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Time flies, five years passed in a flash.

On the alien planet called Planet Namek, a shocking water column suddenly surged out from the ocean.

An incomparably huge underwater beast was pushed from the bottom of the ocean to a high altitude by the water column before falling down after flying a thousand meters above the ocean level.

At this moment, a boy with black hair, long tail and immature appearance emerged from the bottom of the ocean and slammed into the enormous beast, instantly killing the enormous beast who was on the verge of death.

The boy then picked up the enormous beast and flew towards the shore.

There, Nail, the strongest among the Namekians, was watching the boy fly over with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Uncle Nail, I’ve won! You don’t have to worry about me going crazy, right” The boy laughed while holding the enormous beast.

“Broly, I’ve seen it.

You can now freely control your anger, which is good.” Nail said expressionlessly.

Although his tone was cold, his words for the other party were full of concern.

After all, as Broly’s guardian, Nail and Broly have been living together for five years.

Watching Broly throw the corpse of the enormous beast on the shore and start a fire to barbecue it, Nail couldn’t help but think of five years ago.

Five years ago, the Saiyan named Links, who had lived on Planet Namek for a while, brought Broly, who was only one year old, to Great Elder.

He not only wanted to give Broly to the Namekians to raise, but also requested to use the dragon balls.

But all this time, what Nail has been unable to understand is that Great Elder actually agreed to all the requests of the other party.

Afterwards, the puzzled Nail once asked Great Elder why he did it, but Great Elder’s answer made Nail slightly confused.

Great Elder actually thought that these two Saiyans might become the saviors of the Namekians in the future


Nail snorted coldly.

He doesn’t know about Links, but this Broly…almost became a murderer who destroyed Planet Namek!

Nail never imagined that a talented expert like Broly would be there in this world.

He is just a child, but Broly’s strength was growing with each passing day.

Fortunately, although his strength increases every day, Broly is an obedient child who rarely causes trouble.

It’s just that sometimes, when encountering danger, Broly would suddenly lose control of his emotions.

Every time he loses control of his emotions, this Saiyan, who is just a child, turns into a crazy demon.

In just the first year that he came here, Nail was still able to suppress Broly.

But in the second year, Broly, who had gone crazy, already possessed a power that far surpassed Nail’s.

Fortunately, when that Links came to Planet Namek, he seemed to have a hunch that Broly might lose control of his emotions.

When he summoned the Planet Namek’s divine dragon, he used a wish to create a Flute of Tranquility that could appease anyone who is mad and calm their mind, and gave it to Great Elder.

Relying on this flute, Planet Namek escaped the fate of being destroyed by Broly several times.

Just as Nail was recalling the past, Broly had already eaten the entire enormous beast.

He patted his bulging belly with a look of contentment.

“Uncle Nail, I’m full.

I left you a piece of meat, do you really not want to eat it”

“I’ve said it before that Namekians just need sunlight and water.”

“Okay…then I’ll eat it myself!”

Nail watched Broly eating with great relish, and the corners of his mouth slightly curled up involuntarily.

Although a demon, Broly is still a good child overall, and he is actually very popular with the Namekians as long as he doesn’t become crazy.

“Speaking of which… Broly, it seems it will soon be five years.” Nail said suddenly.

Hearing this, Broly put down the piece of meat in his hand: “Really Uncle Nail, is Brother Links coming out”

“It’s possible, do you want to go take a look”


Broly ate the last piece of meat at once and flew away, and without waiting for Nail, hurried to somewhere in the depths of the ocean.

Nail didn’t stop him either, rather flew over together.

Planet Namek is an island planet.

Most of the planet’s surface is covered with green oceans, and in the depths of the largest ocean area, a sphere of light has appeared here since five years ago.

For the past five years, this sphere of light has been like a miniature sun, illuminating the surrounding waters with brightness.

If there were people who can sense Ki around, they will find that from the inside of the sphere of light, there was a powerful aura spreading out faintly.

After flying for a long time, Broly and Nail finally arrived at the ocean area where the sphere of light was located.

Across the ocean, Broly immediately noticed the differences from before.

“It’s true! Uncle Nail, Brother Links’ Ki is stronger than before! It seems he’s about to wake up.”

A bead of sweat oozed out from Nail’s forehead.

Without Broly reminding him, he had already sensed the changes underneath.

That Saiyan’s aura was indeed much stronger and scarier than before.

Damn it! What has that Saiyan been doing down below for the past five years

Just as Broly and Nail were floating above the ocean, in the sphere of light under the ocean.

Lin Chen’s consciousness was gradually awakening.

Five years ago, after Lin Chen arranged everything, he began to merge with the Legendary Super Saiyan’s bloodline in the deep ocean of ​​Planet Namek.

In the past five years, his consciousness has been completely stripped of his body, while his body was shattered in the sphere of light, then it was rebuilded and reborn.

Finally! After five years, his body was finally rebuilt.

The next moment, an immense power pulled Lin Chen’s consciousness back into his body.

In the sphere of light, a green light flashed, and Lin Chen, who had been sleeping for five years, finally opened his eyes.

“Ding! The host has successfully merged with the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline!”

After Lin Chen opened his eyes, the first thing he heard was the robotic-sound of the system.

He tightly clenched his fists, a little happy.

Finally, it succeeded!

I really didn’t expect that it would take five full years just to merge with a Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline!

I really don’t know if this system is not that impressive, or is it too difficult to merge with the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline

At this moment, the system actually spoke again.

“Reminding the host that the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline of the host is a perfect bloodline!”

“Although it took five years, it has also eliminated the after-effects of the Legendary Super Saiyan’s uncontrollable power, and the host doesn’t have to worry about losing his mind in the future!”


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