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After being stunned for a brief moment, Commander Red burst into fury.

“That good-for-nothing Violet! Pass down my order and call all the elite members back to the headquarters immediately and the assassin Mercenary Tao!”

“I am going to let these people who dare to fight against us understand that the Red Ribbon Army is undefeatable in the world!”


Red Ribbon Army immediately went into full swing.

The mobilization capability of an organization that can rival the world government is naturally no trivial matter.

Soon, several generals of the Red Ribbon Army, who were scattered around the world, as well as the world’s top assassin Mercenary Tao, gathered at the headquarters.

“Humph! It’s such a trivial matter!”

Mercenary Tao revealed a look of disdain when he heard that the Red Ribbon Army was entrusted with killing an unrestrained boy and kidnapping Dr.

Brief from Capsule Corporation.

“Forget it, you can do whatever you want, but I won’t take less pay.”

“Of course.” Commander Red nodded.

Although Mercenary Tao is only his final trump card, just in case, he wouldn’t try to save money.

While, besides Mercenary Tao, the rest of the generals also took the mission lightly.

In their opinion, for the unparalleled Red Ribbon Army, how difficult could it be to deal with a brat and a scientist

However, these people probably would not have imagined that while they were gathering together, a figure flew over and arrived near their headquarters.

“Is this the headquarters of the Red Ribbon Army”

It was Tights who had arrived.

Although Tights can teleport now, she was still not proficient in Ki Sense, so except for familiar people’s aura, it is difficult for her to distinguish the aura of strangers.

So, she didn’t use Instant Transmission, instead she flew over directly.

As soon as Tights approached, reconnaissance planes of the Red Ribbon Army spotted her.

It’s just that the people on the reconnaissance plane were all stunned when they saw Tights flying over.

“Some….Someone is flying in the sky!”

“Ahhh, hurry up and notify the headquarters!”

These reconnaissance planes had just sent the message below when they were easily shot down by Tights.

The sound of the plane exploding in the sky immediately reached the bottom.

And one of the reconnaissance planes fell directly on the Red Ribbon headquarters base.

The violent explosion caused everyone in the room to feel the tremors!

“What’s going on What’s going on outside” Commander Red said angrily.

“Commander! Enemy attack! We were attacked!” An officer replied.

“What Who dares attack us Red Ribbon Army”

At this moment, a woman’s voice suddenly resounded in the entire Red Ribbon’s base.

“Red Ribbon Army! You think you can provoke us Brief family”

Boom, boom, boom!

Energy Waves fell from the sky onto Red Ribbon Army’s base like artillery shells, instantly destroying most of the base.

Before everyone, including Commander Red, could react, the place where they were was engulfed by the explosion.

They didn’t have the time to react in the slightest.

Tights breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the base under her feet turned into ruins.

Although her current Power Level has already surpassed 10,000 and in terms of absolute strength, she may already be the strongest on Earth, but this was her first time killing someone.

However, Tights’ mind quickly calmed down.

After all, the ones she killed were heinous criminals.

“It’s all Lin Chen’s fault.

It seems that after being together with him, my personality has somewhat become like a Saiyan.”

After Tights grumbled, she teleported away.

Who would have thought that the Red Ribbon Army, which was supposed to have a chain of events with Goku, had to withdraw from the stage early because of the disruption caused by Tights.

When Tights left, after an unknown time, an old man arrived at the ruins of Red Ribbon Army’s base.

“A nightmare… Could this be a nightmare Our Red Ribbon Army was wiped out in an instant Who was it Who did it”

Just then, the old man saw that among the piles of ruins, a corpse was holding a picture in hand.

The person in the photo was Goku who destroyed the Muscle Tower!

“Is it this kid Unforgivable! I, Gero, swear that I will use these hands to avenge the Red Ribbon Army!”


Suddenly, a broken hand emerged from the ruins.


Gero turned around to look and his eyes widened.

“You… it’s you Humph! Just in time! If it is you, I would definitely be able to make a successful work!”

On the other side, tracking the whereabouts of dragon ball, Goku arrived under the Korin Tower and accidentally met the Bora family.

Not only did he find his Grandpa’s four-star ball because of this, but he also learned that the tall tower was actually the Korin Tower that Bulma once mentioned!

“Korin Tower I once heard from a friend that there seems to be an immortal in the tower”

“That’s right.

Legend has it that if you can climb the tower with your own strength and drink the sacred water given by the immortal, your strength will greatly increase!”

“Great! This really is the place!”

Goku became excited when he thought of the immortal in the tower that Bulma had mentioned to him, and the Lookout above the Korin Tower.

He immediately jumped up the tower and began to climb towards the top of the Korin Tower.

Although it was different from the original story, Goku still crossed paths with Korin in Korin Tower.

In the future, it is possible for him to get Korin’s permission to go to the further up Lookout……

“Ding! Confirming that the history has been corrected.

Congratulation host for obtaining 1 Time Point!”


On the faraway Planet Vegeta, Lin Chen was doing meditation training with Hanasia.

This is Image Training that Krillin and Gohan underwent on the way to Planet Namek in the original work.

The two of them trained during meditation.

Although in the original work, this training method was only used by Krillin and Gohan because they could not train due to their situation.

But, in fact, this method can train mental strength.

So, it was used by Lin Chen as a training method to temper his spirit.

It’s just that his training has been going well, but suddenly he heard the system prompt.

What’s happening

Are pies falling from the sky

Strange, how did I obtain a Time Point

“System What’s going on here”

“Ding! Because of the influence of people connected with the host, if history gets corrected, Time Points can also be obtained.”

Someone connected with me Who And what did they do

Lin Chen’s doubts didn’t get clear until Tights teleported over from Earth.

Knowing that the storyline which got messed up by Tights’ actions, finally went back on the right track, Lin Chen couldn’t help but admire the correcting power of history.


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