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As Pilaf’s voice fell, the seven dragon balls suddenly began to emit intense light rays, reaching the sky.

“Rumble! Rumble!”

Golden lightning, like angry electric snakes, struck down from the black night sky and hit the seven dragon balls.


As a dragon roar resounded through heaven and earth, the green figure of Shenron appeared above the night sky.

“Those who have gathered the dragon balls, tell me thy wish! I can help you realize any wish…”

The rough and resounding voice like a gong’s sound as it spread throughout the wilderness.

Almost everyone present at the scene were seeing Shenron for the first time and couldn’t help but be startled, becoming speechless for a moment.

However, Pilaf quickly relaxed and opened his mouth, excited to speak his wish.

But at this moment, a figure suddenly descended from the sky and waved his hand towards Pilaf’s group.

The next moment, a strong wind flattened the ground and directly swept Pilaf and the others into the sky, blowing them away!

Immediately afterwards, the figure extended its fingers towards Oolong and Puar who were rushing towards the dragon balls.

An invisible aura suddenly knocked into them, pushing Oolong and Puar directly back to the vicinity of the castle.

“Huh Who is that person”

“What’s going on”

“What is happening”

Hearing the strange activities from outside, Bulma and the others, who were already in despair, rushed over and tried to see what was happening outside from the small hole.

Finally, the three of them squeezed in front of the hole and their eyes fell on the figure.

“He is……”

Tears suddenly appeared in Bulma’s eyes.

Although he was quite far away, she had already recognized that person’s back.

It’s him!

He is back!

It was Lin Chen who drove away Pilaf and his group and stopped Oolong and the others.

In the original work, Oolong made the wish to Shenron, where he took advantage of a loophole to wish for a pair of underwear and Lin Chen naturally wouldn’t let him waste Shenron’s wish like this.

And it just so happened that Lin Chen already had his own plans for Shenron’s wish.

He flew over in front of Shenron and made a wish: “Shenron, I want to ask first, can you make people immortal”

“Even Gods cannot achieve immortality.

I can’t fulfill this wish.”

Sure enough! Hearing Shenron’s answer, Lin Chen thought so.

Shenron’s powers have limits, and something like immortality seems to have already surpassed the powers of Shenron.

Lin Chen made this wish in the hope that he and the people he cares about can live forever, but since Shenron can’t do it, it doesn’t matter.

He still has alternative plans.

“Then do you know any method that can prolong life”

“In the Yellow Springs in the underworld, there is a divine water called the Fountain of Youth.

It is the material used by gods to make the elixir of life, and mortals can drink it to prolong their life.”

“Fountain of Youth Well, I want it!”

“Thy wish is very easy!”

The next moment, Shenron’s eyes glowed with red light and a silver jar suddenly fell from the sky and floated into Lin Chen’s hands.

Lin Chen opened the jar and saw that there was some colorless, odorless and unknown liquid inside.

If one person took one sip, it would have the portions for about three to five people.

“Thy wish has been fulfilled, then goodbye.”

After saying that, Shenron re-transformed into seven dragon balls in mid-air, and after spinning a few times in the sky, they flew towards all parts of the world.

Putting the Fountain of Youth into the system space, Lin Chen turned to look at the castle where Goku and the others were still imprisoned.

Now that I have shown myself, I should meet them.

Lin Chen smiled and then flew towards the castle.

Seeing Lin Chen fly over, both Oolong and Puar were startled.

They hurriedly turned into small animals and rushed back into the hole in the prison cell from where they came out.

“Not good, not good! That weird person outside is coming over here!” Oolong shouted in fear as soon as he returned back to his original appearance.

“Don’t worry, I know that person.” Bulma had stopped crying and said with a calm expression on her face.

After a while, the wall broke open and Lin Chen flew into the prison cell.


“Brother Lin Chen!”


Bulma wanted to jump into Lin Chen’s arms, but he caught her with both hands and put her back on the ground.

Lin Chen stroked Bulma’s head like in the past and said to her, “Bulma, long time no see.”

“Brother Lin Chen, I’m no longer a child.”

Lin Chen smiled and did not speak, instead he looked at the others.

Seeing that Lin Chen had broken in so easily, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar greeted Lin Chen respectfully, their expressions stiff.

On the contrary, Goku looked curious, and his face was full of naivety.

“Big brother, you are so powerful.

I could only make a small hole in this wall with all my strength, but you actually broke it open.”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “As long as you train diligently, you can do it too.”

“Train diligently But I’ve been training since my Grandpa died… ah! You also have a tail!”

Goku exclaimed, staring at the tail wrapped around Lin Chen’s waist.

“Is this a real tail”

“That’s right.”

Lin Chen pulled out the tail wrapped around his waist and shook it behind him: “I am a Saiyan just like you.”


“Mommy, they are aliens”

Yamcha and the other two immediately stood upright against the wall.

Little Goku looked at Lin Chen in puzzlement.

At this moment, a rumbling sound suddenly came from the distance.

Bulma took a step outside the wall and glanced over before immediately shrinking back.

“Brother Lin Chen! Those people have returned again!”

Outside the castle, a huge robot was rushing towards the castle.

Sitting inside were Emperor Pilaf and his group, who had been sent flying by Lin Chen before.

“Damn it! Give back my dream of ruling the world!”

Emperor Pilaf yelled and slammed down a red button on the control panel.

The robot immediately raised its right arm and a thick cannon’s barrel extended out from the arm.


The next moment, an artillery shell flew towards the castle.

“Be careful!” Yamcha yelled, then tightly held Puar and fell to the ground.

As if his life was depending on it, Oolong was trying to squeeze into Yamcha’s arms.

Only Lin Chen, Bulma and Goku stood still.

Bulma believed in Lin Chen, while Goku didn’t understand what it was.

But a second later, a huge explosion erupted out from where the artillery shell had fallen.

The tall castle was razed to the ground in an instant.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Looking at the disappearing castle, Pilaf laughed crazily.

Shu and Mai wanted to cry but had no tears: “Lord Pilaf, all our wealth was still in the castle…”

“Shut up! What money! If I didn’t kill them, it would be hard to dispel the hatred in my heart!”

However, as soon as Pilaf’s voice fell, his eyes widened.

Behind him, Shu and Mai’s mouth opened wide as they stared at the monitor with wide eyes.

They saw Lin Chen, who was completely unscathed, slowly float up from the ruins of the castle.



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