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Eventually, Tights took a deep breath and noticed other’s gazes.

She stuck out her tongue in embarrassment and put her fingers between her eyebrows.

The next moment, the people in her surroundings who were still shocked, found that Tights had disappeared again.

If it can be explained by blurriness before, then this time, everyone was sure that they had seen it.

Immediately, a scream resounded at the scene.

While Tights, who caused this small disturbance, was at the top of a nearby building at the moment.

After being away from Earth for several months, Tights has returned after having learned Instant Transmission from Yardratians.

Not seeing her family for a long time has made her miss her parents quite a bit, so she immediately began to sense the location of her family.

“Umm…Bulma and the others are all at home Strange, this Ki, is Bulma fighting”

Sensing that Bulma’s aura was slightly chaotic, Tights frowned in confusion.

Just then, an explosion suddenly sounded in the distance, barely audible and there were countless screams and gunshot sounds.

“What’s happening”

Tights frowned and immediately teleported.

When she appeared again, she had already appeared in a familiar home.

As far as her eyes could see, it was the scenes of battle.


Brief and his wife were hiding behind a table, while Tights’ sister, Bulma, was fighting a purple-haired female soldier.

Tights was about to help her, but found that Bulma and the female soldier were fighting back and forth, and it looked like she didn’t need help.

So she greeted her parents first: “Dad, Mom, what’s going on”

“Ah Tights You are back”

“Tights baby, let Mommy take a look at you.”

When they saw their eldest daughter, the doctor and his wife forgot their fear, and approached their daughter and greeted her.

Even Bulma couldn’t help turning her head and exclaim, “Sister!”

“Chance!” Seeing this, the female soldier immediately wanted to sneak attack Bulma, but Tights extended her palm and released Ki towards her.

As if struck by an invisible vehicle, the female soldier was sent flying backwards and slam into a wall before fainting.

“Sister, there are enemies outside!”

Hearing Bulma’s cry, Tights walked out, and sure enough, outside Dr.

Brief’s house, an army with a strange logo was exchanging fire with the West City’s security forces.

The security force appeared to be trying to rush into Dr.

Brief’s house to rescue, and the army was stalling for time.

“Hey, you all, this is my home!”

Tights yelled and rushed over, knocking down the soldiers with punches and kicks.

A tank tried to aim its muzzle at Tights, but before it could fire, it was blown into pieces by Tights with an energy wave.

Seeing the chaos on the other side, the security forces wanted to take the opportunity to launch a fierce attack, but when they saw the tank being blown up by a girl, everyone stood still on the spot.

Clapping her hands, Tights went back inside the house.

“Dad, what’s going on What’s that army doing out there”

“You took care of them all Tights, I haven’t seen you for a few months and you’ve become a bad girl…” Dr.

Brief was surprised.

“Shut up! I saved you just now, okay”

In the end, it was Bulma who explained to her sister what had happened.

It turned out that that strange army was the evil Red Ribbon Army, which is currently well-known on Earth!

Red Ribbon Army possess high-tech equipment and immense financial resources, as well as a group of ruthless soldiers, so regular armies are afraid of them.

Recently, Red Ribbon Army has been eyeing Dr.

Brief’s Capsule Corporation.

In recent years, because of the cooperation with Saiyans, besides Hoi-Poi Capsules, Capsule Corporation of Dr.

Brief has successively launched many new products one after another using technology from alien planets.

Such as high-strength alloys, new anti-gravity engines and more.

These new technologies attracted the attention of Red Ribbon Army to Capsule Corporation which was not noticed in the original work and they repeatedly wanted to recruit Dr.


However, the offer of the Red Ribbon Army was rejected by Dr.

Brief without hesitation.

And what followed was today’s attack.

Red Ribbon Army formed a special unit under the command of Colonel Violet, in order to kidnap Dr.

Brief’s family, but it was prevented by the lively Bulma.

Hearing the news, West City’s security forces rushed over and fiercely fought with the Red Ribbon Army outside.

But if Tights hadn’t arrived today, it’s hard to say what the final outcome would have been.

After all, Red Ribbon Army has many experts.

Although Bulma has learned martial arts from Turtle Hermit for a few years, ever since Lin Chen and Tights got married, Bulma has lost interest in martial arts, and even her previous training has begun to decline.

“Damn Red Ribbon Army! They dare to bully our family! Mom, Dad, wait at home, I will go and destroy the Red Ribbon Army!” Tights said while clenching her fists.


“Tights, don’t be impulsive!”

“Yeah, sister, although you seem to have become stronger, even a regular army can’t deal with the other party!”

Hearing what she said, Bulma and the others immediately tried to dissuade her in a loud voice.

“If I don’t take care of them, do you want to live in fear everyday of getting kidnapped, Bulma”

“No, no…” Bulma said blankly.


Brief’s mouth twitched, “It’s possible, Red Ribbon Army is willing to go to any extreme…”

“Sister! Hurry up and take care of the Red Ribbon Army!” Bulma immediately shouted.

“Umm, all right.”

Tights nodded, then walked over to Colonel Violet, who had still not regained consciousness.

“Hey! Don’t play dead! Tell me where the headquarters of the Red Ribbon Army is!”

Violet raised her head and sneered at Tights: “Stop dreaming, I will not betray the   organization…”

Tights didn’t say much, rather directly fired an energy wave, blasting through the wall around Violet.

Seeing the hole that was bigger than her body, Violet shivered and said, “I’ll say it! Please forgive me, I know I was wrong!”


Red Ribbon Army’s headquarters.

Red Ribbon Army, which once had a commanding presence on Earth and terrified countless people, was receiving bad news one after another today.

First, Colonel Silver’s search team was defeated, and the dragon ball was robbed.

Then, shortly afterwards, Muscle Tower in the north was captured.

When the photo of the enemy who captured Muscle Tower came, Commander Red was even more furious: “A little kid Did our proud Red Ribbon Army lose to a little kid”

“It’s unbelievable…” Adjutant Black, Commander Red’s assistant, was also surprised.

It’s just that before they could come back to their senses, another bad news arrived.

Colonel Violet who went to kidnap Dr.

Brief was also completely defeated!


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