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He had also heard a little about the Tree of Might’s fruit.

This fruit is formed after absorbing the essence of the planet.

After eating it, you can absorb the life-essence of an entire planet.

In addition to prolonging life, it can greatly improve your strength.

Although Slug wasn’t pursuing lifespan now, he still desires to improve his strength.

After all, he hadn’t forgotten the humiliation that the Frost Demons gave him when his strength declined due to old age.

When Slug was young, he had very few opponents in the North Area, and he was a widely known tyrannical emperor in the universe.

But after encountering the Frost Demons, Slug suffered very badly.

Frost Demons are not too powerful even when compared to Super Namekians, but Frost Demons have a long lifespan.

Hundreds of years passed and when Slug had grown old and his Power Level declined, his former adversary King Cold was still in his prime, and he had also given birth to two children who were not much weaker.

So in the end, the territories that Slug had conquered by fighting for many years were swallowed by the Frost Demons, and he could only huddle up on Planet Slug where he made his fortune.

It was the disgrace of Slug’s entire life.

Now that he has regained his strength, he is naturally ready to seek revenge against the Frost Demons.

He has just heard that Frieza, the genius of the Frost Demon race, has been killed by a Saiyan.

When Slug heard this news, he had a feeling that there is always someone better than him.

Although he is confident that he can deal with the Frost Demons, he still decided to find the Tree of Might’s fruit first and improve his strength.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed.

In the past three years, Lin Chen had inquired about Slug’s whereabouts more than once, but regretfully, because Slug seems to be looking for something, he wouldn’t stay in a single place for too long each time.

This made him come up empty-handed every time.

Fortunately, there is no time limit for dealing with Slug, so Lin Chen was not in a hurry.

While steadily training, he quietly waited for an opportunity.

And at this moment, the World Martial Arts Tournament after three years was about to start again on Earth.

Last time, because of Hanasia’s mistake, Lin Chen missed the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, but this time he doesn’t plan to miss it.

After arranging a lot of matters early on, Lin Chen returned to Earth together with his two wives, preparing to watch this time’s World Martial Arts Tournament.

Bardock and Gine were also with them.

“I must watch it this time!”

Regarding Lin Chen’s excitement, Hanasia and the others found it a little strange.

It’s easy to explain Bardock and his wife’s reason.

After all, they can see their son again, but what’s Lin Chen so excited about

How good can the fight of a group of people who don’t even have 1000 Power Level be

Naturally, Hanasia and the others didn’t know what World Martial Arts Tournament meant to Lin Chen.

It was an emotion.

If it wasn’t that he was embarrassed to bully weaker opponents, Lin Chen would also want to participate in the tournament in person.

However, Lin Chen didn’t know that when he went to Earth, on a lifeless planet in the corner of the Milky Way Galaxy.

“King Slug! We found it! Turles’ treasure is on this planet!”

Hearing his subordinate’s report, Slug stood up excitedly: “Very good! Where are Tree of Might’s fruits and seeds”

“We’ve found it! Besides one seed, there are twenty Tree of Might’s fruits!”

“Well done!”

Slug sat down on the golden chair and said excitedly: “Quick, bring them to me! Also, check the star map.

Which nearby planet is suitable for planting the Tree of Might I want to immediately plant the Tree of Might!”

“Your Majesty, the nearest planet is only a week away from us.

If we advance at full speed, we may be able to reach it in three days! It’s just that the planet seems to be under the jurisdiction of Galactic Patrol…” After careful calculation, his subordinate replied truthfully.

“Galactic Patrol When was I ever afraid of those trash Set up the route now! I’m going to plant a new Tree of Might as soon as possible!”

Slug’s voice was gloomy and sounded unquestionable.

Hearing this, his subordinates immediately stood at attention and shouted in unison, “Yes!”

Seeing this, Slug laughed crazily: “Hahaha, wait until I eat these Tree of Might’s fruits, what Frost Demons, Saiyans, I will let them know who is the real Emperor of the universe.

Papaya Island, the venue of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Because of the marvelous contest between Goku and Master Roshi in the last martial arts tournament, the popularity of the World Martial Arts Tournament has risen a lot, and many martial art experts have signed up to participate in this time’s tournament.

Even Crane Hermit, Turtle Hermit’s arch-enemy, was letting his two proud disciples Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu participate in the tournament.

Therefore, this time’s tournament was an unprecedentedly grand event.

At least in the eyes of the Earthlings.

But for Lin Chen and his group who came to watch the tournament, the so-called unprecedentedly grand event, most of the contestants were not even as good as the newly born Saiyan babies.

“Darling, I really don’t understand why you would want to watch this level of tournament.” Hanasia stretched while saying.

Lin Chen glanced at her and said in dissatisfaction, “If you don’t want to watch it, just go back to Planet Vegeta.”

“That won’t do, I finally came to Earth with such great difficulty.

I’m still waiting to eat delicious food!”

Compared with the calm Hanasia, Bardock and Gine were a little more reserved.

Especially the casual clothes they both were wearing which was making them uncomfortable.

“Your Majesty, do we really have to wear this And this hat, it’s so troublesome.”

Bardock pressed the wide hat on his head, which would sometimes fall due to his hair and lowered the mask on his face.

“If you don’t dress like this, Kakarot will recognize you at a glance.

Who made you father and son look exactly the same” Lin Chen said.

“Are you planning to meet your son today”

“Of course not…fine then.” Bardock said embarrassedly.

Rather than disturbing his son’s experience on Earth, he had no choice but to bear with it.

“Lin Chen, I’ve heard that Bulma has come too.

Shall we go watch with them” Tights said.


Then, outside the venue where preliminaries will be held.

Lin Chen and his group met Bulma and the others.

She was with Oolong and Puar who he had met once, and Launch who he was meeting for the first time.

Seeing Lin Chen and Tights walking towards them, Bulma’s countenance changed.

“Bulma, long time no see.” Lin Chen stepped forward to say hello.

“Brother Lin Chen…Hello.” Bulma’s lips twitched a few times and she lowered her head, her voice becoming softer.

“Ah! Who… who is that Right! Saiyan!” Oolong and Puar were surprised.


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