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“You want me to train you” Lin Chen looked at Goku and said coldly.

“Yeah! Big brother, you are so powerful, I want to learn from you!” Goku said with a rarely seen serious look on his face.

“Okay, as long as you can hit me, I will teach you.” Lin Chen said.


Little Goku nodded vigorously, and then he adopted a stance that he was ready to go all out.

But at this time, his stomach suddenly grumbled.

Goku said embarrassedly: “Oh, my stomach is hungry, can you wait for me to find something to eat”

“No need.” Lin Chen threw a Senzu Bean to Goku, “Eat this.”

“What’s this” Little Goku curiously put it in his mouth and chewed, his eyes widening all of a sudden.

“Amazing! I’m actually full! And my strength has been fully restored! What is this”

“This is a Senzu Bean.

You can fill your stomach with just one of them.”

“Brother Lin Chen, do you have any more Can you give me some”

“If you can hit me, I can give you some.”

“Alright then! I’m going to attack!”

Little Goku re-adopted his stance, and after a loud shout, he charged towards Lin Chen.

Although his aura was very powerful, there was quite a disparity in strength.

With Goku’s current strength, even if he wants to hit Lin Chen, it is impossible to do so.

After playing around with Goku for a while, Lin Chen lost his patience.

“I’m going to strike back, be careful.”


As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen’s tail whipped out and without giving Little Goku any time to respond, he was knocked unconscious by Lin Chen’s tail.

“Ah Goku!” Oolong and the others ran over, patted Goku on the head, and woke him up.

“Brother Lin Chen, did you hit too hard just now” Bulma asked, a little puzzled.

Lin Chen shook his head and said to Goku, “Goku, do you understand the disparity between us now We are too far apart.

You can’t learn anything from me, on the contrary, you will likely die while training.”

Little Goku scratched his head, but there was no dejected expression on his face.

He just said regretfully: “Oh, it seems like this…”

Seeing his naive looking face, Lin Chen smiled.

Goku’s simplicity may be one of the reasons why he can grow up so quickly in the future.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen said, “Goku, do you remember Turtle Hermit”

Goku replied: “Are you talking about that old grandpa Of course I remember, he is the second strongest person I’ve ever met besides Brother Lin Chen!”

“You should go look for him for training.

He is your Grandpa’s teacher.

With your current strength, he is the most suitable to train you.

By the way, Bulma has also trained at Turtle Hermit’s place.”

Now that Lin Chen has made a choice, he is not ready to change Goku’s future.

Moreover, Goku can indeed learn a lot of martial arts knowledge from Turtle Hermit.

“Really That’s great, I’ll go to Grandpa Turtle Hermit’s place to train and become stronger!”

“Goku, I’ll go with you too!” Yamcha suddenly said.

“Master Yamcha” Puar said in surprise.

“Puar, I also want to become stronger.

After meeting Lin Chen, I’ve realized how naive I used to be.

I want to become stronger and become someone who will not lose to Lin Chen in the future!”

At least cannot lose to a woman like Bulma…

Yamcha added in his mind.

“Haha, it is going to be quite difficult for you.” Bulma said in amusement.

“Oolong, how about you” Puar asked.

“Ugh… I should forget about it.

Bulma, can I go to the city with you I’ve heard that there are a lot of girls in big cities…” Oolong looked at Bulma and said.

“Well, although you’re horny and disgusting…”

“Just tell me if you will bring me or not!”

Just like this, after everyone decided their future path, they parted ways.

Lin Chen pulled Bulma and Oolong and was the first one to leave with Instant Transmission.

Looking at the three people disappearing, Goku couldn’t help but say: “Brother Lin Chen’s techniques are really amazing.

I didn’t even see how he left.”

“Yeah.” Yamcha also sighed, “There are many powerful people in the world.”


West City, after saying goodbye to Goku and the others, Lin Chen and his group came to Bulma’s house.

Here, Lin Chen also met Tights and Dr.

Brief’s family after a long time.

Six years later, Tights has become more mature and feminine.

Compared to Saiyans, six years was a tough time for Tights, who was an earthling.

Therefore, after seeing Lin Chen, she couldn’t help but tear up.

Looking at Tights, Lin Chen felt apologetic as he hugged her and said seriously: “Tights, we have known each other for so many years.

Will you marry me”

“Um.” Tights quietly nodded like a mosquito.

She had been waiting for these words from Lin Chen for a long time.


At the side, Bulma’s eyes widened in astonishment, “Why so soon”

“Bulma, what are you talking about Tights have been waiting for so many years,” Mrs.

Brief reproached her.

But Bulma stomped hard and angrily stormed into her room.

“Dear, Bulma…”

Tights stared at the receding back of her sister, trying to explain.

But Lin Chen waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, I know how she feels.”

“Then, you……”

Tights knew that Lin Chen already has a Saiyan wife, so she didn’t mind sharing her husband with her sister.

But Lin Chen shook his head and said, “There’s no need to say it, I just treat Bulma as my sister.

In the future, she will meet the right person.”

A month later, West City.

Lin Chen and Tights’ wedding took place.

The wedding was very grand.

After all, Lin Chen’s identity was the King of Saiyans.

Although the wedding was held on Earth, Planet Vegeta prepared many wedding gifts for Lin Chen, including rare gems collected from various planets.

In addition, as people from Lin Chen’s side, Bardock and others were also present, and Hanasia was also present, giving Tights some guidance on the rules of the Saiyan royal family.

On the Tights side, many of her friends had come, including Jaco and others, but it’s a pity that Dr.

Tokunoshin Omori, who invented the first time machine, is already dead.

The wedding lasted for a day.

At night, Lin Chen took Tights into the bridal house.

The bridal house was also in West City, not far from Dr.

Brief’s house.

After Lin Chen decided to marry Tights, he immediately bought it using a diamond the size of a fist.

Before the wedding, the entire villa was renovated.

When Lin Chen and Tights were finally alone, he took out the jar of Fountain of Youth.

“Tights, take a sip of this.”

Although Tights was surprised, she didn’t ask any further questions and took a sip.

After drinking it, she asked, “What is this It smells weird, is it poison”

“This is the Fountain of Youth that I got after I made a wish to Shenron.

One sip can prolong life by hundreds of years.

As a Saiyan, I’ll often travel to and from the universe.

Tights, after you drink this, you don’t have to worry about getting old.”

“When did I worry” Tights smiled embarrassedly.

But in fact, deep down in her heart, she was full of joy.

There is no woman who would not hope to stay young forever and live forever.

“Tights, it’s time for us to go to bed!”

After the joyous event, Lin Chen hugged Tights’ soft and smooth body and whispered in her ear.

The lights in the room immediately dimmed.


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