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Lin Chen, after Slug came a few days ago, he forcibly seized the dragon balls of Planet Namek and summoned Porunga.”

“He then fulfilled three of his wishes through Porunga.”

“The first wish was to let him regain his youth.”

“The second wish was to have a much longer life than before.”

“And the third wish gave Slug the recovery powers of an almost immortal body.

As long as the core of his brain still exists, he can recover his body without any limits.”

As he listened to what the Great Elder was saying, Lin Chen began to frown, filled with doubts.

“Great Elder, why didn’t you call me or Planet Vegeta when Slug invaded Why did you just let him take the dragon balls”

Lin Chen had promised the Great Elder that he would protect Planet Namek.

If they sought help at that time, even if Lin Chen was not around, the people on Planet Vegeta would have rushed over to provide them support.

From what Great Elder is saying, Slug should have been old and in waning health at that time, so even though he is a Super Namekian, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Then, why did they silently endure it until he made his wishes before contacting him

Lin Chen just found it a little inconceivable.

Being asked by Lin Chen, Great Elder fell into silence and after a while, he suddenly said to Nail: “Nail, I want to talk to Lin Chen alone, please leave first.”


Nail obediently left.

Then the Great Elder said, “Mr.

Lin Chen, when Slug came, I told Nail and the others not to ask you for help, and I also asked all Elders to hand over the dragon balls to Slug.”

“What Why” Lin Chen was puzzled.

Great Elder sighed: “Mr.

Lin Chen, to be honest, Slug is actually my child…”


“When Planet Namek encountered a natural disaster, in order to continue the survival of our race, many Namekians like me gathered all our essence and gave birth to children before sending them to outer space, hoping to preserve Namekian’s bloodline.”

“Kami of your planet, and Slug are all such children, but it is a pity that among these children, very few of them survived in the end.”

“Back then Slug had escaped to a planet called Slug.

I sent him there because the people on that planet were weak, and even though he was a child, Slug could survive.”

“But unfortunately, I missed one thing, and that is Planet Slug was actually a planet where the law of the jungle prevails! The evil thoughts on that planet turned Slug into a pure evil Namekian!”

When the Great Elder said this, he let out a long sigh.

Lin Chen crossed his arms and silently listened to this unknown past.

“Planet Slug does not see sunlight all year round.

The sky above the planet is always covered by dense clouds, so the resources on that planet are very insufficient.

In order to survive, the creatures on the planet kill all day long to survive.”

“The young Namekian was like a blank piece of paper, easily affected by the external environment.

It was at that time that Slug was contaminated with too much evil, and thus became the pure evil Namekian he is today.”

Lin Chen agreed with the words of the Great Elder.

Wasn’t Earth’s Kami infected by the evil deeds of the earthlings which gave birth to Great Demon King Piccolo, his evil counterpart

Slug clearly encountered more evil deeds than Kami, so he became a pure evil Namekian, unlike Earth’s Kami, who could retain a kind heart through his counterpart.

Hearing this, Lin Chen said, “Great Elder, is it because of guilt that you let Slug use the dragon balls”

Great Elder sighed and said, “That’s right.

When Slug came to the planet and asked for the dragon balls, I recognized him immediately.

At that time, in order to make Slug change, I told him about his past, hoping he could turn over a new leaf.

After Slug heard me out, he told me that if I wanted him to turn over a new leaf, I had to give him the dragon balls.

But I didn’t expect that the evil in Slug’s heart was too strong…”

You are too naive…

Lin Chen muttered in his heart.

He didn’t expect that even the so-called wisest Great Elder would become a fool when facing a family member.

“After regaining his youth, Slug left without harming Namekians, but not long after that, I heard that he started to reorganize his Forces and many planets have been attacked by him…”

“Because of me…I allowed Slug to become stronger.

Those people’s deaths are all my fault… So Mr.

Lin Chen, please, find Slug and stop him from continuing to do evil!”

Deal with Slug

Lin Chen pondered for a while.

According to what was shown in the dragon ball movie, as a Super Namekian, Slug is said to be even stronger than Frieza and Super Saiyan.

Of course, in the end, his performance in the movie was just that.

But in the end, this is a real world different from the original work.

It is hard to say how strong Slug is…

“Ding! Congratulation host for triggering the strongest choices.”

“Choice one: Reject Great Elder.

Reward: 1 Time Point.

“Choice two: Promise Great Elder and look for Zuno to confirm the location of Slug and kill him quickly.

Reward: Namekian’s regeneration ability.”

“Choice three: Find Slug without using any outside forces and bring him back to Planet Namek alive.

Reward: Introduction to Psychic powers, Beginner Telekinesis.”

Seeing that the selection system was triggered again, Lin Chen was slightly taken aback.

If he rejects the Great Elder, he can obtain a Time Point, but he doesn’t even have to think about it.

So, he should consider the next two choices.

The two choices can be understood literally, one is a quick solution and the other is time-consuming and needs great efforts.

But the rewards corresponding to the two choices are a bit interesting.

There is no need to explain the Namekian’s regeneration ability.

It is second only to the regeneration ability of Majins.

If Lin Chen can obtain it, coupled with his Legendary Super Saiyan’s physique, the final effect wouldn’t be weaker than Cell’s regeneration ability.

As for psychic power, Lin Chen thought about it and quickly understood.

In the dragon ball world, there are actually four types of powers.

One is pure body’s strength, or physical strength.

Punching and kicking, all these rely on this kind of power to work.

Another is the power of Ki; energy waves, and energy balls, all of these work on this power.

Both of these can be regarded as physical attack power.

There are also two other kinds of power, which touch upon mental level.

One power is magic, and Majin Buu and Wizard Babidi are very good at this power.

The second power is psychic power.

In dragon ball’s plot, Chiaotzu is the representative of psychic power, and Frieza seems to also have psychic power.

In the original work, he used psychic power to kill Krillin.



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