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“Female Super Saiyan, is she the one who killed Frieza”

Cooler licked his lips with a deep and frightening look in his eyes.

Cooler has been looking for a way to become stronger ever since he learned that Frieza died at the hands of a Super Saiyan.

Unlike Frieza, Cooler has a cautious personality, and he won’t take the initiative to provoke the Super Saiyan until he is absolutely sure of winning.

Because of this, in the past six years when Lin Chen had gone to the parallel universe, Cooler Force has been using the tactic of pulling back their defenses.

But sure enough, it is not good to always be fleeing.

Cooler clenched his fists and whispered, “Since I don’t have enough strength to deal with that Super Saiyan, I’ll deal with you first!”

In an instant, bloodthirsty murderous intent erupted out from him.

“Huh Are you going to attack”

Hanasia sensed Cooler’s murderous intent, and suddenly laughed.

Ever since she could transform into Super Saiyan, she has not been afraid to fight anyone except for Lin Chen.

Even if they are Frost Demons.

Drip, drip, drip, a drizzle suddenly started to fall from the sky, and just as the raindrops fell on the two of them, the two experts Power Level exploded out, surpassing more than 10 million and they suddenly moved.

Bang, bang, bang!

The two of them swiftly moved and collided in mid-air.

For a while, the sound of fists and feet colliding with each other could be heard.

The blurry figures kept flying around like clouds in the sky.

The soldiers on Cooler’s side were completely unable to keep up with the two’s movements, they could only hear loud sounds of collision in their ears.

On the Saiyan’s side, although their eyes were beginning to keep up, many people closed their eyes at this time and began to use their Ki to sense their movements.

Ki Sense!

Since Lin Chen received the mission reward, he gave the general teaching material of Ki Sense to Planet Vegeta and began to spread it all over the planet.

Although it has been only a very short time since he spread it, many of those warriors who often go out on expeditions have already mastered it.

With Ki Sense, they were barely able to keep up with the speed at which the two were fighting.

“Damn it! Damn Saiyan! Why Aren’t the Frost Demons the strongest race in the universe Why can’t I defeat this Saiyan!”

Cooler nearly crushed his teeth.

He has been training ever since he saw his younger brother’s tragic death, but even so, he still hasn’t been able to bridge the disparity with the Saiyan!

Moreover, the one who he is fighting against is only the female Super Saiyan, when the one who killed Frieza is the King of Saiyans, who is the strongest Super Saiyan!

The female Super Saiyan is only in second place!

After 6 years of diligent training, I can’t even defeat the second placed Super Saiyan


Cooler was suddenly punched in the stomach with such a huge force that he almost vomited blood.

But what was more difficult for Cooler to accept than the pain was the incomparable humiliation and anger.

“I’m Cooler! The Emperor of the Universe! How can I lose to a woman!”

Watching Hanasia chasing after him, Cooler’s tail suddenly lashed out towards Hanasia’s face, trying to catch her off guard.

This attack was originally just an attack in anger from Cooler, and he didn’t expect any result.

But to his surprise, Hanasia’s movements suddenly slowed down a beat, and she was struck head-on.

Hanasia was sent flying like a cannonball, and soon turned into a black dot in the sky.


Cooler was stunned.

How did I just now..

On Saiyan’s side, everyone was dumbfounded.

Why did Queen Hanasia suddenly get hit

At this moment, two Saiyans suddenly whispered, “Hey, did you sense it”


“Queen Hanasia’s Ki became weaker.”

“What How is that possible”

In fact, it wasn’t just the two of them.

Saiyan, who had already learned to sense Ki, noticed that Queen Hanasia’s Ki seemed to suddenly weaken.

Some people didn’t believe it, so they picked up the scouter and checked.

Sure enough, they discovered that Hanasia’s Power Level was constantly weakening…

What’s going on

Hanasia was just as puzzled.

She had clearly just warmed up, how could she have gotten weakened

It must be an illusion!

Hanasia once again boosted her aura and again charged towards Cooler, resuming the fight.

After fighting for a while, as Cooler dodged, he found an opportunity and kicked Hanasia’s chest again.

Although Hanasia caught the kick with her hands in front of her chest, she couldn’t get rid of the force of the kick and she was again sent flying far away.

“Queen Hanasia, are you all right”

Someone immediately asked through the communicator.

Hanasia managed to stop her body with great difficulty while her breathing got even worse than before.

“Why is my Ki weakening…”

Hanasia was very puzzled, and at the same time, her hand unconsciously touched her stomach.

Seeing Hanasia’s movement, a female Saiyan’s eyes, who was present at the scene, suddenly lit up and she said to Hanasia in a low voice on the communicator: “Your Majesty! Let’s withdraw for now! Your body may have changed!”

“What What’s wrong with my body”

“Your Majesty, you may be pregnant!”

Hearing the conversation on the communicator, the other Saiyans were stunned.


Many people suddenly realized.

Female Saiyans, once they get pregnant, their Power Level will inevitably weaken.

No wonder Hanasia’s Power Level suddenly started to decrease.

Seeing this, they immediately surrounded Hanasia, and while protecting her, they quickly evacuated the scene.

Anyway, Ifrits convoy had already left, and they had no reason to stay here to fight to the death.

Seeing the Saiyans suddenly retreat, Cooler’s subordinates also returned to Cooler’s side.

Salza asked, “Congratulations, my lord! You defeated that Super Saiyan!”

“Stupid! Didn’t you see that they retreated by themselves”


Cooler cursed loudly and turned around to again look in the direction Saiyans were retreating, feeling suspicious.

Strange, why did that female Super Saiyan suddenly become weaker

Is it a trap

Cooler looked hesitant, not sure what was going on right now.

He wanted to pursue and kill the female Saiyan, and eliminate an obstacle for his full-scale war with the Saiyans in the future, but he was afraid that she was plotting something.

After staring at the Saiyans’ receding backs for a while, Cooler ultimately clenched his fists.

“Salza! Has Ifrits’ database been moved away Once the mission is completed, immediately leave this planet on a spaceship and wait for me in outer space!”

“Lord Cooler, you are…”

“I’m going to deal with those Saiyans!”


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