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Planet Vegeta.

Since Tights had come, Lin Chen accompanied her around Planet Vegeta and the surrounding planets, and then asked Hanasia to accompany Tights, who had just mastered Instant Transmission on an adventure in the universe.

While he himself resumed training.

After a period of meditation training, Lin Chen could faintly feel that his mental strength had improved a lot compared to before.

The result of this training was very notable.

Therefore, Lin Chen plans to concentrate on training and make a breakthrough.

It just so happens that on Earth, Goku and others’ adventures have come to an end, and the next major storyline will be the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament in three years.

“I’ve heard that Goku has gone to Korin Tower.

Although there wouldn’t be any plot, it should have no effect on Goku’s strength.”

After thinking about the matters of Earth, Lin Chen again put his focus on his current training.

Mental training is a kind of training with a strong burden, and unlike physical training, where you can just eat a Senzu Bean when you are injured and tired, after mental training, you can only rely on the passage of time to let your mind relax and recover.

Other than that, there is no other way.

However, mentioning this, it is not that there is no other way.

In fact, for mental power, there is something that is effective similar to Senzu Bean, allowing mental power to recover quickly.

It is the Tree of Might’s fruit.

Lin Chen already verified this with the last few Tree of Might’s fruits in his system space.

Although, Tree of Might’s fruits wouldn’t improve the current Lin Chen’s strength much.

But it is a nourishing sacred fruit for mental power.

Just take a bite and it can instantly restore the depleted mental power.

“Sigh, if I knew this thing is so useful, I wouldn’t have destroyed the Tree of Might in the first place…”

Lin Chen scratched his head, and couldn’t help but regret his impulsive action at that time.

Should I go look for an Eternal Dragon someday and let it create some Tree of Might’s fruits for me

While thinking about it, Lin Chen walked towards the council hall.

During these days, to relax his mind after each training, he would go to the council hall to watch King Vegeta and Paragus handle administrative affairs, and at the same time to relax, he would also put forward his own opinions and experience the feeling of being a king.

But before he could leave the palace, he saw King Vegeta and Paragus coming towards his palace as if they were looking for him.

“Your Majesty Links! The thing you left behind suddenly lit up.

Maybe something happened on Planet Namek.”

King Vegeta took out a green crystal ball similar to the dragon ball and said.

Lin Chen glanced at it and recognized that the crystal ball was something he had been when he left Planet Namek last time.

At that time, Namekians had told him that it was a communication ball they created using Porunga’s wish.

There were two communication balls in total.

No matter in which corner of the universe he is in, he can use it to communicate with them.

If the communication ball glows, it means that Planet Namek has encountered a crisis and needs Lin Chen’s help immediately.

When Lin Chen went to the parallel universe, he gave the communication ball to King Vegeta and the others and let them watch over it.

Sure enough, after Lin Chen took the crystal ball, he could see that the crystal ball was emitting a faint blue light at a regular rhythm.

Did something happen on Planet Namek

“King Vegeta, I’ll go take a look at Planet Namek.”

After saying that, Lin Chen immediately cast Instant Transmission.

Planet Namek, it is the origin of everything.

It is only by relying on Great Elder’s Unlock Potential that Lin Chen had the capital to fight with King Vegeta for the throne.

Therefore, Lin Chen deeply respects Namekians.

However, when Lin Chen rushed over to Planet Namek, he found that things didn’t seem to be what he thought.

Before teleporting, Lin Chen thought that Planet Namek might have been invaded by someone.

But when he arrived, he found that everything here was as calm as before.

There was no smoke or gunfire on the planet, and no evil aura could be sensed.

What’s going on

Filled with doubts, Lin Chen performed Instant Transmission again and arrived at Great Elder’s home.

There were also no signs of a fight here.


Just as Lin Chen was about to land, Great Elder’s house opened and Nail walked out from inside, and bowed towards Lin Chen in the sky.


Lin Chen, Great Elder has been waiting for a long time.”


Nail, what’s going on Wasn’t there an invasion by enemies”

“Everything is fine on Planet Namek.

It was Great Elder who asked Mr.

Lin Chen for help with some personal matters.”

“Personal matter”

“Great Elder will tell you in detail.”

Lin Chen didn’t ask any further, instead he followed Nail to Great Elder’s house.

“Long time no see, Great Elder.”

After not seeing him for several years, the Great Elder was looking much older.

In fact, Lin Chen, who is familiar with the storyline, knows that Great Elder’s lifespan was coming to an end.

“Long time no see, Mr.

Lin Chen.

You’ve gotten stronger than before.”

Great Elder opened his eyes slightly, then closed them again.

Lin Chen asked, “Great Elder, why did you suddenly contact me I heard from Nail just now that you need my help for a personal matter”

“Yes, I looked for you because I hope that  Mr.

Lin Chen can deal with a person for me.

It’s a Namekian…”

“Namekian” Lin Chen said in surprise.


Lin Chen…”

Great Elder sighed softly: “In fact, not long ago, Planet Namek welcomed an unfamiliar yet familiar visitor.

That visitor is the Namekian I want you to deal with! A pure evil Namekian…”

“Evil Namekian”

Lin Chen was stunned for a moment, and a name suddenly popped in his mind.

Speaking of a purely evil Namekian, in his impression, apart from the Great Demon King Piccolo, who is still sealed on Earth, there is only one person left…

Super Namekian…


The Great Elder was slightly surprised: “Mr.

Lin Chen also knows him Oh yeah, after all Slug used to be one of the overlords who used to compete with the Frost Demon race for universe hegemony.

It’s normal that you’ve heard of him.”

It’s really Slug

Lin Chen pondered for a while, recalling the information about him.

Slug is a character from a Dragon Ball movie.

Like Kami of Earth, he is a Namekian who was sent to an alien planet to escape during the Planet Namek’s catastrophe.

But unlike Kami, Slug’s evil heart is stronger and purer.

He is a Super Namekian with an evil heart!


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