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Saying goodbye to Turtle Hermit, the adventures of Goku and Bulma continued.

Just like the original work, they got the fifth dragon ball in a small mountain village harassed by monsters, and at the same time caught a pig-head called Oolong.

In order to prevent Oolong from continuing to do evil, they tied Oolong and brought him together on their journey and met Yamcha, the desert bandit.

After a fierce fight, Goku and his group continued on the journey, while Yamcha, unwilling to accept his defeat, followed them from far behind.

As the adventure went on, no one, including Bulma, noticed that there had actually been someone watching their adventure silently above them.

This person is Lin Chen who has come to Earth.

When he found that the storyline of Dragon Ball was about to start, Lin Chen immediately arrived on Earth and with a thinking as if he was on a pilgrimage, silently watched the great adventures of Goku and his group without anyone finding out.

Although the adventure below, because of Bulma becoming strong, made the process somewhat different from what Lin Chen previously knew of, but fortunately the difference was not big.

On this day, when Goku and his group solved the troubles at Fire Mountain and started looking for the last dragon ball, Lin Chen suddenly discovered that besides himself, there were other people watching Goku and his group from a distance.

“This Ki, is it Bardock So he’s actually on Earth”

Sensing the other party’s aura, Lin Chen smiled faintly and teleported over.

Sure enough, at an altitude of almost 10,000 meters, Lin Chen saw Bardock, who he hadn’t seen in six years.

Beside him, there was a female Saiyan.


Bardock and the female Saiyan were startled when they heard someone calling him next to them.

But when they found out that it was actually Lin Chen, the shock turned to joy.

“Your Majesty Links, you’ve returned!”

“Yeah.” Lin Chen nodded, “I wondered why didn’t I see you on Planet Vegeta, so you came to Earth”

“Your Majesty Links, this is my wife Gine, we actually came to see Kakarot.”

After Bardock’s explanation, Lin Chen realized that in the past six years, Bardock and Gine managed to find time to come to Earth to see their child every year.

After Planet Vegeta was shifted over, one can arrive on Earth in just one week using Galactic Patrol’s latest high-speed spacecraft.

It’s just that they only quietly observed his growth from a distance every time.

“Bardock, are you trying to bring Kakarot back to Planet Vegeta”

“No.” Bardock shook his head and smiled at his wife: “Actually, Gine also had this thought, but sending Kakarot to Earth was your idea, Your Majesty.”

“Moreover, I have seen some glimpses of the future, although they are only scattered scenes, but I know that Kakarot will start a new life on Earth in the future, which is very helpful for Kakarot’s growth!”

“Your Majesty, what’s the reason for your visit this time”

“Me I also came to see Kakarot.

The future of this child is limitless.”

“Really” Gine asked excitedly, she couldn’t help but be excited about the future of her child.

Lin Chen nodded: “Yeah, I think, Kakarot may become a Super Saiyan in the future!”

“Super Saiyan”

Gine was stunned for a moment.

That’s the super warrior that only 2 people could transform into on the entire Planet Vegeta.

Her son Kakarot’s current Power Level is only 10, how could he even become a Super Saiyan

“Your Majesty, is this really possible”

“We can only wait and see.

The future of Kakarot will be the Saiyans’ future hope.” This was Lin Chen’s evaluation for Goku.

Both Bardock and Gine were very excited when they heard this.

Since seizing the throne of Saiyan King, Lin Chen’s words have never been wrong.

Since he gave such an evaluation, Kakarot’s future is indeed limitless.

Although Kakarot’s Power Level is still pitifully low, since Lin Chen has said so, then he will eventually have the possibility of reversal.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.

Hearing you say that is enough.

Then, Gine and I will go back first.” Bardock prepared to leave.

“Don’t bother, I’ll send you guys with Instant Transmission.”

Using Instant Transmission to send the Bardock couple back to Planet Vegeta, Lin Chen also gave his potential a boost and Bardock’s Power Level also greatly improved, then he returned back to Earth.

At this time, the story of Goku and the others has also advanced to Emperor Pilaf.

Although Goku has grown a little and had Bulma’s help, the two of them are still very weak.

So both of them fell under the trap of Emperor Pilaf, and their group was captured by Pilaf, and even the seven dragon balls fell into the hands of Emperor Pilaf.

When Lin Chen returned to Earth, Emperor Pilaf was holding the seven dragon balls as he arrived in the square outside his castle.

“Is Shenron going to be summoned again” Lin Chen looked at the scene below and smiled faintly.

If it follows the development of the original storyline, Shenron’s wish will be wasted by Oolong.

Although he planned to watch Goku and their adventures from the side, he has a rare opportunity to use Shenron, and he does not want to miss it.

“Hehehe! I, Pilaf, am going to rule over the world!”

In the square, Pilaf said excitedly.

Beside him, the dog-person Shu and Mai were equally excited.

In the underground prison of the castle, Yamcha and the others were looking resigned.

“My dragon balls!” Bulma was so angry that she went crazy and slammed punches into the wall.

Every time she punched, it made the wall tremble violently, causing Yamcha and the others on the side to become stunned.

They totally didn’t expect that Bulma’s body was hiding a strength even stronger than Goku.

Although Bulma was very angry, her strength had little effect on solid walls.

“Damn it! Why can’t I break it! I’m so pissed! My dragon balls! My wish! Ahhhh!!!”

At this moment, Yamcha suddenly thought of a solution: “By the way, Goku! Use Kamehameha!”

“How did you know I know Kamehameha”

“Stop being so fussy, use it quickly!”

Bulma, who had heard the conversation between the two, suddenly let out a roar like a lioness.


Goku immediately took the stance and aimed at the wall: “Ka…me…ha…me…ha!”

After a white energy wave bombarded out, a small hole appeared in the wall.

Although it can’t let people escape, it could at least allow the little guys like Oolong and Puar to get out.

“Oolong, Puar! It’s all up to you, go get the dragon balls back!”

At the same time, in the square, Pilaf finally summoned the eternal dragon.

“Come out, Shenron!”


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