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The story after that was just like the original work, Goku and Bulma set out on a journey to collect the seven dragon balls.

The only difference from the original work was that because of Lin Chen’s appearance, the current Bulma is no longer a weak girl, but a martial arts expert even stronger than Goku.

After leaving Mount Paozu, they were then attacked by a pterodactyl.

The pterodactyl wanted to catch Bulma and eat her, but when it attacked, it was caught by Bulma and easily dealt with a single blow.

On the contrary, Goku was scolded by Bulma, blaming him for not fulfilling his duty of a bodyguard and allowing her to be attacked.

“Bulma, you are clearly more terrifying than that pterodactyl, why do you want me to protect you”

“What did you say I’m a weak woman!” Bulma yelled.

Goku could only shrug at this.

Next, they encountered bandits and robbers, and Goku finally played his role and dealt with the troublesome guys for her.

During the journey, the relationship between the two became better and better, and Bulma unexpectedly discovered that after several battles, Goku’s Power Level had begun to rise.

“Huh Goku, your Power Level is actually a little higher It’s 11 now.”

“Power Level What is that”

In the evening, Bulma took out a mobile building to spend the night on their way to the East Coast.

After taking a bath, Bulma had picked up the scouter boredly and glanced at Goku, and discovered that the child’s Power Level had changed.

“Power Level is the intensity of your strength, and the higher the number, the more powerful you are,” Bulma explained.

“Is that so Then, what’s your Power Level, Bulma” Goku asked curiously.

“Humph, it’s 20.” Bulma said proudly, “Among ordinary people, no one is my match.”

“Wow! You really are powerful!” Goku said enviously, “Bulma, how did you become so strong”

“Sigh…” Bulma heaved a sigh, “Don’t mention it, I have trained under a horny old man for several years before I got to where I’m today.”

“Horny old man” Goku tilted his head.

“Don’t mention it.” Bulma waved her hand.

“But you, I should say, you are really worthy of being a Saiyan.

You’ve slightly raised your Power Level in just a few days.

If in the future, you keep fighting, you should be able to surpass me soon, right”

“Saiyan” Goku asked, “Bulma, you keep saying I’m a Saiyan, what is a Saiyan”

“Saiyans are actually an alien race, they look like humans, but they all have tails, just like you,” Bulma said.

“Ah I’m not human” Goku touched his head, “No wonder, my grandpa told me before that I actually fell from the sky.”

Bulma was amused by Goku’s words and couldn’t help laughing: “You, if it weren’t for the tail and the innate Power Level, you aren’t like a Saiyan at all.

Most of them are cool… In short, Saiyans are very powerful aliens.

Although you are weak now, you will definitely become stronger in the future.”

Speaking of this, Bulma clapped her hands: “By the way, when we find dragon balls, do you want to visit my house Several Saiyans come to my house every month for work, you can ask them about your birthplace.”

“Okay!” Goku nodded.

The next day, they ran into a turtle that got lost in the mountains, just like in the original work.

Only this time, Bulma not only did not object to Goku saving the turtle, instead she was the first one to recognize the turtle as Turtle Hermit’s turtle.

“You stupid turtle! Turtle Hermit thought you were dead!”

“I can’t do anything about it.

I didn’t expect to get lost in the mountains.” Turtle didn’t expect that he would meet an acquaintance, and became glad.

“Can’t help it then, since you’re an acquaintance, I can’t just see you die.”

As in the original work but not like the original work, Bulma brought the turtle, and after dealing with a tiger robber blocking the way, they arrived all the way to the seaside.

To thank the two of them, the turtle told them to wait on the shore for a while before returning to the sea.

“Bulma, where is it going”

“How would I know Maybe it’s going to look for that horny old man!”

“Horny old man”

Sure enough, everything was as Bulma expected, and not long afterwards, the turtle swam over while carrying Turtle Hermit.

“Yo, are you the one who saved my turtle” Turtle Hermit greeted them from far away, but was immediately taken aback when he saw Bulma.

“Bulma What are you….”

“What You didn’t want to see me” Bulma sneered.

“No, no, no!” Turtle Hermit smiled embarrassedly, but quietly wiped the cold sweat on his head.

Making the promise to Lin Chen to teach the Bulma sisters martial arts was the worst thing Turtle Hermit feels he has done in his life.

Because even though there are two young and beautiful girls hanging around in front of him every day, he doesn’t have the guts to take a peek, afraid of their frightening background.

But Bulma and Tights were also too controlling.

When they were with Turtle Hermit, they wouldn’t even let him teach yoga classes.

They had suffocated him half to death and he sent them away with great difficulty.

But he didn’t expect to meet them again today.

“Bulma, we are all acquaintances, so I won’t give you any gifts, how about it”

“Sure, you don’t have anything to give anyway… eh”

Bulma suddenly froze for a moment as her eyes fell on Turtle Hermit’s neck: “Turtle Hermit, isn’t that dragon ball”

“Yeah.” Turtle Hermit took out the dragon ball necklace from around his neck, “I thought I had lost it, but during the recent cleaning, I found it in the Kame House.”

“That’s good! You can give me this as a gift!”

Just like in the original work, Turtle Hermit originally intended to put forward a condition, but when the words just came to his mouth, he suddenly thought about something and obediently handed the dragon ball to Bulma.

Forget it, this girl is Tights’ sister, and Tights’ boyfriend is that powerful Saiyan.

He can’t afford to offend him.

“Turtle Hermit, this child was the one who saved me,” said the turtle.

Turtle Hermit straightened his sunglasses and put aside Bulma, then he turned to Goku and said, “Child, since you saved my turtle, I will give you a gift as reward.”

Then, just like in the original work, Turtle Hermit gave Flying Nimbus to Goku.

Watching Goku ride the Flying Nimbus and fly like a bird in the sky, Turtle Hermit was suddenly stunned: “Huh Bulma, why does this child have a tail”

“Of course, because he’s a Saiyan.”

“What Lin Chen and Tights had a baby” Turtle Hermit said in shock.

“Of course not.

I met him in the mountains! His grandfather’s name is Son Gohan!”


Turtle Hermit was stunned for a moment and called down Goku, and after confirming with him, he realized that this child is someone who was adopted by his former disciple, Grandpa Gohan.

“I didn’t expect that the child adopted by Gohan would turn out to be a Saiyan.”


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