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Ever since Lin Chen and Tights got married, Bulma had kept her distance from him.

Their houses on Earth were clearly only separated by a street, but Bulma would rarely stop by.

Seeing all this, Lin Chen could only shake his head and sigh.

It wasn’t that he didn’t understand the little girl’s mind, it was just that Bulma’s future wasn’t part of his.

Half a day later, the preliminaries of the Martial Arts Tournament were drawing to an end.

The top eight contestants who qualified for the next round are Goku, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Jackie Chun, Yamcha, Man-Wolf, and Pamput.

Basically no difference from the original work.

The official tournament will be held in the open-air arena in the afternoon.

Next is lunch time.

Goku and the others joined Bulma and others.

Lin Chen also took the opportunity to meet and say hello to Goku and the others.

“Brother Lin Chen! Long time no see!”

Goku was quite excited to again meet Lin Chen, a smile appearing on his face.

Yamcha respectfully greeted Lin Chen as he had seen how powerful Lin Chen is.

As for Turtle Hermit, seeing Lin Chen again was like a mouse seeing a cat.

He felt very nervous.

Only Krillin was still in the dark and didn’t know who Lin Chen was.

“Goku, who is he Why are you all so scared”

“Krillin, this person is a powerful expert! Even ten Turtle Hermits are no match for him!” Yamcha whispered.

Although Turtle Hermit was displeased on hearing this, he did not refute.

Hearing this, Krillin was startled.

After the greetings, everyone had a meal together.

Only Bardock and Gine, for fear of being recognized by Goku, were not with everyone.

In the afternoon, the final round of the martial arts tournament was held as scheduled.

The course of the tournament was the same as the original work, but there were some differences.

Tien Shinhan, who could have easily made it to the final, was in trouble from just the first round against Yamcha.

Because of Lin Chen’s appearance, Yamcha made up his mind to become stronger early on and went to Kame House to train a lot earlier than in the original work.

Therefore, his Power Level has already reached 160.

And his opponent, Tien Shinhan, only has 180.

Because of which, the fight between the two of them in just the first match was at the level of the finals from the very beginning.

In the end, Tien Shinhan fought hard and defeated Yamcha by relying on a wide variety of techniques.

But he also lost a lot of energy.

Seeing this result, Lin Chen couldn’t help touching his chin.

It seems that because of his appearance, the strength of Goku and the people around him has improved a bit compared to the original work.

As for Goku, it seems that because of the stimulation provided by him, he already has a Power Level of 200, which is 20 points higher than in the original work.

In the original work, the final champion of this World Martial Arts Tournament was Tien Shinhan, but now…perhaps Goku will win his first World Martial Arts Tournament ahead of schedule.

Just when Lin Chen was watching eagerly, Tights on the side suddenly tugged on Lin Chen’s clothes.

She was holding a mobile in her hand.

“Lin Chen, something seems to have happened at home!” Tights yelled in Lin Chen’s ear.

“Home Dr.

Brief’s house”

“Yes! Dad told us to hurry back! He said a man named Mercenary Tao has come!”

“Mercenary Tao”

Lin Chen’s eyes turned serious.

Wasn’t Mercenary Tao killed by Tights

Even if he didn’t die, according to the storyline of the original work, Mercenary Tao should have appeared again after being turned into a cyborg during 23rd Martial Arts Tournament.

Why did he appear at Dr.

Brief’s house now

“Damn it! I haven’t watched the finals yet!” Lin Chen said unwillingly.

It hasn’t been easy to come watch the martial arts tournament.

Why can’t these people calmly wait for him to finish watching the tournament before they come out to make trouble

“Lin Chen, why don’t I go back by myself” Tights said when she saw this.

She could teleport anyway, moreover she doesn’t think anyone on Earth could threaten her.

But Lin Chen was worried.

The timing of Mercenary Tao’s appearance was not right.

He feels that there might be something wrong.

“Let’s go together.”

“Huh Lin Chen, are we leaving”

Seeing that Lin Chen was leaving, Hanasia couldn’t help but wonder.

Although she kept saying that this kind of tournament was boring, after watching a few matches, she found enjoyment in it and gradually got into it.

“Something has happened at Tights’ home, we are going to take a look.

Do you want to stay here” Lin Chen asked.

Hanasia hurriedly shook her head and grabbed Lin Chen tightly.

Lin Chen smiled, then he notified Bardock and Gine as well as Bulma and others and teleported away.

The three of them’s sudden disappearance caused a commotion at the scene.

“Huh That Saiyan is gone Bulma, do you know what happened The finals are about to start.”

Seeing Lin Chen and others disappear, Oolong asked curiously.

Bulma was also full of doubts, not knowing what was going on.

Because of Lin Chen’s sudden disappearance, there was an upheaval at the  venue, but soon with the start of the finals, everyone’s attention returned to the arena.

Because of Yamcha’s sniping, and Goku’s strength is much stronger than in the original work, this time’s finals was really different from the original work.

Goku ended up winning the championship quite easily, while Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu also turned over a new leaf under the guidance of Turtle Hermit.

While Goku jumped excitedly on stage, on the other side, West City.

Lin Chen, who teleported back to Dr.

Brief’s house, looked at the figure that has appeared in Dr.

Brief’s house in disbelief.

Although the clothes and appearance have changed slightly, the one who appeared in Dr.

Brief’s house is indeed the assassin Mercenary Tao that he remembers!

But didn’t Mercenary Tao die when the Red Ribbon Army was destroyed

Even if he didn’t die, he should have been blown to pieces and transformed into a cyborg when he appears again Why is Mercenary Tao still completely human

Um Lin Chen suddenly frowned and noticed that something was wrong.


Tights ran over to Dr.

Brief and his wife’s side and asked with concern.

After confirming that they were all right, she pointed at Mercenary Tao and asked, “Hey! Who are you Why did you break into my house”

“Miss Tights, it’s nice to finally meet you!” said the man who looked like Mercenary Tao.

It looks like he had come for Tights.

“You know me Who are you”

“Who am I You don’t even know me”

“Huh Why should I know an old man like you”

“My name was Mercenary Tao in the past.

Currently, my name is Android 11! Remember this name, because I’m the one who is going to kill you!”

The former Mercenary Tao, who is now Android 11, curled his lips into a cold smile.


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