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Choices related to Dr.


Seeing the three choices that had appeared, Lin Chen fell into deep thought.

He must admit that Dr.

Gero is an extremely rare super genius in the dragon ball world.

It can even be said that he is the only genius who truly safeguards human’s dignity in the dragon ball world.

Not to mention Android 11 that Lin Chen was seeing right now, if nothing unexpected happens, Dr.

Gero will create Android 16, 17 and 18 that will surpass Super Saiyan!

Let alone Cell, whose Perfect Form can even rival a Super Saiyan 2 in strength.

It would be a pity to kill such a genius…

Therefore, Lin Chen did not make a choice immediately, instead he continued to ponder.

“System, can you explain the rewards to me What’s the difference between Time Stop and Tides of Time”

“Time Stop technique is a superpower of stopping time.

While Time Skip can stop time for 2 seconds, but during the period when time is stopped, you cannot use Ki.”

Time stop

This is a very attractive superpower.

Lin Chen remembers that in the original work’s dragon ball, only Hit and Guldo of Ginyu Force had related skills.

However, this Time-Stop technique sounds like Guldo’s Time Freeze ability.

You can’t use your Ki when time stops, so there are too many restrictions, and you can’t even fly.

“What about sparring robot from choice 2”

“The sparring robot can be transformed into a Super Saiyan, Frost Demon, Namekian and trainers for actual combat simulation.

Moreover, the Power Level can be adjusted from 100,000 to 100,000,000.”

Lin Chen nodded, this reward is a superb tool for training, and there is also the 1000x Gravity Chamber.

Ever since the 500x Gravity Chamber was built, Dr.

Brief had told Lin Chen that due to the limitation of energy and materials, it is almost impossible to manufacture a Gravity Chamber with a higher multiplication without a new technological leap.

Therefore, this 1000x Gravity Chamber, Lin Chen may not be able to obtain through normal means for at least ten years.

“What about advanced version of Instant Transmission from choice 3”

“It is detected that host already has Kibito’s Instant Transmission, so this Advanced version of Instant Transmission is a combat-type Instant Transmission.”

Combat-type Instant Transmission

Lin Chen understood immediately.

This should be similar to Meta-Cooler’s Instant Transmission.

In the dragon ball world, besides Zeno’s Instant Transmission ability, there are only three main types of Instant Transmission.

One is Yardratian’s Instant Transmission, the other is Supreme Kai’s exclusive Instant Transmission, and the last is Meta-Cooler’s Instant Transmission.

This Advanced version of Instant Transmission should be the last type.

This type of Instant Transmission can be activated at any time.

Even if the distance is not far, but as long as it is within the eyes range, you can move wherever you want.

Lin Chen’s current Instant Transmission takes time to activate, and it is almost too late to use it in battle.

If he can obtain this advanced version of Instant Transmission, it will be a huge improvement to his actual combat ability.

The rewards for the three choices all have their own merits, making it difficult to choose.

So in the end, the only thing to consider is the impact of these three choices on the future

Lin Chen thought for a while, and finally made his decision.

“System! I’ll choose three!”

“Ding! Confirming the host’ choice, please complete the task as soon as possible.

The reward will be issued after Dr.

Gero surrenders.”

After confirming, Lin Chen asked Dr.

Brief: “Dr.

Brief, do you know where Dr.

Gero lives”

“Well…” Dr.

Brief pondered for a while and said, “I remember his research institute seems to be in the mountains near the North City.”

Lin Chen nodded and said, “Okay, Hannah, come with me.

Tights, you stay here and look after your parents.”

“Lin Chen, are you going to deal with Dr.

Gero” Hearing what he said, Dr.

Brief hesitated before saying: “If possible, can you spare him Dr.

Gero is a genius, it would be a pity to kill him.”

“I will consider it.” Lin Chen replied.


When Lin Chen was busy dealing with Dr.

Gero’s matter, on the World Martial Arts Tournament side.

With Goku’s victory, the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament also came to an end.

While Goku and the others were celebrating, Bardock was about to leave with Gine.

“Gine, our child has grown up.”

“Umm, although he is still weak, you are right, he is indeed full of potential.”

The couple was about to leave when Bardock suddenly sensed a murderous aura in the vicinity.

As a battle-hardened warrior, Bardock was naturally particularly sensitive to murderous aura.

Although this murderous aura was still very weak, it was quite nearby.

What’s going on

“Bardock What’s wrong”

“Gine, wait a minute.” Bardock took out the scouter, put it on and immediately checked the surroundings.

As a result, Bardock found that a guy with a Power Level of around 160 had appeared backstage of the martial arts tournament’s venue.

Seeing the other party’s Power Level, Bardock breathed a sigh of relief.

Such an insignificant person couldn’t hurt his son.

It’s just he will have to put their plan to leave on hold for the time being.

“Gine, let’s wait a while before returning.

It looks like our son is going to run into another challenge.”


Immediately, Bardock and Gine retracted their aura and flew into the sky to hide somewhere high up, watching the movements below.

Then, the couple witnessed the whole process of Great Demon King Piccolo’s subordinate Tambourine robbing the dragon ball and killing Krillin.

It didn’t take long before an angry Goku chased after him, but was defeated by Tambourine because he felt hungry.

With the purpose of testing their son, Bardock and Gine have been hiding in the dark to observe silently and didn’t take action, even though Goku had fainted for a while.

But then, when they saw a Namekian appear, they were stunned.

“Namekian How can there be a Namekian on Earth”

Bardock and Gine knew very well that Namekian is a race with a high Power Level which is not inferior to Saiyans.

Although the Namekian below only has a Power Level of around 230 for some reason, it was still higher than Goku.

Sure enough, although Goku was stronger than in the original work, facing the Great Demon King Piccolo, who is superior to him in both Power Level and techniques, Goku still lost to Great Demon King Piccolo.

When Goku’s heartbeat stopped, Gine almost couldn’t help rushing down to kill the Great Demon King Piccolo, but was forcibly pulled by Bardock.

“Don’t be impulsive, look at your scouter, Goku still has signs of life!”

Hearing his words, Gine discovered that it was indeed the case.

“Bardock, don’t you have Senzu Beans Let me go down and give one to Kakarot!”

“No! We can’t interfere with Kakarot’s training.” Bardock forced himself to calm down: “His Majesty Links said that Kakarot’s current training on Earth is to lay the foundation for his future development and I agree with His Majesty’s words.”

“Maybe after this ordeal, Kakarot’s Power Level could improve again… Look, his companions are here!”

As the two of them watched, Yajirobe rescued Goku just like in the original work, and then with his help, set off towards Korin Tower.

Although compared to the original work, the current Goku obviously has the option to ask Lin Chen for help, but he did not do so.

“Krillin! I will avenge you with my own hands!”



Great Demon King Piccolo.

Both Lin Chen and Goku, unbeknownst to the world, started moving to save the world.


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