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Planet Ifrit is a red-coloured planet.

The artillery fire and energy fluctuations from time to time caused the planet to look even more deeper red.

At this time, a large spaceship that Galactic Patrol often uses flew over and stopped above the planet, but unlike the commonly seen Galactic Patrol spaceship, there was no Galactic Patrol’s logo on the spaceship, rather it had a Saiyan logo.

And this spaceship is of the Saiyan Special Squad led by Saiyan Queen Hanasia herself.

It was not Saiyans who were operating the ship, but some astronauts sent by Galactic Patrol to provide support to the Saiyans.

As the spaceship began to enter into the atmosphere, one of them said, “Queen Hannah, Planet Ifrit is down below! We have detected Cooler’s spaceship hovering over the capital of Ifrit!”

“Then let’s go down and deal with them.

Prepare to open the hatch!” Hanasia ordered.

But at this time, the pilot said again: “Wait, Queen Hanasia! Planet Ifrit has sent a request just now, their evacuation convoy is under attack, please rescue them first!”

“What But I want to fight Cooler.” Hannah complained, but then said, “Fine, send us over first.”

At this time, on the ground, artillery fire rumbled and smoke filled the sky.

A convoy of Ifrits escaping from the capital was being toyed with by a group of soldiers from Cooler Force.

Ifrits are demihumans with almost similar physique to Saiyans, but with red hair and pointy ears.

Ifrits are not inherently capable of fighting like the Saiyans, but they are an ancient race with many high-tech technologies.

These technologies have allowed the Ifrits to develop gears similar to Iron Man.

With this equipment, ordinary Ifrits can also have a Power Level of more than 10,000.

So in the universe, Ifrits are not a race to be messed with.

But right now, the situation on the planet is a bit one-sided.

The technological equipment that the Ifrits were so proud of could only scratch their enemies.

Because this time, the enemy the Ifrits were facing was Cooler Force which was famous throughout the universe.

Compared with the former Frieza Force, which mainly relied on the large number of cannon-fodder soldiers and a small number of elites, Cooler Force didn’t have large numbers, but all of them were elites.

The lowest-level soldiers all had a Power Level of more than 10,000.

And the most elite Armored Squadron of Cooler Force, although only has three members, but everyone has a Power Level of more than 100,000.

They were quite infamous in the universe.

Therefore, the disparity between Ifrits and their opponents on the battlefield was very big, and they had almost no ability to fight back.

From time to time, armored Ifrits can be seen disappearing under the opponent’s energy waves.

The Ifrits in the convoy watched in grief and indignation as the warriors who were protecting them fell one by one, but suddenly, they saw a group of human warriors with long tails and black hair flying over!

“Huh” A member of the Cooler Force noticed the unidentified troops in the sky who were flying over and immediately notified his companions while turning on the scouter beside his ear to inspect the other party.

“Lord Salza, it seems that Ifrits reinforcements have arrived! Their Power Level is…”

Before the alien could finish his words, his scouter suddenly exploded.

Immediately afterwards, the scouter of other aliens also exploded because they could not withstand the energy.

Upon receiving the news, Armored Squadron’s Captain Salza, who was commanding the battle at the rear, couldn’t help but fly into the sky, but immediately, he was stunned as he discovered that it was not the Ifrits who attacked, but Saiyans!

“Idiot! It’s Saiyans! Leave those Ifrits alone, get ready to fight!”

Even the famous Armored Squadron doesn’t dare to be careless when they see Saiyans now.

After all, over the past six years, the predicament of Frieza Force has told everyone how strong Saiyans are.

Moreover in the past, Cooler Force also came into contact with Saiyans many times.

But after several battles, it basically ended in Cooler Force’ retreat in defeat.

Salza had fought Saiyans before, especially when he met a Saiyan with a long scar on his face.

That encounter, Salza will never forget, because he almost died at the hands of the other party.

“Lord Cooler! Saiyans are here!”

Just as Salza’s voice fell, those Saiyans had already rushed into the battlefield.

The soldiers of the Cooler Force, who were tyrannizing the Ifrits just now, immediately experienced the grievances of the Ifrits.

Facing the rushing over Saiyan warriors, most of them were not their match.

Especially the female Saiyan leading them, she was like an irresistible force, killing everyone who blocked her way.

The female Saiyan lightly waved her arm and countless energy balls that were as dense as drizzle fell down.

As long as an alien was hit by them, they were turned into sieves.

Cooler Force, which was originally small in number, was suddenly in imminent danger.

But at this moment, a purple shadow flew into the sky.

The power level revealed by the opponent caused all the Saiyans who were in the middle of the battle to stop.

Unlike the scouter equipped by the Cooler Force, the Saiyans were used scouters from Earth, so they could clearly confirm the terrifying Power Level contained in that purple figure!

Power Level: 16 million!

“Queen Hannah! It’s a Frost Demon!”

“I’ve already seen him!”

Hanasia’s eyes gradually became serious.

Although the figure opposite her was purple-coloured, which was completely different from Frieza, who was mainly white, the other’s appearance and long tail looked almost exactly the same as Frieza’s Final Form!

No need to ask and Hanasia knew that her opponent must be the leader of the Cooler Force, Frieza’s eldest brother, Cooler!

“Everyone, step aside, let me deal with him!”

After saying that, Hanasia immediately transformed into Super Saiyan.

“Super Saiyan!”

Looking at the golden figure standing not far away, a trace of anger flashed in Cooler’s eyes.

These damn Saiyan monkeys!

I run into them wherever I go!

Do they want me to attack


The tail behind Cooler slapped against the air with a loud noise.

But he didn’t attack immediately, instead he got into a deadlock with Hanasia.

The tense air stifled the atmosphere at the scene.

Some Saiyan started discussing.

“Is that Cooler What terrifying strength! He is even more powerful than Frieza!”

“Don’t panic, our Queen Hannah now has 18 million Power Level!”

“That’s right! Frieza is already dead, so what is even Cooler”



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