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After parting with Lin Chen and the others, Goku brought Tien Shinhan and Yamcha and arrived at Korin Tower.

After defeating the Great Demon King Piccolo, Goku easily obtained permission from Korin to go to Lookout to meet Kami.

While Tien Shinhan and Yamcha had to start over by climbing the Korin Tower.

When the two of them landed on the ground and started to climb the tower, Korin brought Goku to the peak of Korin Tower.

“Insert the Power Pole into the groove and let the Power Pole grow longer until it reaches Lookout.”

“And take this bell, this is your proof to meet Kami.”

Goku nodded and as instructed, he ascended into the sky with the Power Pole and soon disappeared.

Korin stroked his beard and smiled faintly: “Lin Chen is right, Earth’s martial arts were too backward in the past.

For earth’s safety, it is time to revive the martial arts on Earth.

If you want to save someone, you must save yourself first.


“Oh, Goku is surely going to be shocked when he sees the two people at Kami’s place!”

“Wow, that was fast.

Soon I won’t be able to see Korin Tower.”

Not long afterwards, through the thick dark clouds, Goku finally saw Lookout floating in the sky.


The Power Pole was inserted precisely into the groove at the bottom of the temple, then Goku climbed up the side ladder and jumped in the temple.

Looking at the majestic and resplendent temple, Goku looked curious.

But, at this moment, he saw a figure not far away.

In the original work, Goku was greeted by Mr.

Popo, Kami’s attendant.

But in this world, the one who appeared in front of Goku was a black-haired youth who looked a few years older than him.

“Huh Are you Kami”

“I’m not, my name is Broly, I’m substituting for Kami.”

The black-haired youth was Broly who has been living on Lookout for many years.

“Subtituting What do you mean by substituting” Goku’s eyes blinked.

“Kami said that one day I will be the next Kami.”

“Wow, then are you considered a Kami Hello! I wonder if you can resurrect Shenron for me” Goku bowed.

“Sorry, that’s something only Kami can do.

If you want to meet him, you have to pass a test,” Broly said faintly.

“Test Is this bell not enough” Goku took out Korin’s bell.

Broly glanced at it and said, “The bell is just a certificate for you to take the test.

To see Kami, you have to take another test.”

“What test”

“It’s enough as long as you can touch me,” Broly said.

“Huh Why is this test so familiar” Goku muttered in confusion, “Forget it, let’s start now.”

“Well, the original test was actually a fight, but I don’t like fighting.”

“Really That’s a pity, I think fighting is more fun.”

Ever since he defeated Great Demon King Piccolo, Goku has been full of confidence, and feels that there should be few people in the world who can defeat him.

But Goku didn’t know that the monster in front of him was far from the same level as him…

“I’m coming!”

After saying that, Goku disappeared.

But the next moment, Goku was suddenly swept away by something and fell down just two steps away from Broly.

“Ouch! What was that just now”

Goku got up in bewilderment, but found nothing.

“Strange…was that an illusion”


Broly, I’m coming!” This time, Goku directly used Afterimage Fist, trying to get behind Broly and grab him.

But as soon as he used this move, something hit his face again, and even his face had swelled.

“Ahh, it hurts! What was that”

Goku looked up, but was immediately dumbfounded.

Because he finally saw clearly.

It was the tail behind Broly which had slapped him just now.

And this tail is exactly the same as his tail.

“You…you are a Saiyan too”

“That’s right,” Broly admitted.

“Brother Links brought me here.”


“You know him by Lin Chen.”

“Ah! It was him! No wonder!” Goku exclaimed.

Broly said indifferently: “Go back, although you defeated Great Demon King Piccolo, you are still not qualified to meet Kami with your strength.”

“I’m…I’m sorry, I was full of myself… but I must meet Kami! I have to quickly bring everyone back to life, or I won’t go back! So…”

“So” Broly raised an eyebrow.

“Can you let me train here”

“Yes, I’m going to train here, pass the test, and meet Kami!”

“Even though the disparity between us is so big, you won’t give up”

“Yes!” Goku clenched his fists and nodded vigorously.

Broly smiled faintly, thinking in his heart: He is just like Brother Links mentioned, completely different from ordinary Saiyans.

At this time, Kami, who had been watching secretly all along, finally decided to meet Goku.

Soon afterwards, Goku met the old Kami who looks exactly like the Great Demon King Piccolo, and witnessed Kami bringing Shenron back to life.

After completing his task to visit Lookout, Goku then learned about another surprising piece of news.

“Goku, you defeated Great Demon King Piccolo and saved the world.

It’s amazing.” Old Kami praised, “But unfortunately, Great Demon King Piccolo is not dead yet.

He left his child behind before he died and that child is more powerful than Great Demon King Piccolo, who will sooner or later again endanger the world..”

“For some reason, neither Broly nor I can directly take action, so for the next three years, you need to train here so that you can protect Earth’s peace in the future.”

“I understand! Brother Lin Chen told me that we can only protect Earth with our own strength and cannot rely on others!” Goku said.

“You have quite a good understanding…” Kami nodded in satisfaction.

Soon after Shenron was resurrected, the people slain by Great Demon King Piccolo were brought back to life.

Turtle Hermit and Krillin awakened in their coffins.

Knowing that it was all due to Goku and that he is now training on Lookout, Krillin also decided to go to Korin Tower for training.

On Earth, when the Z warriors started to train more assiduously than before because of Lin Chen’s chain reaction, on Planet Vegeta…

“Your Majesty Links, news from Galactic Patrol has arrived! They have determined Slug’s traces!”

In Saiyan Palace, Lin Chen received urgent  information from Paragus.

Lin Chen asked, “Are you sure They won’t slip away this time too, will they”

“They shouldn’t, Your Majesty.

Because according to Galactic Patrol’s information, Slug seems to have planted the Tree of Might!”


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