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“My hand!”

11 cried out loud and abruptly took a step back, looking at Lin Chen angrily.

“How did you do it Who are you”

“Me I’m Tights’ husband, Lin Chen!”

“Lin Chen”

Thousands of miles away, Dr.

Gero was looking at Lin Chen who was exuding a dangerous aura through the monitor and his body involuntarily trembled.

“He’s Lin Chen Tights’ husband from the intelligence The surveillance robot never found him, so I thought he was dead… Where was this kid hiding”

“You bastard… how dare you damage my body!”

Android 11 is a new type of Android on which Dr.

Gero used his human body transformation.

It is not a pure robot created out of thin air, thus he still retains some of the feelings of Mercenary Tao before his death.

Including Mercenary Tao’s previous arrogant personality.

For Mercenary Tao, his body is what he is most proud of, especially this body, which was almost crushed because of Tights.

Later, relying on Dr.

Gero, he was provided a strong and perfect body again.

Therefore, Mercenary Tao was extremely satisfied with this body and regarded it as a treasure.

But seeing his body get damaged, 11 immediately became furious.

“Calm down! 11! This kid is weird!”


Gero warned loudly as he has been monitoring the situation from his far away research institute, and found that 11’s every index was abnormal.

Unlike the later 17 and 18, Android 11 was completely obedient to Dr.


Hearing this, 11 immediately regained his composure.

Beep, beep, beep!

Suddenly, there were a few strange noises in 11’s head.

Shortly afterwards, he grinned and sneered: “No wonder you are so arrogant, your energy index is stronger than Tights!”

“I now understand, Tights became so powerful because you taught her, right”

Lin Chen smiled: “Do you have an energy scouter in your body”

“That’s right! Your energy is indeed not weak, but unfortunately, my energy is much higher than yours! I had deliberately lowered my energy just to teach Tights a lesson!”

“Now, I’m going to make you experience what real terror is!”

Hearing the other party’s words, Lin Chen sneered.

Real terror

“Okay, let me experience it.”

“You must be wanting to die!”

11 roared and suddenly launched an attack on Lin Chen.

Right now, every punch and kick of his was such that if they hit Tights, she would be instantly killed.

But unfortunately, the one 11 was facing was not Tights, but Lin Chen.

The result……

A loud screeching sound suddenly appeared, and when 11 came back to his senses, Lin Chen’s face was already very close to him.


Gero, your technical skills are indeed powerful, but compared to real strength…you are still far from it.”

Lin Chen’s indifferent voice entered 11’s ears, and immediately, Lin Chen raised his hand and grabbed 11’s neck.


11 was already an Android.

Of course, there is no such thing as being unable to breathe because of his neck being grabbed, but the problem that 11 found is that he couldn’t break free from Lin Chen’s palm!

How is this possible

In the research institute, Dr.

Gero’s eyes widened: “11, what are you doing Don’t hold back your energy! Hurry up and use all your strength!”


“What I, I Dr.

Gero, do you know how vast the universe is Although 11 is indeed invincible on Earth, his strength is nothing compared to the powerhouses in the universe.

For them, killing 11 is as simple as pinching an ant.”


Could it be…

“You, you are not from Earth”


Gero’s voice suddenly came out of 11’s mouth.

“Correct answer! But there is no reward for you.”

11’s forehead broke out into cold sweat and he could feel Lin Chen’s hand gradually   tightening.

He is afraid that soon, his neck would be crushed like his wrist.

At this moment, even he, who has become an Android, can’t help but feel afraid.

“I’m sorry! I was wrong! Please forgive me!”

If he was on the ground right now, 11 would definitely kneel down in front of Lin Chen.

He said with a pleading look on his face: “Please, I will never do bad things again! Please let me go!”

“Let you go Do…”

Before Lin Chen could finish speaking, 11’s face suddenly revealed a sinister smile, and he abruptly pointed his left hand at Lin Chen’s head.

“Super Dodon Ray!”


An energy wave that was formed using all of 11’s energy suddenly hit Lin Chen’s head, causing a huge explosion on his face.

However, what made 11 tremble was that after the smoke and dust dissipated, Lin Chen was looking at him unscathed.

“How could it be I used all my strength to form a Dodon Ray…”

“The farce is over.”

Lin Chen exerted force in his hand and immediately separated 11’s head.

When 11’s broken body fell down, Lin Chen threw two energy bombs, which directly blew his body into pieces.

This time, even Dr.

Gero would not be able to save the former No.

1 assassin.

After doing all this, Lin Chen and others   landed back on the ground together.

As soon as he landed, Hanasia asked him curiously: “Lin Chen, was that guy just now a cyborg A cyborg with a power level of 120,000! Is there really such a technology on Earth”

“The genius who invented him is not inferior to Dr.

Brief,” Lin Chen said.


Hanasia was greatly surprised.


Brief’s wisdom and creativity has been recognized by the entire universe.

The Hoi-Poi Capsule technology he developed could not be found in the entire universe.

“I didn’t expect the technological strength of earthlings to be so powerful…”

“Yes, Dr.

Gero is indeed a genius.” Brief also sighed.

“I just didn’t expect that he would join the Red Ribbon Army.


Willow and Dr.

Gero, both of them are geniuses among humans.

It’s a pity that they would fall so low.”

“But, Your Majesty, this guy is too dangerous.

It’s better to get rid of him as soon as possible.

Fortunately, we were on Earth, otherwise Tights would have been in danger.” Hanasia said.

Hearing her words, Lin Chen hadn’t made a decision, when suddenly he heard a familiar voice in his mind.

“Ding! Detected that host is ready to take action against Dr.


Triggering the strongest choices!”

“Choice one: Ignore Dr.

Gero and leave him alone.

Reward: Intermediate Superpower: Time Stop!”

“Choice two: Kill Dr.

Gero and prevent the subsequent birth of Androids.

Reward: a 1000x Gravity Chamber with built-in sparring robots!”

“Choice three: Subdue Dr.

Gero and make him work for you.

Reward: Advanced version of Instant Transmission!”


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