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“Android What is that”

Tights looked confused.

But Lin Chen’s eyes widened.

He finally understood why Mercenary Tao, who was supposed to be dead, appeared in front of them looking like this.

It turned out that he was transformed into Android!

Then, the instigator behind Mercenary Tao is quite clear…

“Hey, Dr.

Gero! I know you must be watching us through him, right Come out and talk!” Lin Chen suddenly shouted.

Hearing his words, Hanasia looked baffled while Dr.

Brief’s eyes widened.


Gero Lin Chen, are you saying he’s Dr.

Gero I’ve seen him before, he doesn’t look like this.

“No, he’s not Dr.


The person in front of us is just an Android made by Dr.

Gero, but Dr.

Gero should be watching through his eyes! Isn’t that right, Dr.


Mercenary Tao’s eyes suddenly emitted a red light, and after a while, an aged voice that was completely different from Mercenary Tao’s voice came from Mercenary Tao’s mouth.

“Boy, you know about me and Androids Not bad! I’m indeed Dr.

Gero! I used to be the highest-ranking scientist of the Red Ribbon Army!”


Brief looked in disbelief: “Dr.

Gero You actually joined the Red Ribbon Army”

“That’s right! No one in this world supported my research and only the Red Ribbon Army provided me with sufficient funds and research materials! Thanks to them, my long-cherished wish from the past could be carried out!”

“But all this was ruined three years ago! And the murderer who caused all this is your daughter, Dr.


“Me” Tights was stunned.

“What does it have to do with me”

“What You don’t remember”

Although Mercenary Tao had a cold expression on his face, one could tell from his voice that Dr.

Gero in a far away location was probably furious.

“How dare you forget it Damn it, there hasn’t been a single day that I haven’t thought of getting revenge for this hatred! In order to defeat you, I have been collecting your information! Then I researched day and night and what is standing in front of you now is my latest masterpiece!”

“Android 11!”

“Now, the preparations for revenge have been completed.

After killing you, I will kill that kid named Goku, and then use this Android to rule the world and rebuild the Red Ribbon Army! This is my revenge!”


Just as Dr.

Gero’s emotions were running high, Hanasia, who was standing on the side, yawned in an unladylike manner.

“Tights, how long are you going to listen to this guy’s nonsense Get rid of him quickly.”

“That’s true.” Tights put her hands on the hips and said, “Dr.

Gero, I’m very strong.

I’m afraid your Android-something will be scrapped soon.”

“Indeed… you are so powerful that you don’t look like a human at all! Although you have never shown your strength in front of people, I know that those martial artists are a joke compared to you! Compared with the novels you wrote, your strength is even more amazing…”

“Hey! What’s wrong with my novels I’m currently the best-selling novelist!” Tights yelled.

But Dr.

Gero ignored her and muttered to himself: “But I will soon broaden your horizons.

My Android 11 is far stronger than you!”

“Huh Just him What kind of strength does a guy like him have from whom I can’t even sense any aura” Tights looked disdainful.

“You’ll know when you see it.

11, go and kill Tights, then kill everyone and have them be buried with her!”

“Yes, Dr.


Android 11 spoke in his own voice again and at the same time, he raised his hands and adopted the pose commonly used by Mercenary Tao in the past.

Tights looked relaxed and was ready to face him.

But at this moment, Lin Chen suddenly shouted: “Tights! Be careful! Android doesn’t have aura! This guy may really be stronger than you!”


Tights was taken aback.

At this moment, 11 had already rushed forward, kicking Tights into the sky.

She smashed through the roof and flew out.

“Tights!” Dr.

Brief and his wife turned pale in fright.

“Don’t worry, Hannah and I will be watching Tights.”

After Lin Chen finished speaking, he flew out to the roof with Hannah.

In the sky, Android 11 was fighting with Tights.

But it looks like Tights was completely in a disadvantageous position.

11 had blocked all of her attacks with just one hand.

“What’s going on Tights’ Power Level should be over 10,000 Why can’t she beat that guy whose aura can’t even be sensed” Hanasia asked in surprise.

“Androids don’t have aura, they rely on energy.”

As Lin Chen spoke, he took out the scouter.

Unlike using Ki to sense the intensity of the aura, scouter does not perceive aura, but directly detects energy, so Lin Chen feels that it should work when facing Androids.

Sure enough, when the scouter was aimed at 11, a reading appeared on the display.


Lin Chen couldn’t help but become stunned.

This Dr.

Gero is a monster.

It is known that Mercenary Tao, the original owner of 11’s body, had only over 100 Power Level before his death.

What method did he use to raise Mercenary Tao’s Power Level to 120,000

His strength is already much greater than some powerful races in the universe!

And even during Frieza’s times in the original work, it can be regarded as a top-level combat force.

It’s just the beginning of the storyline of the Great Demon King Piccolo, and Dr.

Gero has already created such a monster…

No wonder that in the next ten years, he will be able to create Android 17 and 18 who would surpass even Super Saiyan.

Just as Lin Chen was sighing, Tights in the sky stopped attacking and was panting.

She could feel that something was wrong.

She had used all her strength just now, but Android 11 opposite her had blocked all her attacks with just one hand.

Is there such a big disparity between the two of them

Didn’t Lin Chen say that she would be the strongest earthling for at least several years.

How could this happen

At this time, 11’s face showed a disdainful look: “Is that it Then it’s my turn!”

11 raised his right hand with his index and middle finger pressed together, about to poke Tights’ forehead.

If this attack struck, with the disparity between the two of them, Tights may get killed in just one hit.

But just as his attack was about to land, a hand suddenly grabbed his hand.

“Huh” 11 looked at Lin Chen who had suddenly appeared in front of him in surprise.

“You… when did you”

“Tights is my woman.

If you want to bully her, did you ask me”

As soon as Lin Chen exerted force, he easily crushed Android 11’s wrist.


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