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For Lin Chen, Namekian’s regeneration ability, although good, is only an icing on the cake for his physical strength.

On the contrary, the psychic power, which relies on mental power, can make up for his current shortcomings.

In fact, Saiyans have always had shortcomings in mental strength.

Their transformation system only strengthens their strength and not their mind.

If it is an ordinary Saiyan like Goku, Vegeta, the lack of mental power may not be a big deal, but it is not for Lin Chen.

Just the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form puts harsh demands on his mental power.

In the future, if Lin Chen wants to advance further, he must find a way to keep tempering his mental power.

So he definitely cannot miss this time’s reward of psychic power.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen immediately made his final choice.

“System, I choose three!”

“Ding! Confirming the host’s choice, please complete the mission as soon as possible.”

Then, Lin Chen immediately said to the Great Elder, “Great Elder, I agree to your request.

Leave Slug to me.”

Great Elder reminded him: “Mr.

Lin Chen, Slug is very powerful.

He is a Warrior-type Namekian.

I know you can already transform into Super Saiyan, but I’m afraid that even a Super Saiyan will find it difficult to deal with the current him.”

“Moreover, because of the powers of the dragon ball, Slug also has an extremely powerful recovery ability.


Lin Chen, you must be careful!”

“I will be careful.” Lin Chen smiled slightly, “Great Elder, do you know about Slug’s current whereabouts”

“Slug transformed a planet into a spaceship, and his whereabouts are erratic.

The last time I heard about him, he was looking for something.”

“Looking for something Well, I’ll have someone look for him.” Lin Chen nodded.

Due to the constraints of the mission, he cannot rely on external forces like Zuno and Eternal Dragons to look for Slug, so Lin Chen has long made preparations.

After returning to Planet Vegeta, Lin Chen immediately gave an order to have Saiyans inquire about Slug’s whereabouts.

Even Galactic Patrol received a request from Lin Chen.

At the same time, information about Slug was being collected non-stop.

According to the information from Galactic Patrol, Slug in his youth had beaten all the experts on Planet Slug with his naturally extremely high Power Level, and proclaimed himself as a demon king.

He gradually gathered many subordinates under himself, and began to run rampant in the universe, doing all kinds of evil.

In his heyday, together with the Frost Demons, Slug was known as an intergalactic criminal.

It’s just that as he got older, Slug’s strength gradually weakened and any news about him was rarely heard of recently.

However, according to the investigation, the activities of Slug’s group have become more frequent recently.

Three planets have already been attacked by Slug’s group.

The strange thing is that after these three planets were attacked, they all disappeared from the galaxy where they were located.

Judging by the fact that each of the three planets is larger than the other, Galactic Patrol suspect that Slug may be replacing his planetary spaceship.

Those three planets should have been transformed into spaceships for their use.

Hearing the report, Lin Chen asked, “What about their whereabouts”

“We have already started the investigation, but Your Majesty Links, the universe is too vast and to find Slug’s group, unless they attack again, otherwise, we may have to spend a lot of time.”

“Take your time.”

Lin Chen also knew that it cannot be hurried, so he didn’t insist on finding Slug’s whereabouts immediately.

Anyway, there is no time limit for this mission.

He can slowly wait while training.


Meanwhile, in some corner of the universe.

A planet covered in thick clouds was flying in space at an astonishing speed.

This planet was the planetary spaceship transformed by Slug and his group.

Inside a palace on the surface of the planet, Slug, who Lin Chen was looking for, was listening to a report from his subordinates.

“King Slug, one more week’s travel and we will reach our destination.”


Sitting on the throne, a tall Namekian nodded.

This Namekian was Slug.

Compared to Piccolo, Slug was more tall and sturdy.

He has recovered his youth and his body contains pure energy.

And standing below Slug were several of his capable subordinates.

Some of these people were natives of Planet Slug, who became Slug’s followers.

And some of them were demon race subordinates given birth by Slug himself.

Most of them were dressed in demon race or Planet Slug’s clothes, except for a short, purple-skinned alien wearing a Frieza Force battle suit, who stood out from the crowd.

Hearing the subordinate’s report, one of them said to the man in the battle suit: “Lakasei, is Turles’ treasure going to be on this planet”

When the alien named Lakasei heard this, he immediately smiled and said: “Lord Dorodabo, I can’t guarantee this.

Turles didn’t trust anyone, only he knew the real location of the treasure, so we can only search for it one by one…”

“Looking for it one by one Wouldn’t it take a lot of time” The demon warrior named Dorodabo was said in dissatisfaction.

But at this time, Slug on the throne suddenly let out a rumbling laugh: “Time… Hehehe, I’m not short of time now.

Dorodabo, we don’t need to hurry.”

“Yes, my lord…” Dorodabo immediately lowered his head.

“But…Lakasei, although I have plenty of time, I can’t just arbitrarily waste it.

If in the end, we can’t find Turles’ treasure, or there is no such thing as Turles treasure, you understand the consequences… …”

“Don’t worry, my lord! The seeds of Tree of Might are definitely in Turles’ treasure! This news is definitely not wrong!”

Slug snorted coldly and his dark eyes turned to look at the screen, his thoughts turning to the Tree of Might just mentioned.

As revealed by the conversation between the two of them, this alien named Lakasei used to be a subordinate of Saiyan Turles.

Although Turles and his main army was   destroyed on Planet Vegeta, in other parts of the universe, there were actually still left surviving subordinates of Turles.

After learning that Turles was dead, these people scattered, but Lakasei defected to Slug and brought him an exciting piece of news.

In the past, in order to guard against the counterattack by the aborigines when growing the Tree of Might, resulting in failure in growing it, Turles kept Tree of Might’s seed as a backup.

In addition to this seed, some of Tree of Might’s fruits that Turles harvested in the past were also preserved by him for emergencies.

These things are stored together, which the remnants of Turles call Turles’ treasure.

And in Lakasei’s hands, there are clues about its whereabouts.


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