, he had at least 500 million Power Level.

When translated in Lin Chen’s world, his normal state Power Level should be around 50 million, plus some magical abilities that Namekians have mastered.

But Lin Chen is also not easy to deal with.

But compared to the future Piccolo, Slug seems to lack training, which may be related to him weakening due to old age, so even though he has regained his youth, his Power Level is only double that of Frieza and the others.

“Umm.” Hanasia nodded lightly, then looked at Lin Chen for a while.

“Your Majesty, after we return, I hope you can guide me.

I want to become stronger…”


Lin Chen smiled faintly.

Hanasia, who seemed to have always disliked training, was also stimulated by Slug.

Watching Hanasia and the others kill Slug’s subordinates, Lin Chen stretched his limbs.

Since returning to his own world, Lin Chen hasn’t been able to meet an opponent in a long time who could allow him to exert his full strength.

“I hope you don’t disappoint me!”

At this time, the demon warriors who had flown out of the spaceship were attacked by Bardock and others.

In front of them, these people with Power Level around at most tens of thousands were easily killed like chopping melons and vegetables.

“Lord Slug!”

When he saw one of his direct subordinates screaming as he was evaporated by a light wave, Slug snorted coldly and took action.

But at this time, Lin Chen suddenly appeared in front of Slug.


Slug was quite surprised since he didn’t sense any signs of Lin Chen appearing.

It was as if he had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Even with a Super Namekian’s vision, he couldn’t see his movements.

“Slug, your opponent is me.” Lin Chen said indifferently.

“You You are a Saiyan” Slug’s eyes fell on the tail around Lin Chen’s waist.

“Yes, I’m Planet Vegeta’s Links!”


Slug’s eyes narrowed.

The Saiyan, who is rumored to have killed Frost Demon Frieza, didn’t he have this name

“So it’s you Saiyan, I heard you killed Frieza With Saiyan’s strength, it’s really amazing.

But if you think you’re invincible just because of that, it’s too laughable!”

Slug said, his voice gradually overflowing with murderous intent: “With my current strength, killing Frieza is just like squeezing an ant.

I have no grudges with you Saiyans, you had better be sensible and leave immediately!”

“Otherwise, after I harvest this batch of Tree of Might’s fruits, the next target will be your Planet Vegeta!”


Lin Chen sneered, then he raised his hand and shot Death Beam at Slug.

The golden light beam rapidly flew towards Slug and struck him.

Rumble! A loud explosion sounded.

But after the smoke dissipated, Slug was still standing in place without any injuries, however most of his clothes were torn to pieces.

The helmet that Slug had been wearing was also shattered, revealing Namekian’s two signature antennas.

“Courting death!”

Slug roared, and aura instantly erupted out from all over his body.

The cold and dark aura stunned the Saiyans who were fighting.

“So powerful!”

“This aura is indeed stronger than Frieza and Cooler!”

Hanasia and the others stared wide-eyed, cold sweat gradually seeping out of their foreheads, and they couldn’t help worrying about Lin Chen’s safety.

As if showing off, Slug kept releasing his aura.

Looking at Lin Chen who was standing still in front of him, Slug thought he was already scared.

But at this moment, Slug saw Lin Chen raise the corners of his mouth and smile at him.

“If you want to scare people with aura, you should do it like this!”

“What” Slug was dumbfounded.

But the next moment, he saw Lin Chen opposite him give a loud shout, and surging energy began to gush out crazily as if the gates of an overflowing reservoir had been opened…

His aura kept erupting out and this time it was Slug and his minions’ turn to freak out.

Their eyes widened and their bodies became stiff.

In the sky of Planet Laola, which was already like a dead heart, enormous dark clouds drifted over and golden lightning bolts suddenly fell and exploded in mid-air.

While their formidable enemy emitted shockwaves and small debris began to float into the air because of his enormous strength.


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