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“All of you, let go of me, I’m not finished fighting yet!”

“Your Highness, please hurry back to the spaceship, we need to examine you!”

On the other side, Hanasia was forcibly brought back to the spaceship by a group of Saiyans despite being very reluctant.

In fact, halfway through the flight, Hanasia couldn’t maintain her Super Saiyan state and her Power Level dropped straight to 500,000!

At the same time, on the way back to the spaceship, the rest of the Saiyans also quickly informed Planet Vegeta of the situation.

Now that Hanasia couldn’t transform into Super Saiyan, the only one who can deal with Cooler is Lin Chen!

When they returned to the spaceship, Hanasia was immediately pushed into the medical machine.

The spaceship was equipped with Galactic Patrol’s medical equipment, which could immediately conduct a general physical checkup on Hanasia.

But soon after it was detected that Hanasia was not pregnant, rather she had food poisoning!

“What Food poisoning” When Hanasia heard this news, she was so angry that she almost demolished the machine, but due to the severe pain, she immediately lay down on the medical equipment.

“I’m a dignified Super Saiyan, how could I be poisoned” Hanasia said dispiritedly.

“Queen Hannah, did you eat something secretly today” The alien in charge of the medical staff inquired.

“I…” Hanasia thought for a while and immediately thought of something.

“I seem to have eaten Joy’s fruit…”


The crowd fell down.

Hanasia gave them a strange look and asked, “What’s wrong with you guys”

A female Saiyan jumped up and said, “Your Highness! Joy’s fruit is for Baals! Their planet is heavily polluted! So the food on that planet is contaminated with super heavy metals! Baals’ digestive system is used to those things, so they are fine after eating Joy’s fruit, but lifeforms from other planets will surely die if they eat it!”

“Your Highness, you only had a stomachache maybe because you’re already a Super Saiyan!”

“Ah So that’s why.

I wondered why the fruit was so unpalatable…”

Knowing that Hanasia wasn’t pregnant, but just had food poisoning, Saiyans on the spaceship were relieved but also disappointed.

After all, ever since Lin Chen led Saiyans to start new development like phoenix going through nirvana, the issue of Lin Chen’s heir has become a topic of concern to many Saiyans.

That’s why if the queen was really pregnant, it would have definitely been a big happy event for all Saiyans to celebrate.

At this moment, an alarm sounded in the spaceship.

“Oh no! It’s Cooler!”

“Not good, queen isn’t in any position to fight right now, we have to protect her!”

“Although we will let down the Ifrits, we can only retreat!”

After weighing the pros and cons, Saiyans decided to retreat, and only a few Saiyans whose Power Level exceeded 500,000 decided to stay and buy time for the spaceship to retreat.

Outside the spaceship, Cooler was floating in front of the spaceship.

Seeing no traces of the female Saiyan, his lips curled into a cold smile.

He had suspected that something may have happened to that female Saiyan, and now it seems to be just the case, otherwise why wouldn’t she come out

Taking a deep breath, Cooler shouted, “Woman, Come out! Our fight isn’t over yet!”

The rumbling sound caused the air to vibrate.

A moment later, the hatch of Saiyan’s spaceship opened, and Cooler thought that woman was coming out.

Unexpectedly, the people who appeared in front of him were ordinary Saiyans who were like ants in his eyes.

“Humph! Sure enough, did something happen to that female Saiyan”

“Cooler! Your opponent is us!”

In order to cover the retreat of the spaceship, as soon as the Saiyans appeared, they erupted out with all their strength and threw storm-like energy waves towards Cooler.

But the energy waves could only tickle Cooler.

Seeing these people jumping out like clowns and daring to attack him, and seeing that Saiyan’s large spaceship had turned around to leave, Cooler was even more convinced that something must have happened to the female Saiyan.

Otherwise, with Saiyan’s personality, how could they run away without a fight

Taking advantage of your illness to kill you!

Cooler didn’t care what happened to the other party, as long as it was an opportunity to attack Saiyans, he wouldn’t let it go.


Cooler smiled cruelly, and with a flick of his hand, a large fireball containing enormous amount of energy appeared above his head.

Immediately afterwards, the fireball rushed towards the Saiyans and the spaceship behind them.

Seeing the huge fireball slowly approaching, the Saiyans, who had planned to buy some time, suddenly became desperate.

They shot energy waves which collided with the fireball, but it was completely useless, and all the attacks were swallowed by it.

The spaceship that has turned around hasn’t even been able to start accelerating at this time, and could only watch the huge fireball slowly approach.

Watching the Saiyans heading towards doomsday, Cooler burst into loud laughter.

Killing these Saiyans today is just a prelude to his future destruction of Planet Vegeta.

But just at this moment…

In front of the huge fireball, a figure suddenly appeared.

Sensing the approaching fireball, the figure turned around and looked at it with a imposing look in his eyes.

The next moment, vast yellow-green aura erupted out like a volcano.

In the distance, Cooler saw the sudden appearance of the figure and his eyes froze for a moment, and then without hesitation, he turned around and fled, not looking at what was going to happen to the fireball behind him.

It has to be said that Cooler’s response was extremely sensible.

Because just as he was fleeing with all his strength, the figure that had just appeared extended his hand, and his palms suddenly exerted force, blocking the huge fireball.


The figure then raised his foot and kicked the energy fireball that could destroy the planet into the sky like a ball.

Rumble! !

Moments later, the fireball exploded in outer space, changing the weather of Planet Ifrit.

When the dense energy disappeared, the figure turned around and asked the Saiyans, who were frozen in place, “Where’s Hannah”

“Your Majesty Links!”

The Saiyan warriors came back to their senses.

Their eyes were full of tears as they were about to bow to Lin Chen in the sky.

“It’s fine, don’t waste time, where’s Hannah”

“Queen is on the spaceship! Everyone is safe and sound!” a Saiyan replied.

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, and then asked, “Is she really pregnant”


Hearing this, the Saiyans smiled wryly.

“Your Majesty! Princess Hannah is not pregnant, she just has an upset stomach.”

“Upset stomach” Lin Chen was speechless, and he didn’t know if he was relieved or a little disappointed.

“Go back and take care of the queen, I’ll complete this mission.”

After saying that, Lin Chen turned around and looked in the direction that Cooler had fled.

At first, he planned to go and watch the World Martial Arts Tournament, but he was forced to come here.

I can’t look for Hanasia to talk about this, so I have to inconvenience Cooler.

Anyway, it’s better if all the Frost Demons are dead!

The next second, Lin Chen chased after Cooler.

At the same time, on Cooler’s side, he was running away quickly using almost 100% of his strength, flying back towards his spaceship.

“I am not mistaken! It’s that guy! That guy is the one who killed Frieza!”

When Lin Chen appeared just now, Cooler recognized him immediately.

He hasn’t seen him for a few years, and as expected, the Super Saiyan has become stronger!

Even if it was just a quick glance, Cooler could feel the enormous power contained within the other’s body.

“I-I’m Cooler, the Emperor of the universe! Why Why am I feeling so scared! Unforgivable, unforgivable!”

At this moment, Cooler suddenly heard a sound of whoosh behind him, and when he looked back, he shivered.

Behind him, Lin Chen was like a golden demon, slowly drawing closer to him!

[Author’s digression]: I really wanted to make Hannah pregnant here, but I think it was too early for that, so I had to delay the birth of the protagonist’s child.

As for having an upset stomach, I remember there was something similar in the original work.

Saiyan could have an upset stomach.


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