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About Dr.

Gero’s research institute, Dr.

Brief only had a rough knowledge.

Many years ago, before Dr.

Gero disappeared, a science magazine once interviewed him, and it had mentioned that Dr.

Gero’s research institute was located in the mountainous area of ​​North City.

Although Dr.

Gero might have moved, Lin Chen remembered that Dr.

Gero’s research institute was indeed in a secret mountainous area, so he didn’t think much about it and flew towards the north with Hanasia.

In the cold Northern Mountains, as far as the eyes could see, the mountains were covered with white snow.

In the vast mountainous area, it is not easy to find a hidden secret research institute.

Just when Lin Chen and Hanasia started to search for Dr.

Gero’s whereabouts, the sky suddenly turned dark.

“Huh Your Majesty, why did the sky turn dark” Hanasia looked at the pitch-black sky in surprise.

“Someone is summoning Shenron.” Lin Chen raised his head and said.

Great Demon King Piccolo must be trying to recover his youth.

Unexpectedly, although Goku has become stronger, he is still no match for the Great Demon King Piccolo.

But that’s okay, the more life-and-death battles he goes through, the more Goku can continue to grow.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen turned on the scouter and adjusted to the life detection mode.

If he wants to see Goku’s final showdown with the Great Demon King Piccolo, he has to hurry up.

Bulma’s improved scouter is based on Frieza Force’s scouter.

Besides changing the mode to detect Power Level, many other functions have been retained, including the life detection function.

This function can detect the life signals of creatures above the insect rank, and at this time, it was being used to find the whereabouts of Dr.


After all, the Northern Mountain is extremely desolate, and there are not many living beings that can generate life signals in the mountains.

If he goes through them one by one, it would be easier to find Dr.

Gero’s whereabouts than to search aimlessly.

Sure enough, after continuing to search for more than an hour, Lin Chen finally found the secret entrance to Dr.

Gero’s research institute.

Calling over Hanasia, the two of them came to the entrance of the research institute together.

On the other side, there was probably a steel gate half a meter thick, blocking their way.

“Your Majesty, let me!”

“Just open the door.”


Hanasia stepped forward and flicked her fingers, and a bright energy wave shot out, blasting a hole at the entrance of the cave, revealing the tunnel inside.


Gero’s research institute is not only in a remote area and extremely secretive, but the facilities inside are also exceptionally tight.

Not long after the two entered, a large number of sentry robots rushed out and opened fire at Lin Chen and Hanasia without hesitation.


Hanasia sneered, and with a wave of her hand, all the robots were destroyed by the explosive wind formed by her aura.

In the depths of the research institute, Dr.

Gero had broken out into cold sweat and was feeling despair.

“Damn it… why Why is there such a powerful person in the world”

“If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have let the Android out so soon… Damn it! Damn it! If I could just have some more time…”

“What can you do even if you have some more time”

Suddenly, a woman’s voice sounded from behind Dr.



Gero turned around sharply and saw that Lin Chen and Hanasia were already standing in front of him.

“Uh… If you give me time, my Androids will definitely be able to defeat you two monsters!”

“Ha Just with that scrap metal” Hanasia looked disdainful.

But Lin Chen knew that Dr.

Gero didn’t lie.

In the future, the Androids he will create will be monsters that could even challenge gods.

Such a genius is indeed worth subduing.

Pushing Hanasia away, Lin Chen stepped forward and said, “Dr.

Gero, you should be very clear now that you have nowhere to run.

Now I will give you two choices.”

“One, swear allegiance to me, I can let you continue your research on Androids, but from now on, the target of your allegiance will not be the defunct Red Ribbon Army, but me, Lin Chen and my Saiyan Kingdom.”

“Saiyan You are not an earthling” Dr.

Gero’s eyes widened.

“That’s right.

We are from Planet Vegeta, including the Goku you want to get rid of.

He is a Saiyan too.”

“No wonder…no wonder you guys are so powerful…”


Gero clenched his fists tightly.

He had wondered how humans could be so strong, so it turns out that they are aliens!

Lin Chen continued: “As for the second choice, if you don’t swear allegiance to me, I will bury you in this cave together with your research.”

After Lin Chen said, a terrifying aura emerged from him, making Dr.

Gero almost unable to move, his body trembling.

“How about it Live or die…Dr.

Gero, what will you choose” Lin Chen said indifferently.

At this time, Dr.

Gero was too scared to speak because of Lin Chen’s aura.

Don’t look at Dr.

Gero’s ability to create an Android that can rival Gods in the future.

In the end, he is just an ordinary human.

Seeing this, Lin Chen retracted his aura.

Immediately, Dr.

Gero began to gasp heavily like a suffocated person again obtaining air.

He raised his head with difficulty, looked at Lin Chen and said, “What do you want me to do after asking me to swear allegiance to you”

“You don’t have to do anything, just continue your research.

We Saiyans are a fighting race and often need to go out to fight, but the population of Saiyans is too small.

Your Android may provide assistance to Saiyans in the future.”

After subduing Dr.

Gero, the only thing Lin Chen could think of on how to make use of Dr.

Gero is this.

In the past, Saiyan had the habit of using Saibamen for training and assisting in battles, but with Dr.

Gero’s Androids, Saibamen could retire.

Compared with Saibamen, Android should be far more useful in terms of training and providing support.


Gero, I’ll ask you one last time, are you willing to follow me” Lin Chen opened his mouth for confirmation.

“I…” Dr.

Gero hesitated for a while before lowering his head, “I understand, Mr.

Lin Chen, I am willing to swear allegiance to you!”

“Ding! Congratulations host for subduing Dr.


Reward: Advanced version of Instant Transmission!”

When he heard the system’s sound, in Lin Chen’s attributes panel, there was a new change in the column that originally had Instant Transmission.

Lin Chen smiled faintly and said with a nod, “Good, Dr.

Gero, pack up your research institute.

In the future, your research institute will be set up on Planet Vegeta, and I will ask some alien scientists to be your assistants.”


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