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The way to return to the original space-time was as simple as the system previously mentioned.

When Lin Chen gave the order, a burst of energy shot out of his body and struck the dark space.

The next moment, the Space-Time door that had sent Lin Chen over opened.

From the Space-Time door, Lin Chen could sense a familiar feeling.

How to say

It is the smell of home!

So, Lin Chen didn’t hesitate and dived in.

Immediately, he entered a colorful and strange space-time.

Lin Chen, who had already experienced it once, naturally knew that this world is an inexplicable space outside of space-time.

From his last experience, it shouldn’t be long before he leaves this space and returns to real space-time.

But the strange thing is that this time, Lin Chen stayed in this space for a long time.

Gradually, Lin Chen began to feel that something was wrong.

“System, what’s going on Why am I not out yet”

But what was suspicious that system did not answer immediately, instead it took a while before a response came.

“Ding, the space-time anchor has disappeared, and the Space-Time door is being forcibly opened for the host.”

“Wait, the time-space anchor has disappeared What does that mean” Lin Chen suddenly had a bad feeling.

But before he could react, a Space-Time door suddenly opened in front of Lin Chen and the next moment, Lin Chen was sucked into the Space-Time door and returned to the real world.


Returning back to the time when Lin Chen had just passed through the Space-Time door.

Not long after he left, two figures suddenly appeared in this space.

These two people, one was tall and one was short, but it seems that the short one was the leader.

“Supreme Kai-sama, the space-time anomaly is here! It’s really strange, why would it appear here”

“It may be due to the influence of the black hole.

Kibito, don’t waste time, get ready! Otherwise, if something passes through the Space-Time door, it will be bad if it disrupts the order of time!”


The two figures immediately raised their palms and aimed at the space where the Space-Time door previously appeared.

Immediately afterwards, an indescribable power was exerted on this space.

Don’t know how much time has passed since the two figures had disappeared.

At this time, in the space that had returned to calm, a blood-red Space-Time door opened again.

Lin Chen rushed out from behind the door and returned to the real space.

And just as Lin Chen came out, the Space-Time door instantly disappeared.

Lin Chen turned around and stared at the nothingness around him, confirming that this is indeed the place near the black hole where he first opened the Space-Time door.

But what had happened just now

“System I need an explanation…”

“Ding! Replying back to the host, after inspection, I’ve found that the space-time anchor has been destabilised, causing the host’s return time to be different from the original time.”

“Speak clearly!”

“Ding! Replying back to the host, six years have passed in the present world.”

What Six years!

He had clearly only stayed in another world for a few days, how could he have expected six years to pass in his original world

“System, are you trying to fool me Why did this happen”


“Don’t tell me this, explain it to me in human speech!”

“Ding! The system suspects that an external force interfered with the Space-Time door opened by the host.

After the host left, the coordinates left by the Space-Time door were erased causing the host to be unable to find the coordinates of where you left off when you returned.”

“Erased Who could it be”

Lin Chen thought about it for a while, and decided to go to Planet Vegeta to take a look first.

In the blink of an eye, he had been gone for six years.

He didn’t know if something unexpected had happened on Planet Vegeta.

The next moment, Lin Chen appeared in the sky on Planet Vegeta.

When he appeared on Planet Vegeta, he saw a busy and peaceful scene on the planet, which was very different from six years ago.

On the planet, he could see many spaceships entering and leaving the planet from time to time.

He used his Ki to check and could sense that besides Saiyans, there were many auras of aliens on Planet Vegeta.

Just as Lin Chen began to descend towards the surface of the planet, not far away, a siren sounded.

Several spaceships with flashing warning lights approached, and a few Saiyans and aliens flew out of the spaceships with an alert look and surrounded Lin Chen.

“This is Planet Vegeta, stranger of unknown origin, immediately declare your purpose for coming!” A Saiyan with a scouter on his head shouted at Lin Chen.

There was a cold sweat dripping down his face, because in his scouter reading, the power level of this unknown guy in front of him was more than 500,000!

This is already the strength of the elite warriors on Planet Vegeta, except for the high-level led by Queen Hanasia.

They are defense squad members, who only have Power Level in several ten thousand.

I wonder if we can persist until elite warriors arrive

Wait… this person looks a little familiar, where have I seen him before

Who could it be

Lin Chen looked at them with a guarded look and thought to himself, ‘During the six years I’ve been away, could it be that many enemies from outside have come to Planet Vegeta’

Otherwise, these people wouldn’t look like they were facing a powerful enemy, would they

But what’s with these aliens

Sigh, in six years, a lot has really changed.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen continued to descend.

Seeing their warning being ignored, a young Saiyan, who looked no more than 10 years old, might have gotten nervous and shot an energy wave at Lin Chen.

“Idiot! Everyone pay attention, immediately prepare to fight!”

Seeing that someone from their side actually fired the first shot, the Saiyan, who was leading the team, knew that the situation couldn’t be reversed, so he immediately issued an order to prepare for the fight.

But at this moment, the people at the scene saw the energy wave shot by the Saiyan hit Lin Chen’s body, and then it disappeared.

And Lin Chen continued to descend as if nothing happened.


“What’s going on”

Everyone looked at the young Saiyan and saw that the latter was also puzzled: “I, I used all my strength just now!”

“Don’t worry about it so much, immediately notify the defense squad in headquarters that someone has forced their way into Planet Vegeta!”

Soon, above the ground, dozens of Saiyans rose up into the air before flying towards Lin Chen.

This time, there were even more tyrannical auras.

“Is that Paragus”

Sensing a familiar aura among them, Lin Chen smiled.

Sure enough, he saw Paragus flying over with a group of young Saiyans after a while.

However, when he saw Lin Chen’s face, Paragus suddenly froze in place before shouting excitedly.

“Ah! It’s His Majesty! His Majesty Links is back!” Paragus shouted excitedly, and turned on the communicator at the same time and used his authority to shout on the public channel: “Everyone, His Majesty Links is back!”

At this moment, the entire Planet Vegeta seemed to have become silent.

Immediately afterwards, a golden aura rose from the palace and rapidly flew towards Lin Chen.

“Your Majesty Links!”

Hanasia, who had transformed into Super Saiyan, slammed into Lin Chen’s arms, greedily inhaling his scent.


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